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  1. Hi, I am using an RTX 3080 and would like to report unusually high GPU usage/increased power draw during pause, up to the point of causing a crash if left there for an extended amount of time. So far i've had issues with Dirt Rally 2.0 but will test with other (codemasters) games. I am seeing over 300 watts board power draw in GPU-Z sensors when during gameplay it hardly hits 280w. How is that normal, I am even using the "optimized" power profile in nVidia control panel. If i compare with another demanding title say Call of Duty Modern Warfare, being in the pauses menu limits the "realtime" simulation to a slower pace that can be set by the user in the options. I understand this title is no longer in active development but I assume future game engines currently in development or already released could benefit from these optimizations. Regards, Simon