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  1. ianism

    Repairing the car week event

    ^^^ that isn't what we're talking about. we are talking about repairing the car between events
  2. ianism

    Career mode AI on elite level

    yes it's a bit weird sometimes. they also spin you out very, very easily... apparently that is being worked on because it's incredibly frustrating.
  3. ianism

    Enough with the boring Monthly Challenges

    that's on purpose though, so that players who don't own those rallies can still play online with everyone without any problems and so that they can try the DLC ones - like Promo community events. it's so they can see how good the DLC locations are and this will probably make them want to buy them. I would work on me, that's for sure haha
  4. ianism

    DLC locations not featured

  5. ianism

    Enough with the boring Monthly Challenges

    it's because the DLC locations are not available for players who have not bought them. some people (including me) have asked for them to be included in the D+ events though. you can go to the event and quit to the main menu if you want to switch cars. it's a bigger problem for Monthly events I think, because you can't see what other locations there are (or the stages each has) until after you have finished every stage at the first location.
  6. ianism

    Repairing the car week event

    nah, doubt it's a bug. I think the way it's meant to work is that if you don't retire before the end of the event (not the whole monthly challenge or championship, just the event) you get a cash bonus and unlimited repairs. if you don't, you don't. you get a small cash bonus right after finishing a daily event too, but the ones for weekly and each event in a monthly challenge are way bigger, and they don't count as part of the reward you get at the end of the day/week/month, it's just a reward for finishing.
  7. ianism

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    losing historic progress though... (I don't have the unexpected events either, btw) 😞
  8. available only to those who own the deluxe edition
  9. ianism


    you need to be top 3
  10. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    mmmh would rather have literally any other DR1 location first
  11. ianism

    Repairing the car week event

    hmmm well you can just retire and you'll get the minimum reward payout (it'll be close to the maximum for tier 4, so still several hundred thousand credits). ooor you can struggle on with a broken car. you'll get more credit rewards at the end (plus finishing each event gets you a bunch of credits depending how long it is) but you'll be paying more for repairs. H-series cars are cheap to repair, so I'd finish it if I was having fun driving. if not, you're not losing much money - if any - by quitting now.
  12. ianism

    Repairing the car week event

    do you mean monthly event? anyways, after finishing the first event, there's a screen where it shows you all the events and stages. one of the tabs there allows you to repair your car (with no time limit). then you get sent to the second event. maybe you skipped through that? oooh wait did you quit to the main menu in the middle of the stage after wrecking? then the game would have counted that as a retire, but then allowed you to continue to the next event ... but not giving you a chance to repair. apparently they changed this recently... before, if you retired at any time you got a DNF for every remaining stage
  13. ... oooor just allow custom championships in my team mode? could be combined rally/RX or not. could be with or without a difficulty slider. I don't care, I just want more stuff to do in my team because the historic championships don't really reward you with anything. using your own cars and team in historic and the world rallycross championship would be nice too.
  14. ha, asked this in the suggestion box a week or so ago
  15. ianism

    Spa Rx track please

    I agree. I think Lydden Hill is likely to come at some point. ARX stuff would be cool but highly unlikely imo, and I'd much rather have the i20... 2019 World RX stuff would be very nice, even if it's just the liveries (though I'd like the Skoda and new tracks too, of course). if any of that stuff is happening, they would have had to plan to include it well before release of DR2.0. it's possible it'll come but I'm not very hopeful.
  16. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    same, but for me it was Dirt 4
  17. ianism


    uh, just change screen resolution in graphics settings, no?
  18. yes there's a lot less, I think. only had it 3 out of 9 events in the last championship I did plus the upcoming one totally agree with you @RodgerDavies ... not really interested in the last two 2018 tracks. the 2019 ones would be better, but rally locations would be best.
  19. sales weren't great, but they've got a lot of player retention, which means that the number of people playing now isn't much lower than the week of release. also they have recently been collecting audio for cars not in the game yet, and there is one more (the 2001 Impreza) which has been confirmed to us by cm to be on the way. there's still the two remaining DR1 locations.
  20. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    technically, the people aren't in the game, it's their cars that are. don't know if that makes a difference. not sure about getting those tracks. Lydden Hill seems more likely. if they finish with Season 3, we'll probably just get 3 more locations and I'll eat my sock if two of them aren't Greece and Finland. are people angry/furious? I've only seen disappointment, to be honest. disappointment is ok imo. anger isn't, I agree with you on that 🙂
  21. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I wouldn't assume they'd put all the 2018 RX tracks in. I'd say Abu Dhabi and Spa are more likely than COTA, and I don't think they are likely.
  22. ianism

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    RX is the best it's been since Dirt 3. there's way more tracks and the phsyics are better now obviously. I'm not that into it either, but to not even try something and say you don't like it is a little silly.
  23. ianism

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    yeah, I can't even really get much out of RWD cars because I play on a keyboard so the only truly interesting thing here for me is Wales. brand new rally location was never going to come this season (if they're even making one). you would use that to sell season 3 to the deluxe edition owners.
  24. ianism

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    I mean, fair that you wanted more rally stuff (I am disappointed too), but you haven't even raced RX in the game and you don't like it? hahahahaha