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  1. 38 minutes ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    Well, apparently you don't understand that.

    This is literally a thread to give feedback on input devices\methods.

    There are plenty of other threads on various topics for feedback, you appear to be misunderstanding the term input has two meanings and being played on for this topic title.

    After they replied for each other input what gamers gave for them in these months (gave because it´s not just moaning but way to make product better with greater sales, this and future ones) and I give input about inputs :classic_smile:

    btw, gave also input about input (shifter and gearbox related one) but there´s not any comment from devs is it going to happen or not:

    gearbox related.jpg

  2. 11 minutes ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    This thread is for feedback on the input methods, nothing else.

    Understood that, but talked about that now they asking input after months of input what many gave for them here...and most of without any kind of reaction from game makers. 
    Maby someone is tired to give input, no matter is it for inputs itself or maby some other.

  3. There been lots of input since game released and I think many are tired to monologue.
    You could look also to suggest box and give some comments from devs are those possible to make true or not.

    Personally I would like most .pdf file for car setups because not so many here are car mechanics and know what each setup means.
    At old times you got also printed manual for game.

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  4. 1 hour ago, PJTierney said:
    • From the PS4 Home screen, go to [Settings] and select [Account Management].
    • Select [Activate as Your Primary PS4], then [Deactivate] then [Reactivate].


    Re-activating license didn´t help but that one worked, however I have just one account on my PS4.

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  5. 9 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    Seen a few people have this issue today.

    First, make sure the cars are installed. You may have to do this manually though the PlayStation Store (sounds like you already have).

    Then restart your game.


    You’ll know if the DLC files are installed if you can select those cars in Free Play and Time Trial.

    If you’re still getting entitlement errors in My Team after that then things get tricky.


    There was this on Twitter though:


    Yes installed those from PSN start menu under DiRT Rally 2.0 by going to Store (before launching the game).
    After that started game...and done that multiple times without succes.
    When go back to store there states that those are purchaced.

    No, cars are not preset at Free Play / Time Trial.

    I have deluxe version and all previous DLCs worked just fine and never had to do re-activating licenses. 
    If that is caused by your game, then maby you can give step by step instructions how to do it?!

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  6. 8 hours ago, andmcq said:

    You can turn HDR off on the consoles. On Ps4 it's per game an on Xbox it's in the system settings.

    There´s no HDR ticket to check in game so you have to enable/disable HDR on system settings also with PS4.
    Tried with and without with my calibrated C8 OLED. I like more HDR enabled, specially now when black levels match (automatic on PS4 did not handle it correct) and there´s no crush like in NZ shadows where you didn´t see nothing if black levels were wrong.
    Someones says problem is still with Xbox, maby it´s because it handle video levels wrong, not game?!

    Heavy rain at night, yes it still terrible no matter HDR or not.
    btw, automatic wiper function at game menu is still broken, maby they are not going to fix it.
    There´s no need for wipers at dry gravel because windscreen not get dirty (at area where wipers affect) no matter wipers on or not.

  7. Don´t know anything about coding games but tweaking AI times should not be so hard.
    This is asked since day 1 and nothing happened, at most words "they are looking for it".
    Maby they are not interested to fix that.
    There is not lack of data doing that, world records for Master level and so on...
    Same case seems to be at DiRT twitter, there is much complains (99% about FFB) but not any answers from devs.

    Game is (still) great, sad that communicating isn´t.

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  8. 2 hours ago, JoeBlob21 said:

    just stopped playing masters career at monte carlo....i´ve either won the other countries or hit the podium at least.

    You are not at TOP 3 with 5 podiums, however can´t get points from Monte Carlo?
    So why you stopped career if only one event goes bad?

    What´s after Masters?
    Any special award for complete that?

    Just won Elite and next to Masters, however maby need some more practise before that.

  9. Can´t understand that there is so much what you can tweak, but not any kind of explanation what it actually do, like we all should be mechanical engineers 🙄
    Games like Project Cars 2 offer at least somekind of explanation at screen what each setup affect.

    How about Codemasters, could you do manual for game where you can also find instructions how to make setups for cars?!
    That could be downloadable .pdf document.

    In the old times you got also manual when bought game...

    2Technical, thanks a lot for your setup sharings 👌
    Tried made those myself partly guessing, trial and error but didn´t managed to get such like yours.
    At familiar stage and car I got 10 secods better time when copied your settings.

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  10. 4 hours ago, Civarello said:

    ...AI-times in DR2.0 look as if they´re demanding 100% perfection; in handling the car and by taking the ONE perfect Route through the Stage...

    Feels like that, still someones made their way to Master level at career championship.
    Best for me was 9:th at Elite level, difference to TOP 3 seems be something like 15 seconds/stage and without any big mistakes, however driving line could be more optimal.
    Doing this through 60 stages is...pretty hard.
    This demand for perfection is little frustrating, we are humans not bots.

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