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  1. Installed the update on XBox One S. Completed today’s RX2 daily and came in around 700th. Leader board still a bit patchy but could actually get to the top. Was scrolling back down and the game just crashed to black screen. Restarted the game and went back to events to see a big DNF in red on daily I’d just finished. Not had a game crash on XBox before. Back into the garage to find the car is still locked into the race I supposedly did it finish.
  2. SnaggyBread

    Stuttering since Update 1.2

    I'm also having problems with stuttering and juddering for periods of 10 - 15 seconds or so which then resolve and come back after a while. This is on plain XBox One S. Not seen on the very few other games we have on it.
  3. SnaggyBread

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    XBox One S - Graphics Problems. This has been happening more recently now where when racing (rally) the game will run fine but will then all of a sudden appear lower resolution and will appear juddery or stuttering like it is running a very low frame rate. After 10 or so seconds it changes back to normal (smooth and sharp). It will do this multiple times in a stage. Seems to be the same after the recent patch as well. All graphics settings are untouched from when it was installed. I have tried to record footage but it didn't show the effect. 90% of the time it runs smoothly - do I need to adjust settings at all from the original. Thanks!