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    The DiRT Roadbook

    just a typo.
  2. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    I've been asking since the game came out. I've seen no response whatsoever 😞
  3. ianism

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    eh, I wouldn't pay too much attention to what Timmy said after Q4 about the Audis trying to use Larsson to take him out. he was clearly still very angry about what had happened to him in Q1 and Q2 on the previous day. it was a stupid thing to say, and it was obviously wrong. I hope he will (and I think he might) apologise for that statement and admit he was wrong. that mechanic though.... so unprofessional. I don't know, I watched that Bakkerud video and it was nice to get a little more insight into what was going on, but I didn't find it that informative or interesting, to be honest. I've liked Bakkerud since I started watching this series in 2017, but this just feels kind of shallow 😕 just my take on things *shrugs*
  4. ianism

    Distribution chart on results page?

    you realise you can scroll up and down that list, right? you can see a lot more than 12 driver names at once. your idea is great though. having one of these at each post-race screen in the community challenges would be excellent. gives a much better idea of how you're doing against everyone after each stage! that looks great! unless I'm mistaken, however, I think you've got the balance in times between the Tiers wrong. they're not divided 25/25/25/25. they're divided 10/25/40/25, with Tier 1 being the top 10%. so to get in the top two tiers you don't just have to be in the to half, you have to be in the top 35%, which is much harder. you'd also need some way to show the DNFs, as they get put into Tier 4... but obviously just making a bar to represent all 294 of them would not help as it would look super weird, dwarfing the other bars that have at most 45 times this carries over into the AI challenges too. you're still rewarded based on your Tier, but you're against the AI, so there's only 30 total drivers. this means that to be in Tier 1 you have to be on the podium!
  5. hopefully one day we'll get to use that livery on the 2001 Focus... i hope you mean 10/10 😉
  6. ianism

    How to play DR2.0 career with no bonuses?

    what caerphotos said. nothing is being forced on you. I could understand if these were permanent changes to your progression, but everything gifted to you that you are taking so much time to complain about takes literally a few minutes to undo. the fact that you think this is a problem is frankly astounding.
  7. ianism

    BMW M2 supposed to be in garage??

    yah, I've finished them all now. you get something for winning the R5 one, but that's it 😕
  8. ianism

    How to play DR2.0 career with no bonuses?

    are those post by "players who share your mindset" also complaining about the progression in DR2 for people who have the Deluxe access? because I do share it, but I don't agree that this is worth starting a thread to complain about jumping through hoops. just sell the stuff. it takes 2 minutes. the extra unlocked cars you got give you 0 credits when you sell them, so you can't even make extra free money this way. if you don't want to bother buying and selling cars, you could also spend the cash you have on upgrades. 1.4 million doesn't actually go that far in the game when you factor in durability upgrades and unlocking tuning for each vehicle as well as upgrades to the team. those get very expensive very quickly. to fully upgrade 1 engineer it's around 600k, and the final engineer costs 1.2 million or something just to hire. my point is that as a late purchaser you're getting a ton of extra free content at once, so the amount of free stuff is more noticeable. most of us who had the same DLC package started with way less simply because it hadn't all come out yet. I've been around long enough to remember standalone games and no microtransactions (in fact, I kind of missed the transition period). but this isn't a cheat code. like, it's really not a big deal. the team and car upgrades take a lot of money, and so when you're at the beginning the amount of cash you get is ok. but once you've upgraded most of the cars and done the team ones, you quickly start to run out of things to spend money on, which kind of sucks. and yeah, once you get past the Clubman level in the career it's much harder to win races. but yes it takes a while to get there. if you're winning everything and you want to save time, you can skip events by starting them and then retiring. you'll get 0 points, but you only need to finish in the top 3 of the championship to advance to the next level.
  9. ianism

    How to play DR2.0 career with no bonuses?

    your assumption that "lots of players are not interested in extra money or shortcuts" is just that, an assumption. when the game came out, those of us with the deluxe edition started with like 1 000 000 credits and 7 cars: the 2 starter cars plus the 5 early unlocks. buying the game late, you have ended up with all those plus all the DLC cars, which were put in our garages for free, but only 2 cars every 4 weeks. it made more sense that way (though I agree, I would have liked to pay for them in the Buy Cars section, I have a ridiculous amount of cash now and nothing to spend it on). honestly, the selling and buying cars thing to lose your money is really not hard. sure, it's not ideal, but it gets you where you want to be. he's talking about the Career mode section in My Team. Championships have a maximum of 6 locations (4 is incorrect) in them because if people haven't bought the DLC they would be stuck doing each location twice, which isn't ideal. I would advise you to not pay too much attention to this poster however. much of what they say is very whiny.
  10. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    if I remember correctly I remember being told probably 1.9. if not I guess 1.10. so like early October.
  11. It'd be nice to have a few of these pre-set championships with pre-assigned car classes and stuff, as well as have more opportunities to do the excellent DLC locations. obviously if you're going to include content from both halves of of the DLC calendar (ie seasons 1/2 and 3/4) people are going to need to own all of the content required. like, you could have two <2000cc championships, one for the 2001-2005 cars and another for the 2007-2010 ones. I can see Sweden, Monte Carlo, Finland, Wales and Greece being a nice 5-location one for these cars. another for the F2 kit cars with both tarmac locations, plus like Greece, Poland and Australia or something you get the idea. I can't imagine it'd be that hard to set up, but then I'm not the one working on this game so I don't know lol anyways, what do you think?
  12. ianism

    Dirt Rally 2 Co Driver comments at end of stages

    for me they're fine, but they would heavily benefit from what you said. I played a lot of Dirt 4 (less of DR1) and they were generally a bit more detailed - even though it was all procedurally generated!
  13. ianism

    BMW M2 supposed to be in garage??

    also, I don't think many people do Historic Championships, but you can use it in the Present Day RGT championship against the Mustang and Camaro. I did it last week and it was pretty fun even though I am absolutely terrible with RWD cars. (the 911 and Aston have their own championship to themselves in the Modern section.)
  14. ianism

    BMW M2 supposed to be in garage??

