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  1. On 10/2/2020 at 12:11 PM, tbtstt said:

    Oh really? Thats interesting, so the Projekt-E cars have something in reserve then? 

    On 10/2/2020 at 12:25 PM, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    Yes, Coley did detail it in the first round, but i don't recall the specifics now, it was touched on again in Latvia that these are the lower cost versions and thus a little slower, i just don't remember if that's the only difference.

    yep, can confirm (via Coley in the world rx streams) these are the ones that are designed to be cheaper in order to entice more manufacturers. they're also a little heavier on purpose in order to separate them more from the future supercar-level electric cars.

    from my point of view, the thing is that....

    • will more manufacturers actually start taking part? (who knows?)
    • will the next level of electric cars actually happen? (probably?)
    • how does the pandemic affect all this? (probably slows it down a year or two)

    I also think the planned transition from combustion engine vehicles to electric was going to be too fast. to go from nothing to replacing all RX2 and supercars with electric vehicles in 3 years is crazy, even without a global pandemic. it just doesn't seem like enough time for manufacturers to see the new tech in action, reach a decision of "let's join" and then design, build and test a whole new electric race car (assuming they don't already have an R5-level vehicle they can just modify) within like 1-2 years that is actually competitive.

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  2. I only played WRC8 (also with a controller and also on PC), but most of the criticisms that medium article has of WRC9 I fully agree with. terrible UI, not great control, not great physics (disagree about tarmac though), bad co-driver (I've seen videos of WRC9 and yikes), damage model (just because it's easier to damage the car does not make the damage model more realistic than DR2)...

    the fact that there's not many improvements/changes from the last game is unsurprising. as I've pointed out in another post, the WRC games are basically in the sports game category. small changes and updated car and location rosters every year, and that's about it.

    I'm interested in these games because I like rallying in different locations from the Dirt series, but since I don't really care too much about the WRC, my interest is going to be limited by the quality of the games, and it's pretty clear that they're still just in the "ok to good" range, even if they're not shovelware anymore.

  3. quick question: other than the 3 new locations in WRC9, are there any old locations that got new stages this year (like Monte Carlo, Wales and Germany got new stages in WRC8)?

    also, were any locations from WRC8 taken out and replaced by Japan/NZ/Kenya?

  4. On 9/11/2020 at 1:42 PM, Martín Cleppe said:

    Hi @PJTierney, I have been watching videos of "D5 playgrounds" and it looks great, I would like this feature of track creation to be applied to the next dirt rally game. As we have seen, "D4 yourstage" did not work as it should, but if you a tool like the one "D5 playgrounds", applied to natural settings, with different species and sizes of trees, shrubs, mounds of earth, stones, different surfaces, sections, which can be manipulated for example to the length and width of a straight section, or curve, and you can add one by one the vegetation as well as all kinds of things can be added in "D5 playgrounds", it could truly bring infinite life to a rally game with good physics and cars. Is possible that this message are send to the developers?

    at the very least it would be a really good tool to create our own SSS-style stages (and RX tracks, though I don't know if the AI would be able to handle them)

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  5. 1 hour ago, James McAdam said:

    I am pretty sure that Abbring will put the clio to another level.

    we'll see. Baciuska was not great in it last weekend, and he had a solid end of the season last year in the Megane. though again, he wasn't great in the Skoda at the beginning of the season, the same car in which Abbring had some success with...

  6. to a certain extent it already happened in the transition between DR1 and 2.

    DR2 is a flashier game with some things that hardcore fans dislike in order to appeal to a (slightly) broader audience. and the driving physics are improved.

    PC3 is somewhat similar: some of the sidebar stuff that sim fans think is important has been stripped out in favour of something that targets slightly more casual players, but the underlying driving model and physics are exactly the same from what I've seen (which is a pro driver in @2Technical not finding any differences whatsoever).

    please don't @ me with things like "but you didn't mention this and this and this". yeah, I know. it's an analogy. I'm looking only at the overall presentation of the game and the physics model. chill haha

  7. I mean, Baciuska was really good towards the end of last year in the 3rd Megane, so we know he's got it in him to be competitive, but ... wow...

    also, does anyone know where the GCK cars were which were supposed to compete at the Euro level? weren't there supposed to be two more Clios?

  8. 3 hours ago, RGgiac said:

    @JZStudios I'm not a "graphics expert", so I don't know how to point out exactly what's wrong, but when I look at DR2.0 graphics I see a game more "cartoony" than others.

    Let's forget RBR and try to compare DR2.0 with newer games.

