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    DiRTy Gossip

    I'd also like a championship that does all of them, personally. and if you do that, what do you do with Lydden? just let it sit alone in the corner? I'm not disagreeing with you. i just want additional stuff too 😛 and yeah, we really need Spa now.
  2. ianism

    Toyota Celica GT-Four

    ya thanks got confused between bigben & milestone
  3. ianism

    Toyota Celica GT-Four

    um, Toyota is in the WRC games because they run a WRC team. Milestone is the publisher for the WRC games, and also developed Gravel itself, which also has the Celica. CM makes the competitor to the WRC series and Gravel, so there's your answer. Toyota is also not in Forza or NFS, but that could be more of a "street racing is illegal" thing. so that's why we think Toyota isn't in Dirt. same for Hyundai.
  4. for the love of god someone give Heikkinen and Nitiss full-time seats... hoping for OMSE to come back with that Fiesta (which looks very fast, btw) that won in Holjes, along with the Eriksson brothers.
  5. no surprise there. you're not going to be able to keep a series going with only like 7 entrants and few spectators.
  6. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    do you guys know what the different Fiestas are? after a bit of googling I think I've got it... the RXS Evo 5 is the Mk8 that Baumanis used all year and Try/Paasonen/Kalliokoski got from round 4. All for Stard. the Stard one therefore is the Mk7 that Paasonen and Try used the first three rounds? that leaves the Rallycross Mk8, which is presumably what OMSE ran for the Eriksson brothers in Holjes? imo if this is the case, it's a little much... 3/9 being the same vehicle? I don't feel like we really need the Mk7... I was also going to ask if we were going to get the Heikkinen and Nitiss liveries for the i20. and then i remembered :'( hopefully the Backiuska livery for the Megane? (I realise the car was slightly different from Marklund/Chicherit's 2019 vehicles) hopefully we'll get the Skoda at some point. Abbring showed it was quick. they want to have all the 2019 versions of the 2018 cars so they can go against the RX cars that were new for 2019. also, money. not sure how I feel about this. I'd like to be able to race them separately. but I'd also like to be able to race them together if I want...
  7. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    mmmm would be cool but I don't think that was the intention hahaha
  8. ianism

    Dirt Desert Racing/Baja style game?

    wow, necro post much? I mean, there was a Dakar game last year. it's not very exciting unless you're very into navigation, but it's still interesting if that's your thing.
  9. as tbtstt pointed out, those are still fairly big gaps. if you compare the best laps of every WRX driver from 2019 to the fastest lap of the fastest driver, I'll bet Bennett is still in the bottom 25% of the field. more importantly though... where are these numbers from? because you just showed the problem with them yourself: you took Bennett's BEST times, and compared them to whoever was fastest that round. the fastest driver might not have driven their best possible times, even if they were first. also, you're ignoring all the times he made a mistake and lost a lot of time or DNF'd himself, which was a lot (I am not talking about mechanical issues here, I'm talking about going off track because of driver error). therefore, if you want to do it fair, you've got to (for example) take the time gaps between him and the 3rd-best driver (nobody needs to win every qualifying round) for every qualifying round of the season that Bennett finished. then you get the median (or average) difference between him and the 3rd best time in each location. that'll show the difference better, even if it does not take into account his self-inflicted DNFs
  10. pretty sure I understood what he was talking about. I'm just not good at explaining tuning lol
  11. I'll be honest (and I'm sorry if he ever reads this) but Bennett and his car did absolutely nothing this year to interest me in what happens with them next year.
  12. ianism