    M2 is there, in case you haven't checked yet:
  15. so, many people aren't happy with the amount of times night pops up in weekly/monthly challenges as well as the career. for them it's too much. this is an issue because there simply aren't enough times of day in the game. 4 just doesn't cut it, and Wales has just 3(!!!) I have a few suggestions, so here's a numbered list. 1) so the easiest way to get more is to do what was done in the historic championships with Dawn and Sunrise (these times of day exist there). Dawn and Sunrise are simply Dusk and Sunset, renamed. sure, the sun wouldn't have changed position or anything, but whatever. so you could "add" these for each location. 2) split "daytime" into morning and afternoon. this is similar to 1) but instead of copy/pasting the lighting/weather options from one to the other, you could just take half the current daytime weather conditions for each location and call them "morning" and call the other half "afternoon". ideally you want one dry and one wet for each new time of day, but I know that's not necessarily possible with the DLC DR1 locations. 3) combine elements of preexisting conditions for each location to create new ones. I honestly don't know how feasible this one is. I'll explain. in Greece, if you want to drive it in the wet, it has to be at sunset. but I'm guessing it's not massively hard (could be wrong of course) to take that wet road and combine it with the preexisting daytime overcast sky, so you get a wet road, but no rain. this already exists in other locations such as Spain. 4) again, I don't know if this is possible, but... copying skies from one location to another could be handy too, and give more weather condition options and times of day... dusk in New England is far darker than anywhere else, for instance. I personally don't really care about having each location retain its "unique flavour" when there's only like 4-7 total different lighting options for each. 5) less easy: just put time and money into making new ones. I'd totally pay for it. 6) please add Dusk to Wales? please?
  16. for everything. ok, not really needed in time trial, but everything else. My Team, Custom Championships, Clubs etc.
  17. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    um, do you know that the stages (even the short ones) in WRC8 are sections of real roads stuck together, while the stages in Dirt Rally 2 are replicas of real roads? Dirt 4 had procedural generation of stages. WRC 8 has fake stages. DR2 does not. and you think that having the WRC class (4 vehicles) is better than having ALL 40+ historic cars, plus RGT in DR2? because the other classes in WRC 8 (R5 and R2) are in Dirt as well...
  18. ianism

    Dirt Rally 2 Co Driver comments at end of stages

    ya just a bunch more would be great, especially ones related to big crashes, respawns and punctures this was better in D4 somehow.
  19. ianism

    DIRT RALLY 3.0 : locations you want back

    yeah, all of them. I'd also like to see more roads in each location. so I'd be fine with just a few (3-5) completely new locations (with 3-4 long stages each) if they added 1-2 new long stages for all the old ones.
  20. ianism


    with most locations in the game (including ALL the DLC ones!), it is possible to take the two long stages and put them together to make one massive one. the only exceptions are USA and Australia. their roads cross each other instead, so it would be hard/impossible, although you could make different stages combining different sections of the roads. hopefully we'll get this in dr3, with a few more stages per location, and a few more locations! 🙂
  21. ianism

    DiRT 2.0 disappointing loyaltys

    Christina didn't leave CM, she just changed jobs in the company. recruitment is not just about replacing people who leave. do not forget that they are growing as a company (they are putting out 3 games in 2019!) so that is probably why they have been hiring a lot.
  22. ianism

    DiRT RALLY 2.0 Difficulty Slider

    for reference, in DR2 career mode, Pro is pretty good for me, though I have not tried Elite yet. I played Dirt 4 on Challenging (or whatever was the level below Tough) and then moved up to Tough when I got better at it. in DR2 freeplay mode, I change the difficulty based on the car class. I play with a keyboard (yeah, sorry) so RWD classes are much, much harder for me, even with traction and stability control turned up to 4 or 5. R5 I play around 70-75 2000cc/Group A/NR4 is 65-70 Group B 4WD is 45-50 H1 is 70 H2 FWD AI times are bugged so I set it at 30 last time I tried it, which was before the last update where they adjusted the AI. R2 is 60 RGT and Group B RWD is 45 H2 and H3 RWD is 40-45 the AI is worse in RX, but I don't use anything other than Supercars or Group B. in freeplay my level is 75-85 depending on the track (some tracks like Mettet they can go almost impossibly fast and others like Estering they are very slow in sections) I'm currently at Master's in it (haven't started that championship yet), and Elite was about my level. the problem is that in the heats, the AI cars that aren't in your race set very good times and the AI you race in your heats aren't anywhere near as good, so many people lose a lot of points in qualifying but then make some of it back up in the semis and final, because your time doesn't matter, just your place.
  23. lol, non... tu n'as pas compris. il demande littéralement que les voitures peuvent faire rebondir des ballons sur leurs toits. c'était une blague.
  24. ianism

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    just noticed that the 3 season 2 trophies (ie the NItiss, Eriksson and Mr. Rallycross ones) unlock if you just complete a daily event in them, which is a time trial. the conditions state that you have to win races to unlock them, but doing it this way means you don't have to race against anyone, which isn't quite the same.