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  1. 61Chevy

    F1 2017, 2018

    A little off topic. Anyone know why they never produced the 2017 and 2018 seasons? There’s prolly not gonna be a 2019 either. I really enjoyed F1 2016. I wish they hadn’t stopped.
  2. 61Chevy


    I agree with the tapping... much better than hard break. I’m running it on iPad Pro 2. i also look for turns where I can just let up on the gas instead of braking... works great. I started out buying the Red Bull only cuz I was a huge fan of theirs when they were a start up. I’ve since switched to the Mercedes. Corners so much better. No understeer like the bull.
  3. 61Chevy


    Thanks for the chuckle in the opening sentence! Great advice on steering assist. I didn’t realize it affects how much mobility you have on the track. That explains a lot. Ill drop it down to minimum. I’ve been driving with no brake assists since the start. My experience with another tablet racing game taught me the impact on speed that it has. Which brings up the third assist... stability. I have it at medium for now and was planning to drop it down to off eventually. How much impact, if any, does it have on speed? As for the jerks who think it’s a demolition derby game, they don’t bother me. I don’t retaliate. If it means that much to them to win using those tactics, so be it. As always, thanks mate!!
  4. 61Chevy

    Grid iOS

    Is there a forum that is devoted to Grid on the mobile platform? Thanks!
  5. 61Chevy


    I have a heck of a time passing the AI cars. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
  6. 61Chevy

    Car setup

    A BIG SHOUTOUT to StKnowhere!! I can't thank you enough for sharing so much info to a newbie. I have my car fine tuned and have moved up to level 17, league 3, 1625 trophies. Not bad for a 70 yr old retiree lol Thanks again mate 👍👍
  7. 61Chevy

    Car setup

    I can’t thank you enough! That is great information explained in a very understandable manner.... much appreciated 👍🏻👍🏻
  8. 61Chevy

    Car setup

    I know that car setup is important. This “Equip” page is chock full of numbers. I’ve scoured this site looking for an explanation of them all, especially in relation to the cars’s altimate setup. Would someone be kind enough to explain them or point me to a page that does. Thanks!!
  9. 61Chevy

    F1 Mobile

    That raises an interesting question for me. What’s the difference between a racing game and a racing simulation? Thanks
  10. I’ve circled in red 2 numbers from a screenshot at the start of a duel. What are they and what do they mean? How do they affect a race? Why th different colors, yellow and green? Thanks!!
  11. 61Chevy

    F1 Mobile

    Thank you! Very much appreciated!!
  12. 61Chevy

    F1 Mobile

    Hi, I’m new to F1 sim games. Is there a forum that concentrates on the mobile version of the 2019 season? I’m running it on an iPad Pro. From what I’ve browsed, it seems to be mostly console or PC related. Thanks!!