    By the way, do you know what looks realistic? Finland promocional screenshots:


    But when they released the DLC...


    uh, read the topic title. they're not comparing DR2 to Driveclub. they're comparing to RBR. also does it look a little less photoreal than other sim games? yes, probably. do I care? hell no. the aesthetic works (except for Finland).

    on that note, your second screenshot is not really a fair comparison to the promo shot - it's obviously a screen grab from youtube where the image is compressed to ****. like, yeah Finland looks pretty bad - even considering that the shot below is probably not at full graphics, but it looks better than your garbage screengrab.

    (I almost always play it at Sunset/Dusk/Night if I can, because it's not foggy).

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports - Page 6 - DiRT Rally ... Finland Rally – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0 | Codemasters Blog

  9. yeah TImo is one of my favourite drivers but it was clear that he pretty singlehandedly hampered Gronholm's results yesterday. but I mean... he was in front, and drove defensively very well, so fair play. Marklund was also quite good I must say.

    it was interesting, actually. very few drivers performed as I expected them to: pretty much just... Munnich: he should be in Euros. Scheider: not spectacular but never bad. he wasn't fast but he's 5th overall after 2 events so *shrugs* Doran: always seems to have mechanical issues, Bakkerud: bad one day, good the next so it averages out I guess. Paasonen: same as Munnich. 

    everyone else was either noticeably better or worse than I thought they'd be:

    Kristofferson & Ekstrom: wow. Larsson, Szabo & Marklund: very good. 

    Timur & Gronholm: poor, but at least Gronholm scored a decent amount of points. Hansens: mostly disappointing, though Kevin was good enough the 2nd day. Eriksson: not great, probably because he's using the Honda. Rokas & Guerlain: expected the Clio to have made more progress (also, how did GCK go from having the best liveries in 2018 and 2019 to the worst in the entire paddock?)

    agreed that Projekt E will be better once more cars show up. and once the drivers get used to the torque haha

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  10. 3 hours ago, Janneman60 said:

    It is like a song contest without audio 😜

    except last time I checked drivers didn't win things based on how the car sounds or how loud it is :classic_wink:

    On 8/6/2020 at 10:22 AM, tbtstt said:

    no Ekstom or Szabo is a shame. they were both better than expected this weekend. 19 cars is a good number. qualifiers with 5 cars are much more interesting than with 4 or less

  11. On 8/21/2020 at 2:13 PM, SKYNET925 said:


    I thought about it, it is how a rally-thing works in real life.

    But it's kind of a strange thing in a game mechanic, because AI not actually drive, their time simulated. And this method never used in any other rally games, player just see the leader time and should beat it. That's why i thought it's a bug.

    I don't know the requirements for the game as a program product, but as player i'm a little bit disappointed of this decision.

    If it's an official position of Codemasters as i see from the react of PJTierney on your message well, okay.

    Anyway, thank you for your answer!

    this game is more about improving your driving and doing as well as you can than about finishing first in every race like most games. that's why there's no reward for winning career mode championships or moving up the difficulty ladder other than more cash to spend on your team. it's a better imitation of real life rallying and I think it works as a game mechanic in Dirt Rally 2 because this game is (mostly) trying to be a sim.

    also, rallying in Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 was like this too, even though those are definitely leaning more towards the arcade side.

  12. 2 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    I'm guessing they're not available there because Historics doesn't have DLC Class Championships.


    Can you select the SUBARU Legacy RS when you do Group A? That's the only DLC car in a non-DLC Class.

    no, you can't use the Legacy. the M2 is the only car to be added to historic championships post-launch, and the 911 RGT is the only DLC-ish car in there, and it was in the game at launch. it's a shame, I would have liked a little more singleplayer-curated content.

    here's a weird one. in the Colin McRae mode (Monte Carlo 1998 to be specific), there is a weather condition that is unavailable in every other game mode in this location: Heavy Snow. normally, the time of day & weather options for Monte Carlo are:

    • Daytime/Clear
    • Sunset/Cloudy
    • Sunset/Light Snow
    • Dusk/Cloudy
    • Night/Clear
    • Night/Light Snow


    and in case you're wondering, yes it does look different. it's more noticeable when you're driving, but you can tell in the screenshots too. left is heavy snow/sunset, right is light snow/sunset


  13. Issue: Wrong names in 2019 RX Supercars. Heikkinen, Nitiss, Gronholm (not shown in screenshot) & Timurzyanov are back on the list of drivers when you enter the 2019 World RX Championship. this occurred first when the patch for the Colin McRae DLC came out and was then fixed. well, it's back too.

    this one hurts because it seems like we're not getting their car in DR2 now, and to see their names there without the vehicle is a painful reminder haha

    Method of Reproduction: Freeplay > World RX Championship > pick a 2019 car


    Platform: PS4 & PC. presumably xbox too.

