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  1. MattyH1812

    The Solberg World Cup

    Fantastic, you know!
  2. Right in the middle of a weekly event, yay 😄
  3. MattyH1812

    Rallycross times & positions are off

    They changed the AI in the latest update, they USED to be as @HoskuHoo describes, with both me and him posting in countless bug threads about the issue But from my recent playing of the game it seems they have now tweaked the AI to be closer to what you would expect, and they have finally made offline RX playable again Oh and they also fixed the first lap Joker issue, hallelujah!
  4. MattyH1812

    2020 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Gronholm Timur Topi Nitiss
  5. MattyH1812

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    New Impreza engine volume seems pretty low as well
  6. MattyH1812

    2020 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Is that an RGT Spec Lotus converted to RX? 😮
  7. MattyH1812

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Been reporting this for god knows how long, and seeing no mention of any fix in 1.13 makes me wanna just uninstall and forget about the game
  8. MattyH1812

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    You should, yes
  9. MattyH1812

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Seems to be a very questionable gameplay decision that when you get to Masters you can only use Supercars I've still not maxed out any of the Group B RX cars' engines yet and they've been out for ages 😂
  10. Just giving this a bump to remind everyone it's still a problem
  11. I wonder if calling the car the S4 is some cheeky way of getting around some licensing issue or other.... because as we now know, there was no S4
  12. Thing is they MUST be aware of the AI issues and Joker issues, they must have come across them whilst recording gameplay for the new locations and new cars, going all the way back to Season 1 The Joker issue is relatively new I think, but still no excuse for not noticing something's wrong
  13. Unfortunately nobody at CM seems to want to acknowledge it, however many times it's brought up 😪
  14. So to sum up the Subarus we currently have/will have in Dirt Rally 2.0, lemme see if I've got this right: Group A Subaru Legacy S1 - McRae DLC Subaru Impreza S3 (1995) WRC Subaru Impreza S5 WRC (1997/98/99) - McRae DLC Subaru Impreza S7 WRC (2001) Subaru Impreza S14 WRC (2008) Group N Subaru WRX STi NR4
  15. Any chance we can get some word on the Rallycross AI issues in the game? I've posted the same things in about 3 different bug reporting threads now going back to at least 1.10, and since 1.13 is a fair amount of time away it would be nice to know whether any changes are even being considered. If you compare the RX AI to the first DiRT Rally, or hell, even DiRT 4, the difference is night and day, and not in a good way... It's all very well having 13 tracks and a great selection of cars to play with, but when the AI pace is inconsistent between tracks, even inconsistent between the race you're in and the AI times from other heats, not to mention their visual pace in some corners (I'm looking at YOU Abu Dhabi hairpin), in addition to the AI's Joker lap decisions, ranging from the laughable (1st lap when they're in the lead - hello!?), to the arbitrary (3 cars Jokering at once all in a line), it's got to the point where there's honestly not much point playing offline or career Rallycross, at all, which is a crying shame. To leave offline Rallycross in this state when support inevitably ends would be a massive disservice, especially to Season 1-4 owners who can't get the most out of the RX content they payed extra for. I'm basically begging at this point for some AI changes to come in 1.13. Help me @PJTierney, you're my only hope!