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  1. irellevant, not interested that D+ events are now exclusive to season 3 owners. Those events use season 1+2 content but are now behind a paywall. This action has never been mentioned as a feature of owning the game. If you own season 1+2 content it should always be free to use. Not taken away. This really is looking like fraud, no mention in the original terms and conditions EULA about season 1+2 content has an expiry date as far as I can tell. You can't put up a paywall simple as that. that blocks previously owned content.
  2. to be honest my biggest gripe here is, we paid extra to get the game early, to get what we were led to believe was full content, one time payment for the game, there were never any extra purchases in D1, I was early access owner on that title also. I just double checked the game as well, those D+ events using cars H1 FWD, group A and N4 do not include new content cars from Season 3 or 4 so should not be blocked pending purchase of season 3. There was no mention anywhere by Codemasters that at some point in the future (as deluxe owners) we would be required to pay for extra content. I suspect that somewhere in the upper management that although all of the content was planned in advance and to be released as seasons 1,2,3,4. to spread out the development time, (read cut and paste old D1 content). That they suddenly decided that there wasn't enough profit in the game as expected, maybe sales of the deluxe version were below forecasts or whatever, so instead of just releasing the whole package s planned they would use the "cash cow" that we players undoubtedly are to bulk up the profits. Feels all very underhand to me.
  3. if I click on the D+ events I get the message this video is exactly what occurs. I'm a pre-order early access Deluxe owner, all the cars and locations in the D+ events I own already. Blocking access to previously owned content isn't on, I just hope its a bug.
  4. Please can you explain within the law of consumer statutory rights, why, as a deluxe owner with access to all the stages and cars, I now have to buy season 3 to be able to use cars (I own) in locations (I own) that I was previously able to use? If I buy something it's mine to use for ever as I see fit. I didn't see anything in the original EULA that said "After season two you won't be allowed to use parts of your product unless you pay us again for some extra stuff I may or may not actually want. I hope that this is just a coding cockup. Because if it isn't I think consulting a consumer lawyer may be the next step.
  5. fillipfilloppe

    rain on screen in VR

    sorry not good with forums and didn't see if this has been asked before, can anything be done about the rain reflecting light, or the way it's rendered to look like xmas tree lights all over the screen, worse at dusk and night stages. Its a clever effect I'm sure and took a lot of effort but it's in no way realistic, it whites out the view through the screen, not suggesting get rid of it, but can it be toned down a bit, please. my GFX settings are shader detail high texture detail ultra reflections low SPR Low shadows off night lighting medium AO medium AAO on Particles medium Ad blending off weather low crowd off cloth high mirrors off vehicle details ultra track ultra object high trees ultra ground cover medium skidmarks and everything else after off. cheers
  6. fillipfilloppe

    car interior too bright

    ok from the top shader detail high texture detail ultra reflections low SPR Low shadows off night lighting medium AO medium AAO on Particles medium Ad blending off weather low crowd off cloth high mirrors off vehicle details ultra track ultra object high trees ultra ground cover medium skidmarks and everything else after off.
  7. fillipfilloppe

    car interior too bright

    It seems on dusk stages the interior is too bright as if lit by florescent lamps, worse still when in rain this light reflects on the inside of the raindrops on the screen whiting out the view. Can you alter the lighting to match night driving please? No need to list pc specs as this isn't hardware related I'm sure. Brightness set to 100.
  8. fillipfilloppe

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    has the tuning resetting to default been looked into/fixed yet? Thanks
  9. fillipfilloppe

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    after reading all posts in this thread, it is a concern that bugs that existed and never fixed in D4 Clubs are also here in Dirt 2.0. Does this mean the bugs are un-fixable? Are the complexities of getting a server to handle all of this bug free too great?
  10. fillipfilloppe

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    I thought this was happenning, Lost huge amounts of time with wayward handling and unexplainable highspeed spins. after first stage, gear ratios were quite obviously not the ones I had set. Come service after SS3 Gravelbusters event tuning was default, really annoying this because I know my setup was good enough for top 5 times. Needs fixing and quick please Codies thanks.
  11. fillipfilloppe

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    I just came here to write and request the same, but checked to see if it had been mentioned already as quoted above. I agree totally with this one and request a revision because there is no way to tell if we are competing with people using ABS and traction control. In D1 leagues "assists off" were mechanical assists as you say, ABS, traction control. Clutch override wasn't considered an assist, as far as I recall as I used it in D1 and I would apper in results as assists off, and not everyone with pedals has 3 pedals to use, or an available button option anyway. I don't know if clutch override is included as an assist in CLUBS but mine is on, I can happily compete with it off tho, as for wipers yep no biggie mine are manual anyway, So maybe its cameras that are causing the results to show assists on? Should hardcore competitors and overall winner of events be those using headcam as iRacing does? So CM please clarify and or possibly review what is concidered an assist. Had I competed in gravel busters tonight with external cameras off and clutch override off I would have been in first place possibly (at the time of writing) as a competitior with no assists. Because selecting assists off in the results only shows entrants with max times. I hope member Riggs doesn't mind me adding my thoughts to his original post. Cheers,
  12. year 2000, my first video game of any kind, PS1 xmas present and Colin McRae Rally and a playseat. I was even rallydriving for real in those days. Although no experience of game developers, I thought it was just brilliant. Codemasters I thought thats an easy to remember name. And I have for nearly 20 years Codemasters have made the best rally games, (In my opinion). I bought them all. I've tried others, Sega Rally, RBR (nice game, way too involving) and many others. Simple is best, and you guys hit the target everytime. Dirt Rally (1) sic, wowser incredible originally, V2 ballsed that up, you updated it and the game almost fell apart at the seams (again in my opinion). But, ever faithful to the name, following crushing dissappointment of the WRC genre, Dirt 2.0 looked, on paper (read reviews) at least was going to knock it out of the park. So what happened Coademasters? Generally it's a great game, but boy oh boy are you making a bloody shambles of it!!! Every update/patch is just a minefield of faults, do you not test these updates? Get some of your beta testers to download them first a few days beforehand to see if they work before releasing them on to the unsuspecting (not anymore) public? Steam is downloading the update as I write this, I'm actually afraid to launch the game right now. Future profits can often rely on past results. You guys really do need to get your act together on this one. You're Codemasters, >CODE-MASTERS< you should be the best. This isn't your best. Sorry.
  13. Carpetmasters at their best again 🙄