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  1. Hey guys! It’s been a wile! Really hope you are all ok and healthy.
  2. I don’t know why...but I’m pretty sure after a crash like that...oh never mind.
  3. Maybe he mean S6 (gc8)..? anyway I really miss Hyundai r5 in Dirt...it was a great car and the wrx version it’s beautiful.
  4. Thanks mate for your support on this problem/lack...you are doing a great job retrieving all those info from real drivers,hopefully CM can solve this problem in the near future
  5. Damn you are right...Azores is on March...maybe Dirt can become an official Europe Rally Championship game! 😮 Also there are so many amazing locations in the Erc calendar...
  6. 🤨 even my statement goes on that topic? Lol... 🤣
  7. I can already imagine some of us in the future “ehhhhhh...I miss those sick and loud cars...” and some random annoying kids : “ shut up old man...always talking about these slow and old cars lololol...” ”get out of my lawn you little punks!!! *doublebarrel shotgun fire sound*
  8. 1100 nm of torque in 1 millisecond...Damn
  9. If I’m not wrong the liveries on Xbox are automatically added to the cars? Go on “my games” > “manage game and add on”>“updates” and maybe the liveries are there (if you have the season pass of course)
  10. I guess Santa isn’t coming this year... ç-ç
  11. Someone have tested Lydden Hill A.I so far? Just curious... In the current week I’m unable to play
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