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  1. Joe289

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    I don' t wanna make a new thread so I just put it here. Could there be small chance that Paul Rustchynsky/Slightly Mad Studios are doing a rally game? Could it be exclusive for the new console if that ever happens. https://twitter.com/rushy33
  2. Joe289

    DiRTy Gossip

    Dirt Rally 2.0 podcasts - interesting stuff! https://open.spotify.com/show/2LAWPJ7R4JsRtue2FkqKgr
  3. Joe289

    DiRTy Gossip

    I think highly popular Sébastien Loeb Rally has the best tarmac in a rally game (or maybe rbr modded but haven't tried for a while).
  4. Joe289

    DiRTy Gossip

    I don't like tarmac, feels like car slides too easily even on dry, though would be very surprised if they change it.
  5. Joe289

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Fantastic game

    They are saying that they currently working on game 'blurriness' so maybe it will be fixed next patch. Dirt rally sharpness would be good but higher resolution would be of course even better for 4k tvs.
  6. Joe289

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Fantastic game

    Night time I saw tearing couple of times, maybe that' s worse case. If there is no extras vs ps4 then it's not that good, atleast 1440p (in good contidions, no rain) should be possible.
  7. Joe289

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Fantastic game

    Yes, I believe his feedback helped greatly, just somebody forgot to raise hand when there was a question: could anybody want any other effects to the wheel.
  8. So we have a fantastic new rally game. This time Codemasters got right most important thing, driving. They hired Jon Armstrong and Ryan Champion (who might be a "silent" hero with the handling of the older cars) and it paid off. They delivered the authentic and more nuanced handling model they were talking about. Pretty soon after Dirt 4 released I stopped playing it, because I didn't like the driving (there were some good cars). It doesn't matter even if game would be otherwise perfect: stages, graphics, no bugs etc. Just not interested playing it. For Dirt Rally 2.0 the development time wasn't that much longer than between dirt rally and dirt 4. Lot of people thought dirt 4 was rushed. Codemasters is gonna release games at fast pace no matter what. There are some bugs in the game (dr2). Of course I would like that there would be zero bugs. As a console (peasant) player on ps4 pro and xbox one x most of my gaming has been bug free. I don't know is there more problems on pc. On ps4 pro graphics are ok and also you never know if they prefer let's say some higher refresh rate physics than improving graphics. FFB is big problem for a lot people, deal breaker for some (maybe not playing at all) and patch is taking surprisingly long time. I hope there is 2 ffb presets(original, new) or that you can just add the effects for what we have now (if you want). I'm puzzled by the big drama (although I took part in little drama myself) that's going on twitter and forums, maybe not so much here but in other forums, because this time vs dirt 4 ,handling is good/stages good, everything else can be fixed. They are now even doing patches and looking into ffb. Obviously there should be more communication. That's all. Those were some wierd random points. These are just my opinions. Let's enjoy this great game!
  9. Joe289

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    "We know we need to strike a fine balance between the large number of players who are happy with the FFB, and those of you who want an experience closer to the original DiRT Rally." -Christina 2 ffb presets, original and updated. Why would you try to repeat same mistake?
  10. Joe289

    DiRTy Gossip

    In my opinion FFB is now, as it is better than in Dirt Rally. Jumping from game to game for me it's much more important to feel weight of the cars (as in Dirt Rally 2.0) than the cars feeling pretty much weightless and feeling super high detail on the road. Dr2 driving feels really enjoyable. Still surprised there isn't optional/canned effects for those, who like to feel thru wheel, effects what you might feel in a car(tyre slip etc.). I guess it will be fixed and FFB will be even better covering all the bases. I always thought that with a wheel Sébastien Loeb Rally was underappreciated. Now the funny thing is that etc r5 fiesta feels very similar (ffb and driving)in dr2 and slr. Slr is closer to dr2 than dr is. Other one helped by Sébastien Loeb and other by Jon Armstrong (+other drivers). Just some thoughts.
  11. Joe289

    DiRTy Gossip

    Xbox update is also available!
  12. Joe289

    DiRTy Gossip

    Patch 1.05 for ps4 is available now! No patch notes just the usual text.
  13. Before this patch controller handling on ps4 and xbox one felt like best handling of rally game ever on controller! Now after patch controller handling feels different( grip change, some controller aid?) Cars now have less weight feeling and generally driving feels much easier. You can brake really easily and super fast. Group B cars specially feel like tamed down, brutality and danger is gone. Feels like you can just cruise around. I would greatly appreciate some feedback! Edit: This has been fixed and game feels great again!