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  1. Sopa212

    F1 2018 crashing constantly

    Ok, already tried but it keeps happening. I was ok in multiplayer, but went to career mode and happened again, but if I unplug the controller while the game is frozen it unfreezes the game and doesnt crash (so it might be the controllers fault or something, idk), but its very annoying as well
  2. Sopa212

    F1 2018 crashing constantly

    Tried everything except for the frame rate capping, ill try it later. The crash dump says C0000005 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 000000004D836E14. It gets really annoying because I have to restart the PC
  3. So...I bought the game in this weeks sales and played about 20 hours so far so good, but this afternoon I started the game and it started lagging and running badly. Later, I ended the Baku circuit P1,P2,P3 and qualifying sessions, start the race and everything was completely fine until lap 21/29, there the game freezes about half a minute and crashes to desktop, then every time I moved the mouse it made a beeping mouse so I restart the PC. Later, I go and try to finish the race, it crashes again but in lap 15/29, now I tried again to play, this time in multiplayer, crashes in turn 1. I dont think its hardware issues as the game ran at 60 fps smoothly the entire week until now.