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  1. I'd hardly say that the mess that RX AI is currently in qualifies the game as being a "labour of love" 😂 More like a labour of couldn't be bothered testing properly for the last 2 years
  2. There's quite a lot of info on that Santos on eWRC, he was entering rallies until 2014 apparently, but that site doesn't cover RX so I guess there's no real way to find out if they're the same person This guy shows up at Montelegre a few times as it turns out, always towards the bottom of the qualifying standings which would maybe indicate he's an older gentleman perhaps..? 😂
  3. So I was watching old RX races and came across a driver at Portugal called Joaquim Santos, and I was thinking "that name is familiar..." Then it clicked that Joaquim Santos is also the name of the driver who crashed into the spectators at Rally Portugal '86 in the RS200 Does anybody know if it happens to be the same driver? I imagine it's a pretty common Portuguese name but still, would be interesting
  4. Also we have 4 random AI drivers on the 2019 grid now... Same nationalities as the 4 GRX drivers Whilst Timo Scheider, Mandie Augus t, Pal Try, Jere Kalliokoski, Sebastian Erkisson and Kevin Erkisson (y'know, actual drivers) are not used Why must it be this way? Why can't we have nice things?
  5. "Mistakenly Appearing" mmhmmm suuuuuure I reckon Hyundai pulled out at some point
  6. I've been considering for a while making a detailed report of the problem with Rallycross AI, including screenshots and video evidence of just what needs improving. The discrepancies between wet/dry for example, how easy it is to beat the AI in the rain. Or how difficult Barcelona and South Africa for example are compared to Latvia on the same difficulty setting. Or how much the AI slow down in the penultimate corner of Estering, or the hairpin at Abu Dhabi, or the joker merge in Barcelona. It should be obvious to anyone who's ever played Rallycross for more than 1 ra
  7. Licensing issues is such a cop out response though, it's this invisible thing that is always used as an excuse and is totally unjustified. You pay to use certain things in your games, and you get repaid by people buying your games, that's just how it is. Codemasters ALWAYS use this excuse and in this day and age it doesn't fly. As for your second point, there are at least enough assets to have a solid base to work from. I'd be willing to bet other tracks in the game still use the same base assets from much older games.
  8. A DLC track pack containing: Mugello Nurburgring Portimao Imola Istanbul Park Bahrain Outer Circuit Would be something I think a lot of people would pay good money for. I know what you're going to say - "LICENSES" because that's what everybody from Codemasters says when the idea of new content comes up. But think about it, the amount of money you would make from releasing a track pack like this, would absolutely outway the cost of licensing these tracks for F1 2020. Considering also that this is the "official" game of the F1 2020 season, you wo
  9. Although I hope this Rallycross: Adjusted performance of AI drivers in wet conditions (decreased pace by 1%). is a typo and pace has actually increased, Rallycross AI was noticeably easier to beat in wet conditions compared to dry at the same difficulty
  10. Come on, we've been talking about the i20 RX specifically for a long long time, and nobody has ever said "it's not coming", in fact the complete opposite! There have been so many clues that it could be coming from outside sources. Either way, something has been teased a lot leading up to this update and for it to just be a single livery is just a slap in the face...
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