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  1. personally, I like using wet (or winter in MC) tires on dry tarmac. that feels better somehow. less grip. I should try mediums or hards I guess.
  2. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    sure they are. but they're far less biased than those of users. that is the issue. you're twisting the truth (again). an average of 83 or whatever isn't a middling score. this whole thing is why i gave the example of historic life expectancy. averages are often not representative even when they appear so. so yeah taking the median might be better. eliminating the best and worst scores is regularly done when judging things. and the average would certainly be higher. um, giving a pretty competent game a 0 because you didn't like it rather than because it is actually poorly designed etc is a perfect example of bias. funny how you're ok with that, but not ok with reviewers giving 8s. sorry, I meant blind as in drive as fast as possible without having seen it yet. not literally blind. being able to repeat a stage over and over defeats the point of rallying as a discipline. the relative repetitiveness is debatable. DR2 is pretty repetitive after 100 or so hours and I've now played through the Dirt 4 career 2.5x (about the same amount of time) and it is too, but it's got far fewer locations. eh, my point with the "serious" thing was that all the little things add up. what are you talking about? on the contrary, hunting has everything to do with physics. the speed and distance travelled of projectiles are simulations. the way creatures move are simulations. trees swaying in the wind are simulations. this is hilarious. regardless, the point is that the way you are using the word "simulation" is not how it's used when talking about types of games. I see what you're doing here, but I'm gonna have to well actually that. you only think of there being one type of orange because you're not from a place that produces them. if you were from the tropics, you'd think of there being many varieties of orange, and all apples being the same. same goes for (to take another tropical example) bananas
  3. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    a) top part I agree with, but just because a title has multiple motorsports does not make it a less serious rally game. that makes no sense. if it takes a motorsport seriously, then it's serious. b) nobody is saying it was a masterclass. don't twist our words. those User scores are low because a lot of Dirt Rally "fans" gave it 0 because it wasn't what they wanted, which disproportionately brings down the average and is not representative. [for example, until ~150 years ago life expectancy in NA/Europe was between 30-45. it wasn't that low because most people died before the age of 50 - more did than now, but nowhere near as much as such a low figure might suggest - but because like 20% of children died before the age of 5. that brings down the average a lot, and means that life expectancy scores weren't really representative of what the population actually looked like at any given moment] most importantly, I posted those pictures to highlight the difference between user reviews and critic reviews for this reason. it shows that the critics are more trustworthy because they're going to make an effort to be unbiased, whereas users are more likely to give the lowest possible score because it wasn't what they wanted (or give the maximum possible score if they love something, even though they know it has flaws. interesting how you seemed happy to cherry pick the scores that suited you though - "I don't know why the PS4 is rated so "highly"" shows that you're incapable of even attempting to ignore your own bias. so, if you're going to only look at the user scores, you should probably eliminate the top and bottom 15 or 20%, in other to mitigate those biases. it's not possible to actually do this with the hundreds of user scores, but those numbers would go up rather than down or stay the same. c) I'm comparing to DR1, because people treat that as a serious rally game, and its success influenced the direction of D4. lol if you generate a stage, it's not possible to know it beforehand. sure, you will recognize the turns, but you won't ever be able to do it blind like any other stage racing game ... that's not a point it was better than DR. that's my point. ... it's a good feature. deal with it. ditto again, I'm comparing to DR. and again, it's more realistic, and again, it's a good feature. nope. it means they built a certain amount of unpredictability into the weather conditions which isn't present in the DR games. that is a different thing from just having more weather conditions, and it's a really good, simple feature for a rally game. yes, we do use the word simulation when talking about the design of minutiae (such as the simulation of fabric moving with the air or springs rebounding). however, when we're talking about games as a whole we don't extrapolate that definition to the whole thing. if we did, then we would talk about Horizon Zero Dawn being a hunting simulator or NFS being a police chase simulator. they're not. they contain many mechanisms that simulate things in hunting and police chases, but there is no attempt to wholly emulate realism in any meaningful sense in the way the game is designed to be played.
  4. ianism

    Career stats availability

    yes, the trophy is for the historic mode championship. there aren't really any trophies/achievements related to career mode other than On The Ladder, which is for winning your first My Team event (which I suppose could be unlocked by winning an AI challenge, but I haven't tested it)
  5. great little interview with Neil Cole from a couple weeks ago. apparently they are refurbishing Lydden Hill! https://www.thecheckeredflag.co.uk/2020/04/interview-world-rx-reporter-neil-cole-it-was-like-his-whole-career-his-whole-life-transmitted-across-his-face/
  6. ianism

    Dirt 5 will be amazing!

