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  1. an algorithm picks the stages, time of day and conditions, and it was picking a lot of rain ones when the game came out. many players complained (there are many threads here about it lol), so they reduced it, probably a little too much in my opinion. since Scotland came out though, I've noticed that almost all stages in that location in My Team are in the rain, and never, ever at night. so it seems to be bugged. for example, the current R2 Monthly starts in Scotland, and 7/10 stages are rain, with zero at night. I've noticed that once or twice in Weekly Challenges since Scotland came out other locations have also not had night stages (both current Bonus Weekly events have this, including the one in Wales, which is funny because Wales is the only location with no dusk for some reason, so it's 10 stages in daytime & sunset). so this might all be linked somehow. (I'm operating under the assumption that it works the same way for picking Community/AI challenge and career mode stages). that's all I've got.
  2. ianism

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Graphics on Dell XPS 15

    I have an XPS 15 too. it's one year older, so the graphics card isn't quite as good, but I'm able to run the game on mostly medium-high settings no problem. there's some slowdown in heavily forested areas with lots of ground cover like Poland
  3. ianism

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    how are we going to be able to use these, if at all? just offline or something?
  4. @ everyone with like less than 5 posts who just came here to rage and claim they will "never buy CM games again" [lol sure like anyone cares]. be patient. they clearly weren't expecting such a large number of people getting it on PS Plus. that's on them, sure, but it'll get fixed. in the meantime, most of you are clearly new to the game, so go play Historic Championships/World RX Championships in Freeplay or the Colin Mcrae mode (if you have that). you don't need an internet connection for those.
  5. ianism

    Surprising Steam Achievement Stats

    first of all, regarding all of this, a lot of people bought the game on launch left and didn't come back soon after it came out, because the game was released with a lot of bugs (fairly serious graphical issues on the consoles and bugged trophies, for instance) and a lot of things didn't work as well as might be reasonably expected, (like Ai difficulty differing massively between car classes, FFB being unsatisfactory to a majority of wheel users, not very good tarmac handling, career mode requires internet connection). so a large percentage of people who own the game didn't play for very long. now, a large % of the player base have bought the game in the last few months, with everything going heavily on sale during the winter while the devs were wrapping up Season 4 and preparing for the release of the Colin McRae pack. (also, though this doesn't apply to the PS4 achievement stats, the game was free on xbox gamepass last autumn, so that platform had the most users - until this week). Adaptable is a good example. it was bugged for months, and just wouldn't pop for many people. I did get it, but it took a month for it to pop, during which time I did dozens of stages in each condition. it didn't seem to be really fixed until like 4 months after the game came out. that would explain why so few people have that one. as for Qualified and Against the Clock, not all that many people do Ai Challenges or Time Trial. AI Challenges especially are weird, because everyone gets the same difficulty level: where it's set is too hard for beginning and too easy for even upper intermediate players. I remember thinking they were impossible when I first started playing, but now I find them too easy (and I'm not even particularly good. I play on KB for god's sake). I started doing Dailies, Weeklies and Monthlies pretty early on, but driving against other people is more interesting than driving against the AI, so I do far fewer Ai Challenges. also, the AI Challenges never have any DLC content, which makes them much less interesting to me now, because I've played the base game stuff to death. and yeah, most players use some form of assist. I certainly do, but I wanted the achievement, so I turned them off for one of the Historic Championships.
  6. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    I don't know if this is a server issue. I had this happen to me once, a year ago, driving the M1 Procar in a Weekly in Germany. I didn't notice the increase in km driven until later, but during the event I have crazy levels of wear on the parts - I just couldn't fix most of them until after the event was finished because it made me exceed the repair time limit. after the event, I had something like 475km driven, when it should have been around 150
  7. back after 24h. online sections are still virtually unplayable yikes, this is not good when the game just went free on PS Plus
  8. ianism

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    I'd download that. I don't have a livery for that car, and she did the commentary for the rally side of the Dirt World Series
  9. ianism

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    nah, the GOTY edition is just the base game with a pass for all the DLC. if you buy the disc version it comes with a code that allows you to download it. it doesn't make the DLC part of the base game. [whispers] the GOTY edition is just a repackaged SuperDeluxe Edition, which came out back in September.
  10. ianism

    Delta dailies

    haha, that's why I said not to worry about the exact numbers and the Tier you're in until it's over. I suspect it doesn't count the people who retire until the time runs out. that would explain why you don't see much of a difference in Daily Challenges, but see a massive change in Monthly ones: there's a far higher % of players who retire from Monthly Challenges than Dailies. just a hypothesis though. also, it's possible there's a not-insignificant number of players who enter the Monthly event just for cash: it's possible to enter an event, retire from the first service area (you might have to actually start the event, I haven't checked recently. even so, you could just drive 10m before retiring.) and reap the minimum possible cash reward when the event runs out, which for Monthly events is still several hundred thousand credits. this would inflate the number of people retiring quite a bit.
  11. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    oh that's for sure, but I was thinking that maybe this had some sort of knock-on effect on racenet. maybe with many people signing up or something. just a hypothesis of course, because it's a weird coincidence.
  12. ianism

    What do you miss from older Dirt games?

    didn't play much of DR1, but Dirt 4 had a system where you could essentially sign up to drive for a different team (rather than your own, that you build in career mode) and use almost any car in the game that you didn't own. you would get far fewer rewards, but it was a good way of trying out cars you didn't have yet. that said, I only saw this in Freeplay. I didn't do daily challenges so I don't know if it worked like that for those as well. a couple other things from Dirt 3: split screen (not likely, I know) Head 2 Head was quite good
  13. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    yeah it took me 45 mins just to upload a daily challenge result. ugh. maybe it's dealing with overload because DR2 is now free for PS Plus members, so there's probably thousands of people downloading and playing the game right now. I don't know if or how that would affect the racenet servers: it's just a guess because this has been happening for the last hour, which is about exactly when it became free
  14. ianism

    What do you miss from older Dirt games?

    first of all, all of that ^^, especially times of day & weather conditions. the stage generator could be better though and I prefer Phill Mills over Nicky Grist. other D4 things: much deeper team management system using your My Team cars in Freeplay loaner cars & teams if you don't have the money to buy the one you need actual career mode with well thought-out progression system which encourages you to try every car class in the game, but doesn't force you to use many of them more than once or twice. tutorial mode that actually uses the Dirtfish Test Area. I have recently played through Dirt 2 & Dirt 3 (at the same time so the locations stay fresher - Dirt 2 gets really repetitive because there aren't many routes) and I miss: having opponent drivers on stage with you Jen Horsey as co-driver, though Phil is just as good more variety in locations: jungle:Malaysia, savanna:Kenya, desert:Morocco/Mexico/Utah. Dirt Rally 2 is the best game in the series in terms of variety, but it can always be better 🙂 fun multiplayer options. Cat & Mouse was especially good in Dirt 3 online
  15. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    the game is not licensed to use his name. if you notice in the Colin McRae section, it says things like "Swedish teammate" and "Finnish/Spanish rival" to mean Kenneth Eriksson, Carlos Sainz and Tommi Mäkinen. I'm planning on getting it for PS4, along with several friends of mine (who are German). I'll probably get the Year Pass too, it's only C$27 and I can play online with them. I probably can't download it though, as the monthly limit in the place I am staying for the lockdown is just 125GB 😂😭