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  1. there isn't much I would ask for in newer versions I think many improvements will be a natural evolution of the game as developers have access to better tech. Without trawling through all 18 pages of this subject I don't know if this has been requested as a possible addition. 

    I'd like a simple one click copy and paste from a club event into custom rally. Many of us do like to "recce" online club  events to test setups etc. Currently we have to open the event details write down the stages, conditions and service intervals and then go to custom rally and build an identical event there to enable a recce/practice. It's a little time consuming and possible to make a mistake. 

  2. 12 hours ago, cestomano said:

    Yes, it works !!! Thanks a lot.

    In fact, I do this at the start of any race (with HMD always on my face): I go to Menu, I change AA to next value, then apply, then change again to my favourite value, apply again, and exit from Menu to race.

    As MongoJon [VR] said, it has to be solved ASAP.

    (that bug and all VR bugs detected, filled and not solved since september... :classic_dry:)


    have tried this work around, it's an improvement, but still no where near what it was. 

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