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    WRC 9

    yikes. those graphics and lighting remind me of Dirt 2... Dirt 3 looked significantly better than this because the lighting was so good (or something... I don't know ass about this technical stuff) now that the WRC series is back to yearly releases, I think we should be treating it like FIFA or other sports games that come out every year. you buy them for the new locations and to have the updated teams, but otherwise there isn't going to be a lot of difference other than small changes (hopefully improvements). I liked WRC 8 for the different locations from DR2, and for the different interpretations they had for the locations that were in both games. the tarmac was also fun (as opposed to Spain in DR2 - DR2's Germany and MC are fine in my opinion). but otherwise... there's like 5 cars in the game. WRC 9 will have 15 classic cars? DR2 has 42 (ie not R2/R5/RGT) in rally. also WRC series does not have RGT. the 1 bonus car in WRC 7 doesn't really count, does it?
  2. @tharding67 there was a Group B RX event at Silverstone a day or two ago. I rarely see rain in rx community events, not sure why you would claim that there's tons of it.
  3. ianism

    Disc key

    show us a picture of your box. that will help. like, what platform is it?
  4. ianism

    Changing From Xbox to PC Dirt 2

    is this even possible? if it is, I do not think progress carries over.
  5. ianism

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    it's outrageous because hundreds of other players have played this game before and after the update, many of them have played more than you have and are better than you at the game. nobody else thinks there is a difference, there are hundreds of hours of youtube videos showing people driving in the game before and after this update and there is no difference. yet you are certain that everyone is wrong except you and you have no evidence whatsoever. that is outrageous. because it's obvious that you just changed input settings or traction/stability control and forgot. and instead of checking those you just assumed they modified the game without saying anything and thousands of other players didn't notice. that's kinda stupid 😉
  6. ianism

    your farvorite Imprezza?

    I like the 2001 one. it's the only non-R5 car I have done a career championship with. plus, it has 2 real-life liveries.
  7. there have been bonus events that do not use DLC for many months (like, 8+). they used to be super rare, however, so I'm not surprised you didn't notice them (I estimate it was roughly one every 2 weeks). they are just more common now since it went on PS Plus, presumably to make the game a little more accessible to the many new players. getting lots of km into cars for engine upgrades and stuff is what career mode is for. if you don't want to do a whole championship, just do the events you like most and then abandon. it doesn't matter.
  8. ianism

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    I (and many, many others) have put hundreds of hours into this game, both before and after that update. I didn't experience a mite of difference. neither did anyone else. I don't play with a wheel, so FFB is not influencing my perception. you are the one proposing something outrageous, unannounced and highly unlikely, so the burden of evidence is on you: if I suggested that (for example) rear-wheel drive cars now drive with the front wheels in the game, it would be my responsibility to prove that with evidence. the same goes for you. prove it or shut up about this
  9. ianism

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    you're (still) the only one that thinks this. it's much more likely that you got better or that you changed your traction/stability control settings and forgot, or both. (or you're just wrong.) you have never provided any video evidence showing any difference whatsoever, and neither has anyone else.
  10. History of the WRC game mode? what is this person smoking edit: there's also a thread for this already
  11. ianism

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    there's one today.
  12. ianism

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    @Lightsp33d1987 nah it had 2 tiers. that issue got fixed months ago as far as I know
  13. ianism

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    just keep checking all the daily events. there was one about 2 days ago (don't remember exactly)
  14. ianism

    World RX Esports Series

    finally got around to watching all of this. it was a little dirty, and there were some disappointing problems with connections, and obviously the person in charge of the cameras isn't going to be as good as a whole TV crew. but overall... that was super exciting! having esports guys compete with real-life ones is really fun. if I'm honest it was more entertaining than the actual Dirt world series finals (and semis, and quarters). Coley and Cole are great as usual, and their banter was taken to the next level because they had to wing it for longer (and because they clearly know each other so, so well). the parts where Andrew got out his Lego Millennium Falcon and his dog were super funny and sweet very interested in seeing the next round in Montalegre
  15. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    yeah it's some sort of ... I don't actually know. it happened once to me last summer with the M1 (went from ~180km to 475km), and also today (but only added about 10km to my Mitsu R5) ahem, there are 13 now 😉 ah, awesome! these are really fun even though I'm bad. they really need an editor for the english version of that article though. it's not got spelling mistakes, but there's a lot of typos and stuff. kind of weird for an official release, but then I guess not that many people read it in english so it probably doesn't matter 😅
  16. ianism

    How are rewards calculated?

