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  1. Hey guys! It’s been a wile! Really hope you are all ok and healthy.
  2. I don’t know why...but I’m pretty sure after a crash like that...oh never mind.
  3. Maybe he mean S6 (gc8)..? anyway I really miss Hyundai r5 in Dirt...it was a great car and the wrx version it’s beautiful.
  4. Damn you are right...Azores is on March...maybe Dirt can become an official Europe Rally Championship game! 😮 Also there are so many amazing locations in the Erc calendar...
  5. 🤨 even my statement goes on that topic? Lol... 🤣
  6. I can already imagine some of us in the future “ehhhhhh...I miss those sick and loud cars...” and some random annoying kids : “ shut up old man...always talking about these slow and old cars lololol...” ”get out of my lawn you little punks!!! *doublebarrel shotgun fire sound*
  7. 1100 nm of torque in 1 millisecond...Damn
  8. If I’m not wrong the liveries on Xbox are automatically added to the cars? Go on “my games” > “manage game and add on”>“updates” and maybe the liveries are there (if you have the season pass of course)
  9. I guess Santa isn’t coming this year... ç-ç
  10. Someone have tested Lydden Hill A.I so far? Just curious... In the current week I’m unable to play
  11. Unexpected moments on : Driver launch himself out of the car while on fire. That would be awesome! ( joking... -.-)
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