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  1. there isn't much I would ask for in newer versions I think many improvements will be a natural evolution of the game as developers have access to better tech. Without trawling through all 18 pages of this subject I don't know if this has been requested as a possible addition. I'd like a simple one click copy and paste from a club event into custom rally. Many of us do like to "recce" online club events to test setups etc. Currently we have to open the event details write down the stages, conditions and service intervals and then go to custom rally and build an identical event there to e
  2. I just wrote this as a reply in the tech section, to a thread about rain effects. I appologise, (no not really) for starting a discussion on the subject with some thoughts. slight appologies to bring this rain subject back to the fore, but I've been thinking about what is fundimentally wrong with the rain graphic. as I may have said long ago here or on Steam forum the rain effect is a very clever detailed graphic and captures the reality of water on glass very well, and a credit to the graphics team, but I think now I realise why it doesnt work, either on a pancake screen or in V
  3. have tried this work around, it's an improvement, but still no where near what it was.
  4. very unhappy after this patch, vR was looking super, now its a mess, why do you guys keep doing stuff like this with patches? Please test before launching
  5. cant leave old leagues if I can't get into Racenet clubs to leave them.
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