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  1. Slepttt

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

    Analog handbrake please!!!! Also I have a Dimsim handbrake pro and a Dimsim sequential shifter 2 separate devices and when I change the shifter to shifter it changes the handbrake to shifter or vice versa I can not define which type of item they are in the settings
  2. Has anyone heard anything on if this is going to be fixed?
  3. does any one know if this mode works on this game? I am very interested and the clutch pedals are a major selling point for me but i dont want to purchase and find out that it doesn't work
  4. Will they ever add a ghost option for your opponent's cars while doing rally stages? rallycross is cool and all but id like a more engaging multiplayer and be able to see where my friends are at during the stage and not just the progress bar on the left. Multiplayer was yet again a letdown for me.