    yes, @somethingthing is right. it's decided by km driven, maybe with some sort of multiplier for the difficulty level if you're doing career (though I'm far from certain about that). so yeah, Argentina only has about 15km of unique roads, whereas Scotland has like 25-26km. and yes, you don't get all that much less cash from coming 25th vs coming 1st. community and AI challenges are the same Bonus (and Promo, possibly?) community challenges often have multipliers of 25%-50% (maybe even higher?).
  17. I think you mean soft tires here, right? snow tires can only be used in Sweden
  18. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    I don't see any connection between what I said about cm + wrc and what you said about.... whatever it is you're talking about what the hell are you talking about? what does a video comparing Dirt games have anything to do with the wrc license? also, why do you keep downvoting me for no apparent reason?
  19. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    i think i can answer these yes wrc makes their own games where they have a lot of creative control. also, the relationship between CM and the WRC seems to be ... not great. very, very unlikely probably not yeah, I suspect that likely happened because they had already agreed to use his name for Dirt 2 before he died. so while his name is in the official title, it's quite de-emphasized in the media for the game as well as in the game itself. really? what great things? I read one of his books as a teenager and it remains one of the worst pieces of literature I've ever encountered. and that includes a Star Wars novel or two...
  20. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    it's not, because it's finished
  21. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    the M2 and Dirtfish were not announced until very shortly before they were released many were true though. the Bennet Mini RX, all the DR1 locations coming in Seasons 2-4 (during Season 1 someone noticed all the flags waved by spectators on the stages were all the countries from DR1). the Impreza S4 S5 and Legacy Dirt 5. I think they have committed to alternating releases, but we will just have to see. the main problem with Dirt 4 was that it was marketed as a compromise between the Dirt & Dirt Rally games. however, structurally (ie outside of the actual driving) it was probably a more realistic rally game than either DR1 or DR2.* I think the "casual" gaming crowd that bought D2 & D3 had moved on, partly because DR1 had very obviously not been for them, so it didn't sell well among casual gamers. hardcore sim people that liked DR1 weren't interested either because it wasn't a Dirt Rally game, and the ones that tried it found the handling to be weird. also the procedural generation stages. so Dirt 5 would have a serious challenge: pull in the casual gamers that like Forza Horizon and NFS and not anger the sim fans that love the DR games. that's really tough. *for example, deep team management, tons of weather & time of day options, etc DR3 locations: not a clue. I could see them doing just 2-3 new locations, 3-4 remastered locations and the rest remastered as DLC. as for other games modes, I hope not (unless it's hillclimb/trailblazer). D5: Landrush/buggies in Dirt 4 (and Dirt 3 and Dirt 2) was super repetitive - not enough attention was given to it, and I'm not sure I would like more attention taken away from the rally and RX sides of the game. 100% disagree haha it feels like there's something missing
  22. ianism

    Le retour de la Hyundai i20 r5?

    les conducteurs du i20 RX (Nitiss, Gronholm, Heikkinen et Timurzyanov) ont étés ajoutés au jeu comme adversaires IA en RX, donc c'est bien possible qu'ils ajoutent leur voiture RX. à mon avis, si cela se passe il y a une petite possibilité qu'on reçoit le R5 aussi. on verra par contre j'suis sûr que le R5 aura aucune trace des conducteurs pour Hyundai dans le WRC2 (comme tous les autres R5). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ENGLISH he's saying we should have the i20 R5 because he doesn't like the SpaceStar (lol) I said the drivers of the i20 RX have been added to the game, so there's a solid chance we'll get that car, and if that happens, I think there's a small chance we'll get the R5 too. but don't expect to see any liveries or drivers' names from the WRC2 championship.
  23. ianism

    Is DLC Integrated Into the Career?

    the 911 RGT is encrypted because it's considered a DLC car, as it was a pre-order/deluxe edition bonus (possibly both? I don't remember haha) the early product descriptions for this game were often a little inaccurate. for example, the original pre-order said you'd get 5 cars per season, which in reality you got 6. this was never updated, all the way until they removed the original Deluxe Edition (base game + S1/S2) and DE upgrade (just S1/S2) from the stores (PSN, Microsoft & Steam) about a year after the game originally came out. 🤐 agreed. 1) well, quite. the lack of progression is the whole problem with the career mode haha! if you want, you can sell some or all of the cars you were given for free (they sell for 0 credits). that'll give you something to work towards. keep in mind though that for any older vehicles (pre-2000) sell, you cannot buy them "new" from the dealer. "used" cars from the dealer are identical, except that they come with damage that you have to repair, and (more importantly) they will have a high number of km driven and events entered etc. this does not reset to 0 when you buy them ("new" cars all start with all these stats at 0 of course) so you'll have cars with like 27 000+km on them, even though you haven't used them at all. some people find this annoying, so I just wanted to warn you. the AI will get harder, I promise haha. the game just makes you jump through the lower level hoops first. but yeah career isn't really the best part of the game. I mostly play community challenges, though I am slowly working my way through the McRae scenarios and I've done all the Historic championships. 2) no idea. I think they wanted to have some sort of sense of progression in the game, offline, and separate from My Team. it only uses the 6 base game locations and the base game car classes though, which is a bit annoying. weirdly, in Historic you can find times of day (dawn and sunrise) which don't exist anywhere else in DR2. they are just dusk and sunset relabelled, however.
  24. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    Hoksuhoo and I were talking about the first Bonus event square (the one on the left, next to the Promo events). normally, Bonus events almost always contain some kind of DLC content - location, car class or both. However, for the past week, it has always contained a base game car class (sometimes a specific car) and base game location. in addition, also in the past week, the car class has always been one of the slow ones. I have already listed them. we were not talking about any other square. today's is below. yesterday's is posted above by Hoksuhoo, and was R2 cars in the same location.
  25. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    @HoksuHoo yeah I've noticed that. it has happened before, but it was quite rare - maybe twice a month. since the game came out on PS Plus though, there's been one of those (almost? I've not been keeping track) every day. I'm pretty sure it's just to give new players more chances to drive low-level cars: that first Bonus event square has (almost?) always been an H-class, R2 or NR4/R4 event, which are the slowest rally cars in the game. occasionally it's limited to one specific vehicle too, which is kind of a nice change.