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  1. Slepttt

    Analog Handbrake

    I stopped playing DR2 quickly after installing it due to no analog handbrake support like DR1 had, I'm reading now that they added analog handbrake support with patch 1.9 ? Maybe I have my settings wrong but my handbrake is still so sensitive and it still feels like it's on or off. When I go to the settings and pull the handbrake it shows the different % depending on how much i pull it but in-game there's no difference. any help would be appreciated ( i am using a dimsim handbrake pro)
  2. Slepttt

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    Analog handbrake please!!!! Also I have a Dimsim handbrake pro and a Dimsim sequential shifter 2 separate devices and when I change the shifter to shifter it changes the handbrake to shifter or vice versa I can not define which type of item they are in the settings