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  1. Johnswann

    Useless Parts

    I would rather have another car in the garage... think “works team” and B team
  2. This has caused me to crash more times than I can count. Damned iPhone😡
  3. Johnswann

    Error message

    Prior to the most recent update, I could allow a “ready” drop box to remain uncollected and start another. Post update, an error message is displayed and I cannot “start” another drop box until I have opened the “ready” box and add the parts to my inventory. Is this an inadvertent function of the game or intended?
  4. Johnswann

    Perfect starts not being recorded...

    I could grudgingly accept zero credit for a perfect start if I registered a DNF but NOT if my opponent registered a DNF. In any event, that was not the case in my situation. Two perfect starts back to back and no DNF. No credits.
  5. Perfect starts are not being recorded in “challenge”
  6. Johnswann

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    I have been “deliberately” taken out TWICE in consecutive races by BOTS- both times AFTER the “real” player exited the race... The AI aggression is worse than ever before by orders of magnitude.
  7. Johnswann

    What are these parts?

    I just got the nose cone. That thing makes a world of difference- more so than any other part- stock out of the box. I can’t imagine what it will be like upgraded
  8. Johnswann

    Partial acceleration/braking

    I play on an iPhone10. I used to tap the brakes but I have found a light touch and hold much more effective- in fact, too much at times.
  9. Johnswann

    Request for a new penalty system

    I have had it with getting rear ended and penalized too😡