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  1. cflot

    proper events......

    ....almost a year after release and still we cant have proper events and championships.....with the limitation of 12 stages per event at clubs its impossible to simulate rallies or use tyres tactics.....not to mention the use of only one car class per event or mixed stages....what kind of rally game is this?
  2. cflot

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    ....nice to hear that the setup bug will be fixed but for proper championships WE NEED also 1. events with more than 12 stages, 2. ability to mix in an event stages from different countries and 3. use of more than one car class in an event......except the second option all these existed in DIRT RALLY.....is it really so difficult to have them in the improved (?) DR2?
  3. When will the first info for season 3 be available?.....I think the rest of DIRT RALLY like Greece/Finland/Focus 01/F2 Class cars are in the package but I am really curious if there are plans for new stuff.....
  4. cflot

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    1. Not getting enough feedback from the tyres, Tyre Slip in particular. 2. Wheel users missing "Tyre Slip" and "Engine Torque" settings that controllers users have. 3. Lack of vertical suspension feedback, most obvious with jumps. PS: I am playing with a rig of 3 bass shakers so the ffb problem is decreased a little, but still waiting for a proper solution.....
  5. Is only me that have sound issues with the 037 (bonnet - inboard cameras) in the game?...the sound is low (very low) and have cut-offs....
  6. clubs: problem with the SETUPS....in an event you must reload your custom setup at service area otherwise at the next stage you will run with the default (or something else ?????)......so you can use custom setups only if you have service after every stage.....getting better and better every day.......
  7. cflot

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    it looks that for some reason in DR 2.0 we cant have hardcore rally events with 1) more than 12 stages, 2) mixed stages, and 3) controllable service park selection .... so we are talking for multiple online hotllapping.....good work Codemasters...keep on going....
  8. cflot

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 20/03/19

    if you sold betas for consoles then only black humor can save you......
  9. cflot

    DiRTy Gossip

    FROM THE ROADBOOK "Finally: as we’ve mentioned on our forums, we’re continuing to investigate the concerns some of you have raised with FFB. We’re taking your feedback incredibly seriously, and we are giving this the time and investigation it deserves. We know we need to strike a fine balance between the large number of players who are happy with the FFB, and those of you who want an experience closer to the original DiRT Rally. We’ll continue to keep you informed of our progress – and once we’re happy with the update, we’re hoping to announce plans which will enable some of you to playtest it before we roll it out to everyone" SO THEY EXIST HAPPY CUSTOMERS FROM A GAME WITH NO FFB....SHAME ON YOU!
  10. cflot

    DiRTy Gossip

    as other communities and ours (DIRT Hellenic Community) is decided not to play DR 2.0 UNTIL FFB IS FIXED ..... not to mention buying future Codemasters Products....