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  1. MattyH1812

    AI in WRX

    You're absolutely right about the AI being slower in the rain, I can beat them all easily in the rain when I'm struggling to get top 10 on the same difficulty in the dry
  2. You were talking about Horizon 4 and DriveClub (also 30FPS btw) not Forza 7 and DR1 🤣 can't just change your argument to older games whenever it suits you Just get over it man, you have a ***** console (which I also have, just to be clear) that can't run the game as well as modern hardware can
  3. MattyH1812


    Found a fix for this on PC today: Go to your my documents folder Go into saved games/ my games folder Find dirt rally 2.0 folder go into hardwaresettings with notepad or other text editor, open up hardware_settings_config.xml Find and then replace this value: <hdr level="1.0" /> with <hdr level="0.1" /> Credit to G3tright1337 on RaceDepartment
  4. MattyH1812

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I really don't like the Consolidation Finals feature as that's not how it's done in World RX, it'd be nice to have a toggle on/off for it rather than be forced to have it on AI does seem more nicely balanced at Latvia though which is good, better than some of the other tracks at least 😄
  5. A few quality of life things I'd like to point out. Platform: Steam - Deluxe owner, all bugs listed were noticed custom events as the AI issues render Career RX unplayable RX AI is still ridiculously broken (As seen here - https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/37295-dirt-rally-20-v14-found-a-bug-post-it-here-update-v141/?do=findComment&amp;comment=429065), for reference, it seems fine in Barcelona, Spain on 85% difficulty The start lights do not work at Mettet, Belgium or Bikernieki, Latvia The new "Consolidation Finals" elimination setting in custom RX events needs a toggle on/off rather than just being on regardless, current World RX events do not do consolidation finals Doing a custom championship with more than 1 event and selecting to continue after the first event will select the first car from the class and you will not continue with the car you originally selected (Reproduceable every time) Similarly, quitting to main menu after the first event, upon reloading the championship it will prompt you to choose a car rather than continuing with the car you originally selected (Reproduceable every time) - if this is by design, it needs a toggle on/off when creating the championship
  6. MattyH1812

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    Works for me, thanks for the fix 😄
  7. MattyH1812

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    Uninstall and reinstall the Latvia DLC. - didn't work Did a full game reinstall this morning and the game is still crashing on the Latvia loading screen
  8. MattyH1812

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Soooo... trying to play Latvia RX in time trial crashes my game 👍
  9. MattyH1812

    D+ Livery #5 Is Already In the Game

  10. MattyH1812

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Already found another bug, engine upgrades are no longer going up and they've gone back to the previous one you unlocked
  11. MattyH1812

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    Looks fantastic! Hopefully the AI won't be broken on this track, hoping for an AI fix on the other RX tracks in this patch too 🙂
  12. MattyH1812


    😄 What a terrible troll
  13. No rewards today either - PC
  14. MattyH1812

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Roadbook - June 7, 2019

    No fixes to the Rallycross AI though? Only Rally AI mentioned 😞