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  1. One click copy and paste of a club event into custom rally for the purpose of practice or just for the fun of it. Instead of clicking event details and writing down the stage, weather and service for each stage, then building a custom event manually plus copy difficulty and stage deg. Leave assists and camera view open to alteration.
  2. fillipfilloppe

    Pace notes again!!! Make them earlier

    PJ how big a job is it to make the timing range slider give an even earlier setting?
  3. fillipfilloppe

    Pace notes again!!! Make them earlier

    Please Please please, can you patch the pace note timing slider? So it can be moved earlier still? I'm doing some runs Group A Integrale in New Zealand, set earliest as possible I'm on top of nearly every corner as it's called, this is so wrong for the fast guys, I want the corner called anything up to 3 corners sooner sometimes for my speed especially on the twisty stuff. This really is spoiling an excellent game for me, I don't want and shouldn't have to commit stages to memory. Ask any professional rally driver how very wrong this would be. Yes there have always been drivers with "local" knowledge but generally a driver has to trust the notes. Again please fix this.
  4. fillipfilloppe

    Rain again, appologies.

    I just wrote this as a reply in the tech section, to a thread about rain effects. I appologise, (no not really) for starting a discussion on the subject with some thoughts. slight appologies to bring this rain subject back to the fore, but I've been thinking about what is fundimentally wrong with the rain graphic. as I may have said long ago here or on Steam forum the rain effect is a very clever detailed graphic and captures the reality of water on glass very well, and a credit to the graphics team, but I think now I realise why it doesnt work, either on a pancake screen or in VR. Lets first go to real life and rain. When driving in rain, you have a choice that our amazing eyes and brains can make. Either look at the screen and the rain drops and see nothing outside and ultimately have an accident, or, we humans are able to focus on the solid objects outside, the road, the kerbs, other vehichles and hedges and very effectively blurr out the screen and rain between wipes of the wiper blades to the point it is almost unseen. It's some thing we do unconciously and very very effective at seeing where we are going, night or day, especially if you have a greese free screen and good blades. (Blades is something I'll come back to). Now back to the virtual world, the screen and the scenery beyond are in one and the same dimension, there isn't any physical 3D distance between them, there isn't a focal point beyond the screen and raindrops to look at, you can not blurr out the screen and see where you are going without blurring out the whole graphical image. I appreciate there are gamers who will praise the reality of the rain but it's not in the slightest bit real as it is. As a VR user I am unfortunately at a disadvantage to players using bonnet cam or any view that is outside of the cars' interior. So what am I asking to be done? Hmm, good question, what can be done at this stage in the developement cycle of game? Is it possible to have an adjustable scale of diminishing rain effect on the screen? So players have the choice? Even to be able to have a setting to remove it entirely, while keeping wet grip levels. At least it is still a wet stage. I'm happy to keep dirt splashes and have to wipe them away. Can a "rain on screen plus wipers" effect be added even to exterior camera views so the playing field is levelled (that'll cause an uproar for sure in the exterior camera users community). I kind of remember in Dirt Rlly that certain graphic setting levels actually did put rain dops on the bonnet and bumper views. And so back to wipers, in my days of RL rallying, there were wiper blades made by PIAA these applied a coating of silicon to the glass, virtually removing the need to use the wipers in all but the worst conditions, at speed the water just slides off the screen, rain didn't create huge view blocking drops either, unfortunately I can't buy and fit these superior wiper blades to my Dirt 2.0 rally cars, but the graphics team should really have taken into account that visibility in rain can be hugely improved very simply in real life so why not in our virtual rally world?
  5. fillipfilloppe

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.12 Bug Reports

    have tried this work around, it's an improvement, but still no where near what it was.
  6. fillipfilloppe

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.12 Bug Reports

    very unhappy after this patch, vR was looking super, now its a mess, why do you guys keep doing stuff like this with patches? Please test before launching
  7. fillipfilloppe

    Can't connect to RaceNet? *POST HERE!*

    cant leave old leagues if I can't get into Racenet clubs to leave them.
  8. fillipfilloppe

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    has the tuning resetting to default been looked into/fixed yet? Thanks
  9. fillipfilloppe

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    after reading all posts in this thread, it is a concern that bugs that existed and never fixed in D4 Clubs are also here in Dirt 2.0. Does this mean the bugs are un-fixable? Are the complexities of getting a server to handle all of this bug free too great?
  10. fillipfilloppe

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    I thought this was happenning, Lost huge amounts of time with wayward handling and unexplainable highspeed spins. after first stage, gear ratios were quite obviously not the ones I had set. Come service after SS3 Gravelbusters event tuning was default, really annoying this because I know my setup was good enough for top 5 times. Needs fixing and quick please Codies thanks.
  11. fillipfilloppe

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    I just came here to write and request the same, but checked to see if it had been mentioned already as quoted above. I agree totally with this one and request a revision because there is no way to tell if we are competing with people using ABS and traction control. In D1 leagues "assists off" were mechanical assists as you say, ABS, traction control. Clutch override wasn't considered an assist, as far as I recall as I used it in D1 and I would apper in results as assists off, and not everyone with pedals has 3 pedals to use, or an available button option anyway. I don't know if clutch override is included as an assist in CLUBS but mine is on, I can happily compete with it off tho, as for wipers yep no biggie mine are manual anyway, So maybe its cameras that are causing the results to show assists on? Should hardcore competitors and overall winner of events be those using headcam as iRacing does? So CM please clarify and or possibly review what is concidered an assist. Had I competed in gravel busters tonight with external cameras off and clutch override off I would have been in first place possibly (at the time of writing) as a competitior with no assists. Because selecting assists off in the results only shows entrants with max times. I hope member Riggs doesn't mind me adding my thoughts to his original post. Cheers,