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  1. One click copy and paste of a club event into custom rally for the purpose of practice or just for the fun of it. Instead of clicking event details and writing down the stage, weather and service for each stage, then building a custom event manually plus copy difficulty and stage deg. Leave assists and camera view open to alteration.
  2. fillipfilloppe

    Pace notes again!!! Make them earlier

    PJ how big a job is it to make the timing range slider give an even earlier setting?
  3. fillipfilloppe

    Pace notes again!!! Make them earlier

    Please Please please, can you patch the pace note timing slider? So it can be moved earlier still? I'm doing some runs Group A Integrale in New Zealand, set earliest as possible I'm on top of nearly every corner as it's called, this is so wrong for the fast guys, I want the corner called anything up to 3 corners sooner sometimes for my speed especially on the twisty stuff. This really is spoiling an excellent game for me, I don't want and shouldn't have to commit stages to memory. Ask any professional rally driver how very wrong this would be. Yes there have always been drivers with "local" knowledge but generally a driver has to trust the notes. Again please fix this.
  4. Hi Codies, can you please increase the number of tuning slots from 8 per car to 10 12 even 15 maybe, this has got to be easy patch? So many locations requiring individual setups, 8 just isn't enough, having to screen shot and save to the pc, some I need to remove to make space, easy for us pc users, but not so much console. Some cars need wet and dry setups per location, cheers.
  5. fillipfilloppe

    invisible obstructions.

    I hoped that invisible obstructions in games was a thing of the past, but here we are in Dirt Rally 2.0 only a year since release and there is invisible object launching the car off the road. Apologies for quality I was in a club event using vr, so got the wife to do a quick record on her phone between stages. These sort of bugs should have been ironed out from games years ago. I drove over this same bit of stage half dozen times in last few days in practice custom rally with identical conditions and difficulty/damage as the event. Stage is Te Awanga Sprint Forward. In the twisty section after the big hairpin left over halfway through the stage. video-1585061991.mp4
  6. as title, pulling the handbrake on my rig dips the clutch pedal on RWD cars, Clutch is solely mapped to the Clubsport Pedal all other binding, from keyboards to hand controllers are un bound with regard the clutch or handbrake. If this is a feature that has been put in by the devs to help thumb wigglers with controllers, then I don't want it, thanks. I am quite capable of using the clutch pedal as and when I need it. Please remove this feature if at all possible. Thanks Plus, when selecting "Manual H with clutch or sequential" in game, it's not possible to select a gear with stand alone sequential shifter. Only "sequential shifter" on it's own selected in preferences works.
  7. fillipfilloppe

    VR resolution is till broken

    if you change the res in the config file it will just make the desktop display larger when you start the game, it has no effect on the in VR resolution
  8. fillipfilloppe

    screen wash please

    can we have a screen wash please, dry stages after 2 stages screen filthy no way to clean it, very bad when doing 3-4 stage loop.
  9. fillipfilloppe

    pace note timing

    the game is a year old, isn't it time you allowed us access to the pacenote file PJ?, let us edit them. Trusting the notes is paramount to a rally driver. Many of us just do not trust them and it's is spoiling an excellent game for many
  10. fillipfilloppe

    Full 360 view service park.

    seems it's not just me who has experienced this happen. Its been noted on the Steam forum also. Come on PJ give us an answer on this one. If it's there but hidden why can't we choose to have it as a feature?
  11. I'm doing some custom events based on club events I'm in to practice under full event conditions. This often means a restart when I make a balls-up but although the VR (Rift CV1) is butter smooth 90fps during play from service. If I restart a stage I have huge stuttering. Any ideas? PC i7 6700 Aorus 1080ti extreme water cooled 16gb ram@3000htz ssd500gb
  12. fillipfilloppe

    pace note timing

    Hi Cm dudes, is it possible to extend the pacenote time earlier please? On many locations with earliest notes they are coming too slow or too late for me. Especially Sweden in group B at the moment but many locations are like this typically in faster cars R5 and 2000's it seems te notes may have be made and timed in a much slower car. Can we mod a file or can you just extend the earliest slider more cheers
  13. fillipfilloppe

    Full 360 view service park.

    heres an odd one. I left the game runnning on service park with VR for half an hour or so, while I sorted some lunch. When I came back and put on the headset I was able to view the service area in full 360deg vr. Even got out of the rig and walked about a bit as far as the cable would let me anyhow. Does that mean somewhere in the game that this option exists? Instead of the small box 2D pancake view? The service menu was kind of embedded in the car and stayed there while I looked about. I clicked start and it took me to the start line in full VR I was able to look about the stage start while the car lined up until it changed to the incar view. I'll add that the headset was hanging up and couldn't be detected by the sensor as far as I can tell and that the binocular image on he desktop was showing ground instead of the off screen black which made me wonder what had happened until I picked up the headset and the image moved
  14. windows 7? who still uses windows 7? Full version 1909 win10 here, last update a few days ago.
  15. fillipfilloppe

    tyres. Wet, dry

    One question is like an answer to please. What type of tyres is the game modelled on in historic class? In the 80's and early 90's full slicks were still in use on FIA rallies. A full slick (smooth) tyre would be basically useless in the wet especially standing water, but actually surprisingly grippy still if you can get some heat in them. Although in reality a few cuts with the tyre cutter would make them very useable in a mixed conditions loop. We obviously can't do that in the game. So is a full dry tyre in the game on the historic cars running on historically correct slick dry tyres or are these "historic" cars running as "historics" but in present times in the game and on current regulation modern moulded (treaded) dry tyres? As full slicks are no longer allowed under present FIA regs. The grip levels offered on wet stages with the dry tyre in the game don't seem to be relative to modern moulded with a tread pattern dry tyres, which do actually work exceptionally well in wet conditions, while in the game the dry tyres may as well be driving on ice.