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    Car setup

    I know that car setup is important. This “Equip” page is chock full of numbers. I’ve scoured this site looking for an explanation of them all, especially in relation to the cars’s altimate setup. Would someone be kind enough to explain them or point me to a page that does. Thanks!!
  2. 61Chevy

    Car setup

    A BIG SHOUTOUT to StKnowhere!! I can't thank you enough for sharing so much info to a newbie. I have my car fine tuned and have moved up to level 17, league 3, 1625 trophies. Not bad for a 70 yr old retiree lol Thanks again mate 👍👍
  3. 61Chevy

    Car setup

    I can’t thank you enough! That is great information explained in a very understandable manner.... much appreciated 👍🏻👍🏻