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  1. when they fu....ck something dont wait for someone to respond ,
  2. i like when people thinks there are smarter then others ...
  3. the carreer should be copletly offline , and like the opponents game is ,im not support their game since is **** , but i would like one carrer like that but as always CodeMasters wont give a .... about my idea ... a carreer should start from the beggining and have all stages and all tracks ...this is just an online game ,that i play mostly 2 stages cause i dont want what cm choose for me to play and i dont want a carrer that their made and i have to set 1 country and 12 stages one by one ....
  4. i know ,but sometimes you are ,even i i was pressing skip on story modes when i mean a story mode ,i dont mean like nfs ,i mean like starting a career as a person ,just like cm F1 ,even if you choose carrer on line there are 4 tracks or 6 on every country , i want a carrer mode that has all the stages ,all countries, i know you can do that on offline mode ,but still there you have to make yours and add the tracks and the countries you want ,i want an option to add the complete country to the career mode with all stages not 6 or one +one ,until now i havent find that option if th
  5. and you can always press skip ,smartass
  6. because i want to !you got a problem with that to ?
  7. when will be on steam ,maybe ,, dirt carreer sucks and no story mode
  8. 1 year to be availible on steam ???***...
  9. i dont see him using the thrustmaster sparco handbrake and seq ,so its this items is not a buy at the end...
  10. today noticed that post ,and this is how the career should be , but how do you feel that you gave them a great idea 5 years ago ,wrote all this,and still nothing ,,
  11. dash cam that shows rpm,km in the middle ?
  12. honestly being here a lot of months ,i have offer them to translate in greek the game ,i have told them many times to fix the cameras for all cars not only the locked ones , for free so it would have more options in all directions,and also i have asked the dash on the right to be more center for us having widescreens , the camera thing is 10 minutes job for the locked ones cars ,they could just give me ,fix them and give them back ,they just dont care , they call me toxic ,this is a codemaster forum ,only cm-lovers should talk ,so behave cause you will be banned as me in the past,
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