    RAIN in UK

    personally, I'd like more rain in Australia. you guys went to the effort of making all the skies and special effects and whatever. for them to almost never be used feels like a waste. Same for Greece - you can only get it at sunset! what's up with that? I'd say the same for Spain, but honestly I play it the least because all the other locations are better to drive and I always seem to get many stages from the 14km route, which is my least favourite set of stages in the game.
  13. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    close RX locations? Spa, but if they went there it would have been for the World RX event there back in April/May (I can't remember). other rally locations? could be anywhere. I wouldn't even mind if they just ported over Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 locations: Morocco, China, Croatia, Malaysia, Utah (yeah, it was Trailblazer-only but it was awesome), Michigan, Norway, Kenya etc. it's not going to happen though.
  14. yeah, it needs to be stabilized across locations first. some classes are also harder than others, but I don't think that's as big a deal because it'll depend on what peripherals you're playing on. like, people with a wheel will almost always be better than equally-good players on controller/KB with RWD cars. improvements have been made since release, but we're not there yet.
  15. on the Damping tab? those are for absorbing bumps in the road, so like Argentina is the worst (or best if that's your kind of thing) for this. but you also want to do things here for Poland because you're going fast as hell but it's also bumpy. I'm not going to explain in more detail because tuning cars is not my expertise (neither is driving... I would make a great spectator maybe?) the Springs tab is more what you want for Finland - ie the big jumps (but it's not just for big jumps of course). that is where you can raise the ride height and make the springs firmer so it lands the jumps better. also (I think) not all the cars have all the same options because a lot of these things are not modifiable on older pre-2000s cars. so for example here's what the Damping tab looks like on the 95 Impreza vs the 08 Impreza
  16. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    yeah, this happens all over the place in the game... 😕 the changeover time is 06.00 (or maybe 05.00 after the clocks changed?) here. I'm fine with that. 11/12h for everyone in western Europe seems fine. it's Asia that'll have it change in the evening. it doesn't really matter though. you get 24h no matter what, so fit it into your schedule. if you're busy, then you're busy. it's not like the Dailies actually matter.
  17. @gleylancer571 nope there are 2-3 rally cars we are ~90% sure have been recorded for a Codemasters game (Group A Impreza 1997 and Legacy '92 and Nissan Sunny F2). there is one track (Spa) from the 2019 World RX Season that is not in the game and not in Season 4. there are 2 slots for more locations in the Steam database (see screenshot below) that could be used, but we do not know if they will be used. when Season 3-4 came out, the pass for all DLC was called the Year 1 Pass, so players started thinking it could indicate Year 2+ of DLC, but who knows? update 1.13 should come in late January/early February. also, codemasters people have hinted that there could be free stuff (like the US Test location and the BMW M2) coming at the end of Season 4, which could explain some or all these things instead of Season 5-6.
  18. agreed. but we don't even know if it is coming at all. also we won't find out until late January/mid-February....
  19. yeah, Xbox users get consistently screwed. it seems like it's a problem on the end of people who run the xbox store, but it's unacceptable. it's never more than 2-3 days though. costs for DLC things have always been the same. 4.65 for locations, 2.29 for cars ($CDN, Steam). if you don't like it, don't buy it or wait for sale. game engine isn't going to be overhauled until they move to the next gen consoles.
  20. yes I totally agree with you on all of this. it's confusing if you're not used to it because there are not enough explanations. this is true from what all the different options do, to how tire wear works, to, like anything about how the career works. you just kind of have to figure it out as you go, which is weird because Dirt 4 explained everything clearly and in detail**. so yeah, "single player" mode is all of those things. it's split into Historic/World RX Championships/Time Trial in Freeplay and Career Mode(s) in My Team. I'd argue that the AI Challenges in My Team are also single player. back in Freeplay, Custom Championships are singleplayer if you play offline, but of course if you play online they're multiplayer (but with AI if you want). in addition, any RX Weekly Community Challenge will be single player, because you're racing against AI and you are rewarded on your final position against them (like in AI Challenges or in Career mode). the point is that the line between singleplayer and multiplayer are a bit blurred in this game, partly because in the end Rally is you against the clock, which time trial I don't know. I don't do it much. ** see how there's a button at the bottom of the menu that is F2 What's This? when you click it, it brings up the menu in the second screenshot, which explains everything clearly. it was in every single menu in the game and I have no idea why they didn't put it in DR2, and still haven't added it after 9 updates over 9 months.
  21. sorry, but T Hansen hasn't been anywhere near as pushy as Bakkerud in the past, but they're both far better than Ekstrom or Block were. I'd go as far to say Hansen has been the victim of more bad luck thanks to being pushed around and mechanical issues at bad times than anyone in World RX other than Liam Doran. I'm also disappointed Bakkerud didn't win, especially since (aside from the contact) he would have if only Timo hadn't retired. I do think Hansen has been the more consistent driver all year, but the final standings really do reflect how close it was. as for whether there should have been a penalty or not... I don't know. I think the goal should be to penalize the intent, not the result. in hockey (sorry haha) if you make an illegal hit, you'll get penalized (in theory of course). but the penalty will be worse if the player you hit. I'm not sure that's a good measure though. it should be the intent in my opinion (though I don't think I am qualified to say whether Hansen deserved to be penalized for that).
  22. lol what are you talking about? the menus and UI are amazing (though they could definitely give more info about how things work). my partner teaches graphic design to Master's students and she flipped out when she saw the menus and loading screens because she was so impressed.
  23. yeah, obviously. that was always why the career was online. and of course if racenet is down you can't do career. you need to be connected to it in order to access anything in my team
  24. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip

    yeah, but that's because you only see the fastest time each top player can do, so it'll be with the fastest car in the class. they can generally do times that are within a couple of seconds of their best time with slower vehicles in the class. for example, GTR Technical's best time in El Rodeo in NR4 is 2:16.820, which is 3rd overall, with the Evo X (obviously). his best time on the same route with the STi? 2:18.740, which would be 9th. you can go through his setup videos of slower cars in each class in every location, and he shows you the difference between his best time in that car and his best time in the class, and then shows you his spot on the leaderboard (almost always top 3). his best time with a slower car is always very, very close behind - both in time and in leaderboard positions. https://youtu.be/Y-pakskxJPw?list=PL-EX1LfuVs-J8z1ksVE6ofR1_kDIQCJaK&t=96 Dirt 4 had em too. yep, same, except I was in online multiplayer the day it came out. ultra fun. I did quite well in that Promo Daily. nearly got Tier 1 with a keyboard! 😮
  25. for the little puddles (not water splashes) it's because they are procedurally generated (this is also why they don't respond to the car driving through them, why they don't affect grip when you hit them, and why they make no sound as you drive through). it's like that in every location in the game that has running water. first photo shows big puddle on an uphill. second shows where there should essentially be a small watersplash because it's the lowest point in the area (ie in all directions, not just along the road), but there's nothing.