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  1. What platform you're playing on. - Steam, PC What your PC setup/build is like (if playing on Steam). - Dell XPS 15 9570. intel i7, 16GB RAM, Geforce GTX 1050Ti 4GB Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user. - Deluxe Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc. - Nope the current monthly bonus community championship is bugged. it is Group B RWD. I retired the first event (New England) without driving it, so the game was ready to send me to Germany. then I quit DR2 when I came back, selecting the championship sent me to the car selection screen again, but with the 2000cc class! I selected the C4, and it loaded up New England again! I quit back to the menu again, and then the game crashed. I restarted the game and then recorded the problem again:
  2. it's the game's first official livery for that car
  3. Christina hinted heavily that kit cars would be coming, so I'm pretty damn confident we'll get at least 2: that 306, and the Almera, as in March someone made a FB post saying their Nissan F2 was going to be in game 🙂 Finland and Greece as well. why would you not remaster them if they're available and people are willing to pay you money for them?
  4. woah I never noticed that black and yellow Bedoret Fabia R5! thanks for including rim and plate choices! I know some people prefer the real ones but I like the DR2 ones
  5. ianism

    Wales Setup?

    I never said tarmac was good in the game. i have talked about how the tarmac is bad in other threads. my point is that most of your criticisms of the game are trash. et ouais j'suis de québec, donc mon français est pas mal bon even if my first language is English
  6. ianism

    Wales Setup?

    I thought you were bored with the game and weren't playing anymore because sliding the car was too hard for you? you made a whole thread about it lol it was full of videos of rally cars that had been modified to drift on tarmac https://giphy.com/gifs/gordonramsay-fox-annoyed-9VrsRNeA0SHcEeos1h
  7. let's be honest: that's kind of a dumb award though... on tracks where the joker is on the first corner it usually goes to whoever goes joker first, because they're not braking for the first corner!
  8. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    people use S1s in rallies? cool. I did not know that.
  9. absolutely. this is great. and (theoretically) so simple.
  10. ianism

    more save slots for setups?

    hmm. how many are there per car? I'd like one for each location too!
  11. I'm going to say this right off the bat: yeah, this is probably a longshot for a couple reasons. so cons first: first, a lot of people hated it in D4. second, it would be difficult to implement, what with currently twice the number of rally locations as D4, and with Finland and Greece probably on the way. pros: first, if it's done well it would extend the lifetime of the game massively, I think. the main failing in D4 was simply not enough variety in the turns, and apparently that was a limitation of the media, since the game had to fit on a disc. if it comes as post-release content however, that's no longer an issue, aside from it taking up an absolute ton of room. second, in one of the dev diaries prior to release of the game, one person mentioned that the game would have both the procedural generation engine and hand-made stages, so at the very least it was being looked at/worked on.
  12. ianism

    Procedural Stage Generation

    people compete to have the best time over a point-to-point course that they have to learn as they go. of course it's not trackmania. but it's not that different 😉 just because there wasn't enough variety in the industry's first attempt at a procedural generation system does not make it a bad idea. rally is about not knowing the upcoming turns, so you have to just react. procedural generation (done better, of course) is the way to get there. please note I am proposing it as an addition to what's already in the game, not a replacement.
  13. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    the back reminds me too much of like an Audi A3 sedan (or coupe? I don't actually remember the number of doors) because of the overall shape and especially the lights. but otherwise I'm super into it.
  14. ianism

    Why is my VIP Code on Dirt 3 not working?

    that sucks. try uninstalling and reinstalling it. logging in and out of your profile maybe? I don't know. I have two PS3s, but since I never had a working online pass I can't test out whether the online access transfers to a different console. it's a pretty old game though - does anyone even play online in Dirt 3 anymore? CM doesn't really support those super old games and very few developers do. (there was a little maintenance patch on Steam for Dirt 4 and maybe other older CM games last week). CM people don't really come on the forum too much, because they have like actual jobs and their own lives and stuff, and coming here is not part of their job. if the online pass still isn't activating and you're desperate to play online and your computer is less than like 10 years old, get the PC version of Dirt 3. online access is free, it's easy to use a PS3 controller on PC, and it was on sale and/or free a lot, so you can find copies for ultra cheap. for example at g2a, which I've bought keys for games from several times: it's 0.30 EUR here! https://www.g2a.com/dirt-3-complete-edition-steam-global-i10000011431010
  15. ugh so many great Fabia R5 liveries
  16. ianism

    Why is my VIP Code on Dirt 3 not working?

    hmm, is it with the same user, logged in to PSN? if it isn't, that'll be why for sure. if it is the same user, the servers maybe seem to have forgotten that your user had the pass already and are making you enter a code again, but the one you've got has already been used of course, and that's why it's not working. 😕 I bought Dirt 3 complete edition for PS3 second hand a year or so ago, not knowing that there was going to be a code I'd have to enter to get a couple of the cars and access to online (of course the one in the box had been entered already). and you can't buy the VIP pass the PS store anymore (or any Dirt content older than DR1 for that matter) so I'm stuck too. brilliant game though. split screen is great to have.
  17. why would you pay for it twice instead of waiting for the problem to be fixed like every other time?!
  18. ianism

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    ya I saw. looks neat!
  19. like, in multiplayer you mean? if yes, I'd like simultaneous starts on every stage, but everyone is ghosted, like in trackmania. that was quite fun in D3. never played online in D4...
  20. ianism

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    ya, this looks like fun. we'll see about the handling. I sure as hell won't be buying it full price though. I'm looking around for a cheap copy of WRC 7 now (for PS4), mostly because it's got splitscreen. I don't care if it looks like sheep butt - I just like that kind of stuff.
  21. ianism

    I'm bored on dirt rally 2.0

    those are professional racing drivers! this is a sim(ish) game! you have to practice.
  22. ianism

    How can I drive the group B cars in Rallycross

    there are no achievements for My Team career progress. there are a bunch for doing things in the historic championships and FIA world rx championship in freeplay, however.
  23. ianism

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    I've just done one run on each long stage and it's great. however, I honestly kind of preferred Wales in D4. there were more elevation changes, and if you turned up the complexity in the procedural generator you could get virtually nothing but twisty stuff in the trees for like 12km, which for me is the best part also the weather and lighting/times of day was waaaaaaaaay more varied. maybe one day? edit: pictures.
  24. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    1000x yes. maybe one day, once Grid is done or something. I would totally pay extra for that kind of stuff. It should have been in the base game, but still. I want it that badly.