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  1. ianism

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    sorry, but no. I'm gonna get all pretentious about this for a sec: I have a master's degree in history. I have researched this. I will say this slowly. you. clearly. do not. know. what. you. are. talking. about. check out this list for a preliminary example, and sort by Rate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate the US is 89th with a rate of just under 6 per 100,000 people. it is the only rich country in the top 150, and the rate is triple that of the next-highest, which is Canada at 1.8. sure, not all homicides are with guns, but again, this is just an example. good day.
  2. true, true. and agreed 😛
  3. converting them from DR1 isn't hard apparently, but the creator needs to do that. I have a few liveries that were originally done for DR1 and converted, but they're only a tiny percentage of the hundreds that were made.
  4. yep, that's it. I haven't got a clue why they put those H2 cars as early unlocks because they're incredibly cheap in-game but here we are.
  5. ianism

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    lol that's the worst analogy I've seen in my life. more guns lead to more death. it's a very simple relationship. look at the homicide data for the US versus any other rich country.
  6. nah it works fine @OP - actually remastering stages from that long ago isn't feasible, but remaking it in the same way (à la CTR:NF for instance) or getting any location in the same region would be welcome 🙂
  7. it's just weird tbh. in comparison, all the vehicles are 2.29 (CDN) on Steam.
  8. ianism

    Patch 1.12

    it was just server maintenance or something. the 1.12 update comes in a week or two (or three? I don't remember)
  9. ianism

    More online events with DLC cars and tracks

    it's for the world series finals. these are the stages the finalists are doing. same for the promo RX tracks that are on this weekend: https://forums.codemasters.com/announcement/20-special-event-drive-the-dirt-rally-20-world-series-grand-finals-routes-this-weekend-in-game-open-to-everyone/
  10. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    we're over here overanalyzing every photo retweeted by the Dirt account and PJ is over here like.... "guys, look over here. you missed this..." us: does it have any relation whatsoever to McRae or Subaru though? (I haven't been around much because I am travelling)
  11. ianism

    Something is coming...

    also... if it was WRX content, they would need to be mostly done all of the car and track models by now. because those things take a long time to make. and at the moment, only the event organisers have a good idea of what the new tracks will look like (I'm talking about having all the billboards and stands etc, not simply the layout). keep in mind that the only new 2019 RX track that is in the game is Yas Marina. it was first used in April (it was the first event on the calendar) and it came into DR2 in October. and we didn't get Spa at all, for whatever reason. same goes for the car models. the first time most of us saw the new liveries and cars was just before the season started, in Feb/March. and we got them just 2 weeks ago! as far as I know, almost none of the teams have even announced if they will be competing or what drivers they will have, much less given anyone a glimpse at any liveries. sooo work can't even begin to start on basically any of this stuff. so, it could theoretically happen eventually, but if any of this is in the works I would next expect it before the summer at least. in addition, CM are very aware that the large majority of the fanbase of this game (around 80-85%) prefers rally. it would not be a good business plan to have two consecutive RX-focused seasons.
  12. Football Manager? how could I forget such an icon of gaming? seriously though, if this is really the first thing that came to your mind, you just proved my point. plus, from the way you describe it, the discount seems to be for buying next year's version of the game when you have the current title. that's a different situation, because with sports games they're basically just updating the rosters every year, and maybe adding a couple of features if the devs are feeling adventurous. with those games, you generally are paying full price for a new game every single year, so I think it's pretty fair that the devs are giving a discount for people who stick with the franchise, even if they're still being sucked into buying the same thing every year lol. anyways, this is pretty different because it's extra content for a game that only comes out once every 4 years or so. the second paragraph I agree with.
  13. I agree that it's pretty crappy that S3/S4 hasn't gone on sale (the S1/S2 pack went on sale at the end of S1, around or before S2 content was even made public), but I disagree with the idea that early supporters somehow *deserve* to get a discount on content that's released later. plenty of games have pre-orders. how many of them offer discounts like that on future content? pretty much just a few of the indie kickstarter-esque ones, whose existence depends entirely on how well the initial kickstarter campaign goes.
  14. ianism

    Something is coming...

    yeah, we'll find out in like late Jan/early Feb. no idea when it'll actually come out though
  15. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    same. I got 123rd or something(!!!) I get Tier 1 regularly in R2 and H2 FWD classes (especially in longer events when more people retire), but wasn't expecting to be that high...