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  1. can we get someone who does sound at CM to put Andrew Coley's imitation of the RS200's turbo wastegate into the next Dirt Rally title?
  2. yep, can confirm (via Coley in the world rx streams) these are the ones that are designed to be cheaper in order to entice more manufacturers. they're also a little heavier on purpose in order to separate them more from the future supercar-level electric cars. from my point of view, the thing is that.... will more manufacturers actually start taking part? (who knows?) will the next level of electric cars actually happen? (probably?) how does the pandemic affect all this? (probably slows it down a year or two) I also think the planned transition from combustion en
  3. at the very least it would be a really good tool to create our own SSS-style stages (and RX tracks, though I don't know if the AI would be able to handle them)
  4. we'll see. Baciuska was not great in it last weekend, and he had a solid end of the season last year in the Megane. though again, he wasn't great in the Skoda at the beginning of the season, the same car in which Abbring had some success with...
  5. I mean, Baciuska was really good towards the end of last year in the 3rd Megane, so we know he's got it in him to be competitive, but ... wow... also, does anyone know where the GCK cars were which were supposed to compete at the Euro level? weren't there supposed to be two more Clios?
  6. yeah TImo is one of my favourite drivers but it was clear that he pretty singlehandedly hampered Gronholm's results yesterday. but I mean... he was in front, and drove defensively very well, so fair play. Marklund was also quite good I must say. it was interesting, actually. very few drivers performed as I expected them to: pretty much just... Munnich: he should be in Euros. Scheider: not spectacular but never bad. he wasn't fast but he's 5th overall after 2 events so *shrugs* Doran: always seems to have mechanical issues, Bakkerud: bad one day, good the next so it averages out I guess. P
  7. except last time I checked drivers didn't win things based on how the car sounds or how loud it is no Ekstom or Szabo is a shame. they were both better than expected this weekend. 19 cars is a good number. qualifiers with 5 cars are much more interesting than with 4 or less
  8. this game is more about improving your driving and doing as well as you can than about finishing first in every race like most games. that's why there's no reward for winning career mode championships or moving up the difficulty ladder other than more cash to spend on your team. it's a better imitation of real life rallying and I think it works as a game mechanic in Dirt Rally 2 because this game is (mostly) trying to be a sim. also, rallying in Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 was like this too, even though those are definitely leaning more towards the arcade side.
  9. no, you can't use the Legacy. the M2 is the only car to be added to historic championships post-launch, and the 911 RGT is the only DLC-ish car in there, and it was in the game at launch. it's a shame, I would have liked a little more singleplayer-curated content. here's a weird one. in the Colin McRae mode (Monte Carlo 1998 to be specific), there is a weather condition that is unavailable in every other game mode in this location: Heavy Snow. normally, the time of day & weather options for Monte Carlo are: Daytime/Clear Sunset/Cloudy Sunset/Light Snow Dusk/C
  10. Issue: Wrong names in 2019 RX Supercars. Heikkinen, Nitiss, Gronholm (not shown in screenshot) & Timurzyanov are back on the list of drivers when you enter the 2019 World RX Championship. this occurred first when the patch for the Colin McRae DLC came out and was then fixed. well, it's back too. this one hurts because it seems like we're not getting their car in DR2 now, and to see their names there without the vehicle is a painful reminder haha Method of Reproduction: Freeplay > World RX Championship > pick a 2019 car Platform: PS4 & PC. presumably xbox too.
  11. Issue: Missing (English language) call on Verbundsring and Hammerstein Method of Reproduction: every time I drive it. this is the same call that was missing upon release of the Germany location and then fixed a month or two later. it's a "turn unseen 1 left" after a "6 right 130, crest" up a hill. this was taken today on PS4 (1.25, on PC that is 1.15) but I tried on PC today too with the previous version (1.14) and had the same issue Platform: PS4 & PC PC Build: 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, GTX 1650 4GB, 1TB m.2 NVMe PCIe SSD VR Headset use
  12. Issue: wrong substance sticks to the car on the Hamra/Lysvik route in Sweden. Method of Reproduction: drive any stage on the Hamra/Lysvik Route in Sweden. car will turn brown instead of white. the other route (Ransbysäter/Norraskoga) is unaffected. Escort is on Ransbysäter/Norraskoga, 205 is Hamra/Lysvik. Platform: all (I have tested PS4 & PC, but I am sure it is Xbox too) PC Build: yes VR Headset used: no Wheel/Pedals used: no
  13. Issue: Excessive Rain Bug Method of Reproduction: ????? seems to be random. however, it occurs relatively frequently on PS4, and almost never on PC Platform: PS4 PC Build: n/a VR Headset used: no Wheel/Pedals used: no
  14. sure they are. but they're far less biased than those of users. that is the issue. you're twisting the truth (again). an average of 83 or whatever isn't a middling score. this whole thing is why i gave the example of historic life expectancy. averages are often not representative even when they appear so. so yeah taking the median might be better. eliminating the best and worst scores is regularly done when judging things. and the average would certainly be higher. um, giving a pretty competent game a 0 because you didn't like it rather than because it is actually poo
  15. a) top part I agree with, but just because a title has multiple motorsports does not make it a less serious rally game. that makes no sense. if it takes a motorsport seriously, then it's serious. b) nobody is saying it was a masterclass. don't twist our words. those User scores are low because a lot of Dirt Rally "fans" gave it 0 because it wasn't what they wanted, which disproportionately brings down the average and is not representative. [for example, until ~150 years ago life expectancy in NA/Europe was between 30-45. it wasn't that low because most people died before the age of 50 - m
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