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    Can't connect to RaceNet? *POST HERE!*

    cant leave old leagues if I can't get into Racenet clubs to leave them.
  2. you can do this in oculus debug tool.
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    Tyre changes

    In real rally events, teams can choose to take 1 or 2 spare tyres into a loop of stages. We can take 2 spares also in game, but can only change them in the event of a puncture. A cool feature would be that anyone carrying spare tyres, could at any stage start in multi stage events, like in clubs events, we get the opportunity to change tyres either front's rears, or even diagonally. As we would have to carry those worn tyres for the rest of the loop they could still be used for puncture wheel changes. I'm sure this would be very simple to code into the game as an update. Cheers Keep up the good work.
  4. Hi PJ, I've mentioned this one way back in the beginning, AND it was also an issue in Dirt rally that was never fixed. Anyone with a modicum of chassis tuning knows about the handling benefits and effects of different toe setting on suspension. But alas I feel (IMHO) that the dev who's job it was to code some of the cars didn't fully understand it. Especially rear toe settings. Toe in on the rear will help stabilise a car during turns and fast corners, help prevent it from spinning out allowing power to be applied through a corner without excessive oversteer, or at least being able to hold the oversteer. When it's right, in a game, its very useful because of the lack of seat of the pants feel we would get from driving a real car. Anyway, please I beg you, sit someone down at a pc or whatever in the office for a day and get them to review how the rear toe settings (especially) are applied to all (yes all please) cars in the coding. Maybe checkfront toe while he/she is at it. I really don't care for what the on screen graphic shows when setting toe in/out, the handling in the game suggests to me anyhow that it may be wrong. I've just been driving for example the BMW M3 in Finland weekly tonight darned thing as all over the shop with 2mm toe in set on the rear. Spinning out, tank slappers, everything. Extremely hard to hold on to and control, so at service I set 2mm toe out on the rear, in theory this should be a total disaster for oversteer, but no! the car is suddenly solid on the road, controlled drifts powerig through corners just as I wanted it to. This car is among many especially those ones apparently "cut and pasted from Dirt Rally" into Dirt 2.0 that appear to display this handling characteristic. . We are what? 10 months into this game and these kind of things should have been ironed out mate. I'm 99.9% sure there is a balls up somewhere in the coding. I guess I could sit and test every car and provide you with a summary of my findings, but it's not my job, it's you guys job sorry to say. Unfortunately it may have to be checked on different surfaces too. I see you require pc specs etc but I don't think this is relevant at this point, I'm on steam pc obviously, using Rift VR. Please again, get someone to dig into the guts of the game and see what's going on with this. many thanks.
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    car interior too bright

    ok from the top shader detail high texture detail ultra reflections low SPR Low shadows off night lighting medium AO medium AAO on Particles medium Ad blending off weather low crowd off cloth high mirrors off vehicle details ultra track ultra object high trees ultra ground cover medium skidmarks and everything else after off.
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    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    has the tuning resetting to default been looked into/fixed yet? Thanks
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    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    after reading all posts in this thread, it is a concern that bugs that existed and never fixed in D4 Clubs are also here in Dirt 2.0. Does this mean the bugs are un-fixable? Are the complexities of getting a server to handle all of this bug free too great?
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    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    I thought this was happenning, Lost huge amounts of time with wayward handling and unexplainable highspeed spins. after first stage, gear ratios were quite obviously not the ones I had set. Come service after SS3 Gravelbusters event tuning was default, really annoying this because I know my setup was good enough for top 5 times. Needs fixing and quick please Codies thanks.
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    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    I just came here to write and request the same, but checked to see if it had been mentioned already as quoted above. I agree totally with this one and request a revision because there is no way to tell if we are competing with people using ABS and traction control. In D1 leagues "assists off" were mechanical assists as you say, ABS, traction control. Clutch override wasn't considered an assist, as far as I recall as I used it in D1 and I would apper in results as assists off, and not everyone with pedals has 3 pedals to use, or an available button option anyway. I don't know if clutch override is included as an assist in CLUBS but mine is on, I can happily compete with it off tho, as for wipers yep no biggie mine are manual anyway, So maybe its cameras that are causing the results to show assists on? Should hardcore competitors and overall winner of events be those using headcam as iRacing does? So CM please clarify and or possibly review what is concidered an assist. Had I competed in gravel busters tonight with external cameras off and clutch override off I would have been in first place possibly (at the time of writing) as a competitior with no assists. Because selecting assists off in the results only shows entrants with max times. I hope member Riggs doesn't mind me adding my thoughts to his original post. Cheers,