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  1. another for 80's rwd : Talbot Sunbeam Lotus( in my opinion the car with identity crisis) and for 80´s/ 90's fwd : Citroën Visa Trophée ( i was saying 1000 pistes but my old man told me that was 4wd) and another Gr.B : Citroën BX 4TC
  2. you want recreate this right:
  3. i think for oldie cars, the mighty RALLY SAFARY, was a good... no a excellent addition
  4. and was for Gr.S the FC 4wd
  5. Maybe I confused with another car I'll see where I saw that ( edit: it was rwd, i confused with the Rod Millen RX7)
  6. another 80´s rwd rally car Nissan Silvia/240 RS
  7. put Toyotas like : Yaris WRC Celica Twin Cam Gr.B ( ok i think this car is... maibe ... a little op...) Corola WRC ( to be different)
  8. Gr.B Mazda RX7 was 4wd..
  9. i loved to see Gr.B RX7 or Gr.A 323 and Portugal rally was nice too