    ah, you haven't seen this (otherwise pretty uninteresting) interview yet, have you? skip to 0:45 seconds in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFw752sJEhI he makes it clear that different seasons offer different places to race in NYC, and I think it's safe to say that this will mean different event types too, (you can't race on ice year round) and will apply to other (if not all) locations: Norway (it looks like Lofoten, which is very far north) is pretty different from summer to winter, so it's worth showing, and the one shot in the trailer where they showed different seasons seemed to be in China. the bottom line is that there's 70 routes, which roughly lines up with what Dirt 3 had (including the Japan & Monte Carlo DLC). 70 routes have to go somewhere. they're not going to have 10 locations each with 7 different routes in one discipline. that is a terrible way to design a game, and is completely contrary to how Dirt 2 and 3 were set up - not a good start for a game that's trying to emulate their atmosphere and success. uh, they announced the game 3 days ago, on Thursday. Friday was a holiday, and Saturday and Sunday are what we call the weekend. or, as they say in france, le weekend. they've already put out a roadmap for all the announcements (lol @ that. how ridiculous.) so they already have a plan for when we find everything out. so we're going to have to wait. so for disciplines, here are some safe guesses + things we know: Sprint car racing (announced) Ice racing (announced) RX (obviously. and getting the Amplified edition gives you a free VW Beetle RX) Rally (obviously. also C3 R5 and Escort Cosworth are announced) Buggies (announced) my predictions (not super likely, but possible imo): something team-based. D2 and 3 had team-based things, and the game is supposed to enable 4 player split screen in career mode. Raid? (you get a Ford F150 for preordering. however, it could be a landrush car, or something else) Trailblazer? (2 RGT cars from DR2 were in the trailer) Landrush (same as Raid)
  7. ianism

    Dirt 5 will be amazing!

    to be fair, there are plenty of people who are saying the exact opposite lol insert obviously wrong comments of "no stage rallies!" "Showdown 2" "$60 of DLC" "no post-launch support" D4 did have 13 locations, but the locations only had 1 discipline each, so yeah it spread very thin (though the landrush and RX careers were very short) this is going more for a D2/D3 setup, so most (? ee don't actually know yet) locations will probably have 2-4 disciplines, so it won't be spread that thin. the other issue with D4 was that more half of the alternate routes on the landrush/RX tracks were junior/clubman circuits that you'd play once in career because you had to and then never, ever again. they didn't make that mistake with DR2, and I expect they won't make it with D5, since they're going back to the D2/D3 style that sold like 3-4 million copies
  8. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    agree 100% I love D4, but it's definitely not for everyone. I feel the same as you about D2 and 3. I have listed the ways in which it was a serious rally game just a couple pages ago. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/178-dirty-gossip/?do=findComment&comment=512255 ) it did many, many things better than DR1. what brought it down were the two most important: the sim handling (arcade handling is great albeit not drifty enough) and the rally stages, so naturally a lot of the DR fans hated it. and panned? um... no.
  9. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    they made a roadmap of when they're going to reveal different aspects of the game? my only question is .... why? that's some meta-as-hell marketing strategy, trying to get people excited for the announcement of a thing. like, I get it, I just think it's dumb haha
  10. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    stupid browser making me double post
  11. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Dirt 2 officially has Colin's name on it, but in most of the marketing, box art, etc, it is referred to as Dirt 2. this is probably because he had died by this point and they did not want to be exploiting his name after such a tragedy, even though the licensing agreement probably made it hard/impossible for them to remove the name completely. for example:
  12. ianism

    Career stats availability

    nice one. yeah, it would be nice if there were more stats recording (that players could see) in general in these games. community events are a big one too: the official site records the rankings for them, but it just has the times everyone did on each stage, not which tier you were in etc. plus, it only records this data for "standard" community events, not Promo or Bonus ones. nothing for AI challenges either, or anything else in Freeplay or Colin McRae mode.
  13. ianism

    Dirt 5 Wishlist

    this is guaranteed, no stress 🙂
  14. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Dirt 3 is one of my favourite games, period. it's got lots of snow in it. I like snow. your picture has lots of snow (and Snow) in it too. coincidence? I think not. yes exactly. I am saying that you made a good guess. but you did not influence them. 🙂
  15. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    you misunderstood me. mon point était qu'ils ont sûrement planifié d'incluir les routes de DR1 en DR2 plusieurs mois avant l'annonce du jeu car ça prend si longtemps de les préparer, et MC est sorti si tôt après le jeu de base. donc tes anciens commentaires ici n'ont pas trop influencé, j'imagine. le prix du jeu de base Dirt 5 est 55 Euros. l'édition deluxe avec tout le DLC coûte 75. environ le même difference entre les prix du DR2 et le version Deluxe avec S1+S2. donc on verra pour des endroits neufs. I hope we get some DLC locations for D5, but I don't know if the old D2/D3 locations will work with the new game modes, and honestly I would prefer something different. I have beaten D2 twice and D3 three times