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  1. theladygagafan

    DFGT Problem - F1 2013

    Yes, I have took the actual pedals out and metal things attached to them. The issue is solved for a little while on occasions but it eventually comes back. On 2012, I put the deadzone to 20-30% and it worked fine and it did not affect my driving - does not seem to work on 2013 however I have tried different figures and no luck
  2. theladygagafan

    DFGT Problem - F1 2013

    Hi Guys,  I am sure if you have the Driving Force GT there is an apparent problem which seems to occur with the pedals. On occasions it is okay, but sometimes, the brake pedal is being ''pressed'' when my foot is not even on it.  It has been a problem for me on this game especially, it was fine on 2012 mainly because I found some brake settings which worked and ensured it did not happen. I have cleaned inside numerous occasions but no luck.  If anyone has any suggestions on fixes/settings then please let me know. 
  3. theladygagafan

    What Team Did You Start With in F1 2013?

    Sauber  Will be definitely choose Williams or Force India in 2014 if they are available at the start
  4. theladygagafan

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    2010 - I played the most, loved the career mode especially. 2011 - Was awful - graphically/lag/un-equal cars however the league races I did were the best so liked it in that regard with OP Slipstream 2012- Good improvement but did not enjoy the handling as such. Graphic were so much better than predecessors 2013 - Once again, handling was just perfect. Side-pod glitch was annoying. Overall the best for online, single-player boring and Classic stuff is lacking - got boring very quickly 
  5. theladygagafan

    NellyFurtado demands an answer

    I have to agree with Nelly Furtado - I hope there is a game. I think a move to next-gen consoles would be better due to the graphic capabilities and so on - as I believe they have taken PS3 as far as they can.  Codemasters are on the edge of glory so I can hope they deliver another good game