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  1. I don' t wanna make a new thread so I just put it here. Could there be small chance that Paul Rustchynsky/Slightly Mad Studios are doing a rally game? Could it be exclusive for the new console if that ever happens. https://twitter.com/rushy33
  2. Dirt Rally 2.0 podcasts - interesting stuff! https://open.spotify.com/show/2LAWPJ7R4JsRtue2FkqKgr
  3. I think highly popular Sébastien Loeb Rally has the best tarmac in a rally game (or maybe rbr modded but haven't tried for a while).
  4. I don't like tarmac, feels like car slides too easily even on dry, though would be very surprised if they change it.
  5. In my opinion FFB is now, as it is better than in Dirt Rally. Jumping from game to game for me it's much more important to feel weight of the cars (as in Dirt Rally 2.0) than the cars feeling pretty much weightless and feeling super high detail on the road. Dr2 driving feels really enjoyable. Still surprised there isn't optional/canned effects for those, who like to feel thru wheel, effects what you might feel in a car(tyre slip etc.). I guess it will be fixed and FFB will be even better covering all the bases. I always thought that with a wheel Sébastien Loeb Rally was underappreci
  6. Xbox update is also available!
  7. Patch 1.05 for ps4 is available now! No patch notes just the usual text.
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