    PC Build: 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, GTX 1650 4GB, 1TB m.2 NVMe PCIe SSD

    VR Headset used: no

    Wheel/Pedals used: no

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  14. Issue: Missing (English language) call on Verbundsring and Hammerstein

    Method of Reproduction: every time I drive it. this is the same call that was missing upon release of the Germany location and then fixed a month or two later. it's a "turn unseen 1 left" after a "6 right 130, crest" up a hill. this was taken today on PS4 (1.25, on PC that is 1.15) but I tried on PC today too with the previous version (1.14) and had the same issue

    Platform: PS4 & PC

    PC Build: 

    2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, GTX 1650 4GB, 1TB m.2 NVMe PCIe SSD

    VR Headset used: no

    Wheel/Pedals used: no

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  15. Issue: wrong substance sticks to the car on the Hamra/Lysvik route in Sweden.

    Method of Reproduction: drive any stage on the Hamra/Lysvik Route in Sweden. car will turn brown instead of white. the other route (Ransbysäter/Norraskoga) is unaffected.

    Escort is on Ransbysäter/Norraskoga, 205 is Hamra/Lysvik.


    Platform: all (I have tested PS4 & PC, but I am sure it is Xbox too)

    PC Build: yes

    VR Headset used: no

    Wheel/Pedals used: no

  16. On 5/12/2020 at 5:05 PM, JZStudios said:

    Critic reviews time and time again have been shown to be incredibly biased and far more favorable than actuality.

    sure they are. but they're far less biased than those of users. that is the issue.


    So to sum up, game reviewers are unreliable, and gave it a middling score anyways. The community collectively rated it lower. This is why averages exist and are important. I would give the game a very low score. I played it for 8 hours and was thoroughly unimpressed, but I guess my opinion doesn't count because it's negative.

    No, you should exactly not do that, that's not how averages work. And if you remove all the 0s and 10s, the average will be around the same, so it wouldn't make any difference. Aside from the fact that it's a community opinion. If the game wasn't enjoyed by someone, and they feel it deserves a zero for their lack of enjoyment, that needs to be factored in to the average, otherwise you're falsifying statistics. What you're looking for is a median, not an average.

    you're twisting the truth (again). an average of 83 or whatever isn't a middling score.

    this whole thing is why i gave the example of historic life expectancy. averages are often not representative even when they appear so. so yeah taking the median might be better.

    eliminating the best and worst scores is regularly done when judging things. and the average would certainly be higher.


    Ignoring my own bias is a borderline idiotic thing to say when the other platforms are significantly lower.

    um, giving a pretty competent game a 0 because you didn't like it rather than because it is actually poorly designed etc is a perfect example of bias. funny how you're ok with that, but not ok with reviewers giving 8s.


    No one is running DR stages blind, and many would argue that seeing the same corners again and again in a single track is far more repetitive and you can still recognize the upcoming corners and take them the same way every time. Either way it's not really new or interesting.

    Okay... but that by definition doesn't make it a "serious" rally game.

    sorry, I meant blind as in drive as fast as possible without having seen it yet. not literally blind. being able to repeat a stage over and over defeats the point of rallying as a discipline. the relative repetitiveness is debatable. DR2 is pretty repetitive after 100 or so hours and I've now played through the Dirt 4 career 2.5x (about the same amount of time) and it is too, but it's got far fewer locations.

    eh, my point with the "serious" thing was that all the little things add up.


    "Hunting" has little to do with physics, whereas vehicle and flight dynamics do. This is a terrible point. "Sim" games like racing and flying are only considered simulations because they simulate physics. Horizon Zero Dawn is not a racing game, though you can ride a mechanical bull.

    what are you talking about? on the contrary, hunting has everything to do with physics. the speed and distance travelled of projectiles are simulations. the way creatures move are simulations. trees swaying in the wind are simulations. this is hilarious.

    regardless, the point is that the way you are using the word "simulation" is not how it's used when talking about types of games.


    Oranges are well, orange, and rather tangy. There's a good probability that there wasn't actually a term for the color orange until the fruit gained popularity. They contain a lot of juice and have multiple segments inside, typically 10. The annoying thing about oranges is that there's pips in the middle that are hard to avoid and the outer white can be tough and bitter.

    Apples on the other hand, come in a variety of shapes and colors from dark greens to bright reds and have an equally varied flavor profile. Some are bitter or sour, while others are sweet and crisp. The skin can be a bit hard to bite through, but a solid crunch afterwards is nice. It also helps ease problems with dry mouth and can help lessen the effects of bad breath. The seeds are far more easily avoidable and thus pose no issue to the consumption of the fruit.

    I see what you're doing here, but I'm gonna have to well actually that.

    you only think of there being one type of orange because you're not from a place that produces them. if you were from the tropics, you'd think of there being many varieties of orange, and all apples being the same. same goes for (to take another tropical example) bananas