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  1. SimFunny

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    Monsoonraineffect? (todays R5 daily at Australia)
  2. After they replied for each other input what gamers gave for them in these months (gave because it´s not just moaning but way to make product better with greater sales, this and future ones) and I give input about inputs btw, gave also input about input (shifter and gearbox related one) but there´s not any comment from devs is it going to happen or not:
  3. Understood that, but talked about that now they asking input after months of input what many gave for them here...and most of without any kind of reaction from game makers. Maby someone is tired to give input, no matter is it for inputs itself or maby some other.
  4. There been lots of input since game released and I think many are tired to monologue. You could look also to suggest box and give some comments from devs are those possible to make true or not. Personally I would like most .pdf file for car setups because not so many here are car mechanics and know what each setup means. At old times you got also printed manual for game.
  5. At stage results there is PS4 nickname but at championship standings there is Codemasters community nickname, is that how it should be?
  6. SimFunny

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    Noticed same on PS4 and that is not just a mild stutter, it´s really bad that few seconds what it last. That was first time when have this kind of graphical problem with console, there was some screen tearing before at Australia but nothing like this. I wonder how game industry works when you fix few bugs there is few others, there is not time to test it before release? Few hours of testing would enough, just like here you got almost immediately list of most major bugs after patch is released!
  7. Patch 1.5 released, is Phill finally quiet when arrive finish line?
  8. SimFunny

    Updated Rain effects

    Water yes and maby mud but not dust, so at dry gravel. Area where wipers would move keeps clean, at least with PS4. But that´s not problem, bigger improve would be if someone could fix that inoperative "automatic wipers" setting at game options. Races are so intensive that there´s not time to push wiper button one second to turn them off Maby those coders are already at next project and we can´t get things like that fixed.
  9. SimFunny

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    Okay, hope they could also tweak AI of rallycross at My Team. Sure there is Freeplay where you can tweak level just to fit your skills, that´s great! btw, I got that “Content Not Installed” also at week ago but then "Access the content on your primary PlayStation 4" helped, not this time.
  10. SimFunny

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    No change at rallycross (Elite level) or if there is then it´s even more harder than before. Or was that change only for rally? I´ll test when have time, I´m at Masters level on rally.
  11. SimFunny

    Updated Rain effects

    Since you are responsible about visual effects like raindrops on windscreen, then maby you could tell why windscreen not get dirty even when you turn wipers off (at area where those affect)? It would be nice to fix automatic wipers or possibility to turn them off when waiting start lights. New rain effect looks now like it should be, maby some more luxes to headlights and it´s fine.
  12. SimFunny

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    Same here, just updated two engine upgrades. However progress circle of engine update not work anymore. I´m on PS4.
  13. SimFunny

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Roadbook - June 7, 2019

    HDB brightness problem seems to be only at Xbox, there is discussion about it: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/36090-hdr-brightness/
  14. Few days without credits and it´s almost end of the world Hope you have also something else in your life. I´m sure they fix it ASAP and compensate credits like giving million to everyone.
  15. SimFunny

    DLC Entitlement FAQ (PS4)

    Re-activating license didn´t help but that one worked, however I have just one account on my PS4.