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  1. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    that's the only one I haven't played. all the others are superb. I'm talking more about architecture, farming methods, clothing etc. anyways
  2. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    you know what this reminds me of a little? Assassin's Creed Unity. it was supposed to be the game which brought the series back to its roots - ie focus on parkour, map was just one city instead of a ton of countryside, ocean and some towns, etc. unfortunately, that game was released in a much worse state than DR2.0. and that made people mistrust ubisoft so much that the follow-up, Syndicate, had mediocre sales too, and then the company took a year off from putting out an AC game to completely overhaul pretty much everything. but then we got Origins, which is the best game in the series (though Odyssey might have surpassed it, haven't played that one yet). the thing is, I played it for the first time two years ago, and I played a pirated version with a bunch of performance improvements. and honestly, it's amazing now. it's one of my favourites in the series but it was too late. the damage was already done, and the impact is still being felt. ubi has learned that putting out high quality, well-polished games pays in the long run. that it's better to take a year off from putting out a game once in a while (they're doing it again this year) in order to make it amazing. there are many people who argue that these last two games aren't AC games anymore, because they have changed the formula so much, but frankly .... who cares? the mythology they've created is pretty interesting, the historical accuracy (despite playing with major events and stuff) is on another level from literally everything else, including movies and series. and the games are fun to play and explore. Dirt Rally 2.0 is a very good game. but it was essentially released unfinished, and that has really, really hurt it. I suspect development time was hurt by the release date for F1 2019 being moved up 2 months. CM say that player retention has been high, so I'm sure it'll be enough for us to get Season 3 and maybe even 4 (keep in mind, they'll get a big influx of money with those because all of us will have to buy them - something I will do, gladly). it's also worth pointing out that this game was hurt by the marketing campaign of Dirt 4. they tried to show it as both a sim and arcade racer. unfortunately the menu UI, the amount of options, the car list, the amazing amount of times of day and weather conditions, all pointed to it leaning towards being a sim, which alienated casual gamers, but the physics didn't, which alienated sim fans. it made people mistrust the brand, and more ready to criticise when DR2 had issues. I just hope they learned the right lesson from this: the lesson is not that sim-ish rally games don't sell. the lesson is that you can't release unfinished products. (and also, know your audience... )
  3. agreed, but if we had to choose, those are my picks. would much rather a new rally location, or another long stage in each existing one. I just know both of those things are probably pipe dreams
  4. wait so you want to pay the same for basically double the content. you know there are a ton of new cars in the game, right? and they have to pay for all of these licenses. you know the employees need to eat, right?the money needs to come from somewhere. and anyways, the DLC locations are $4. is that really out of your price range? with a game like Forza, there is enough financial backing that they can afford to throw a ton of money at it, because they sell so many copies that it balances out (also the gold edition is $130). that kind of math doesn't work with a medium-small brand like Dirt. as for locations, still pretty sure Greece and Finland are coming. CotA and South Africa I kind of doubt it (Spa and Abu Dhabi would be better) but Lydden Hill wouldn't be too hard, though I am not really interested
  5. eh, well the east is exactly New England, the center is kinda like Germany but flatter and fewer roads, and the west is a bit like Monte Carlo or the coast of NZ, so....
  6. no idea. might be. I thought he was because when I went in-game I saw his name too (I'm on PC). you can only see the usernames of players on the same platform. everyone else just appears as Dirt Player with their flag hmm, ok. that's kind of weird.
  7. ianism

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    ^^ true, but i am not sure if those are unexpected moments. CM?
  8. that is interesting, because that means his username is visible cross-platform, which shouldn't be possible
  9. lol. no, guys. I'm not saying landrush is coming. I'm saying maybe they were thinking of including it, but it got scrapped and the flag is all that's left. ie no DLC related to Mexico at all.
  10. I like different stuff so voted Safari, Indonesia, Morocco, China and Croatia. doubt it's happening though.
  11. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    how about one for everything that falls out of the sky? light rain, heavy rain, snow... all look terrible for 2017, never mind 2019
  12. yah, no. I'm not proposing there will be landrush DLC I'm saying there might have been plans to put landrush into the base game at some point, but they are not happening, and that explains why the flag is there, instead of the flag existing to represent a future (brand-new) rally location
  13. so I mostly play in these events (90%), along with Historic Championships and RX (5% each) I've noticed that in some locations, certain stages come up more than others. I haven't kept count in the long term, but I do almost all the Weekly and Monthly events, and I often check on the Daily ones just to see. it's always one set of stages that is dominant over the other - so for example in Germany since its release, we seem to be driving the Ruschberg/Hammerstein roads a lot (so that includes the shorter sections of them too) more than the Oberstein/Frauenberg roads. it's very early to tell for Germany, so I won't put it on the list yet, but I have definitely noticed a bias in most of the base game locations. Spain - Comenzo/Final en Bellriu and its variations much more common than (Camino a) Centenera and its variations Australia - Mount Kaye Pass and its variations much more common than Chandlers Creek and its variations New Zealand - Te Awanga/Ocean Beach and its variations much more common than Waimarama Point and its variations Poland - Zarobka/Zagorze and its variations much more common than Jezioro Rotcze/Zienki and its variations New England - Beaver Creek Trail and its variations much more common than North Fork Pass and its variations Germany it's still too early to tell. Sweden, Monaco and Argentina seem to be even in which routes you get to drive. anyone with similar/different experiences? comments? I'm only writing all this because it gets boring doing the same roads over and over again, so I get frustrated when I'm driving some roads a lot less than others (it seems to be around a 2/3 to 1/3 split)
  14. sooooooo thanks to the Flag Theory, people think that a Mexico rally location might be coming as DLC and it might. I'd love it and I know most of us here would but I think it's more likely they were working on remastering landrush tracks from Dirt 4 but the mode didn't make it into the game. (the other D4 landrush locations were all in the US, and there are basically zero important landrush tracks in the rest of the world, so no other flags needed) discuss. (aka, bring those thumbs down!)
  15. ianism

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    don't think there are any. there weren't in Dirt 4 either.