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  1. 2Technical

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    It's just further proof that there is no such thing as one setup to rule them all. For me in time trial with the soft tyres bolted on the rotation in the hairpins was bang on, However for another driver that likes a looser car on a degraded surface it can turn from a great setup to one that washes out when things get twisty. You really didn't have to remove the entire setup. Just lower the diff settings. That's the only major thing that would cause the car to wash out in the hairpins. So going from a pristine surface to a degraded one you are most likely going to lower the diffs by 2 straight out the bat. If you bolt on the mediums with a degraded surface i would be inclined to drop the diffs by 4 and soften springs and roll bars by 2. Now with that in mind i would like to put a request in for i minor change to the game. I would like stage deg to be added to time trial as an option OR the option to return the the service park in custom when you only have one stage selected. Either would be nice. I just cant run in custom to give a more accurate setup because i have to keep driving back and forth between the service park and the stage to make adjustments. If you could pass that on @PJTierney that would be great.
  2. 2Technical

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Nail on the head there @ApexAzimuth. Due to the fact you cant dive back and forth to the service park to adjust the setup once you start a custom championship, all my setups are created in time trial with fresh soft tyres and no stage deg. So unless your driving style is the same as mine and your running in time trial you will have to adjust the setups i share to optimise is for yourself. They are only meant to be referenced as a guide, basically saying to get the best out of the car you need to be some where around here. The good thing is about the setups is you know immediately that if your running with stage deg/worn tyres/harder compound or in the wet you know that the dampers/springs/ rollbars will need to be softer and the diffs looser, and with slightly less camber. So they are very much a good starting point for your own setups. After all there is no such thing as one setup to rule them all.
  3. 2Technical

    STI NR4 not as slow as it seems?

    it does, the gear number in the HUD display has a red box light up round it when you've reached the optimal shift point. The STI NR4 is the best example of that as its optimal shift point is much lower than any other car compared to its redline and its power drops off dramatically once you rev over 5.5k.
  4. 2Technical

    STI NR4 not as slow as it seems?

    The gear number in the HUD display has a red box light up around it when it needs to change gear. All the car setups I have shared in the last 3 months includes this info in the gearbox settings screenshot for each individual setup. The older setups will have this included once i get round to updating them.
  5. 2Technical

    STI NR4 not as slow as it seems?

    Hi, yes the sti NR4 is faster than it seems. it needs to be shifted between 5-5.5k rpm to get the best out of it. The only problem is that most people are also shifting at redline with the evo X as well, as this needs to change gears at 6k rpm. The reality is that by shift the STI NR4 at 5-5.5k rather than redline you will gain 2 seconds over a 3 mile stage. By shifting the evo X at 6k rather than redline you will gain 1.5 seconds over a 3 mile stage. Sadly though, the STI NR4 on average is some 3-4 seconds slower than the evo X and has no hope of beating it on any stage in the game if a you go up against a driver which has a similar talent to yourself but the STI NR4 can still reach a top 10 place on most of the TT leaderboards.
  6. 2Technical

    The DiRT Roadbook

    It's not confusing at all. Slow Rebound controls the extension from "low energy" compression ONLY, hence the word SLOW as the suspension travel rate is slow. Fast Rebound controls "high energy" compression, hence the word FAST as the suspension travel rate is fast. We can only adjust the slow Rebound in the game but that doesn't mean it covers both. It's means the fast Rebound is pre-set and unadjustable. The slow Rebound won't cover both the slow and fast I can garentee you that and I'm confident that if you reduce yours by about 2 maybe 3 (if your still running +4) you'll see a marked improvement in traction and will be able to carry more speed simply because your wheels will be on the ground for longer.
  7. 2Technical

    The DiRT Roadbook

    After watching your video I can see your understanding is somewhat different to mine. For instance it seems your trying to use the slow rebound as if it were fast rebound to control the extension after landing. I've found that fast rebound is what controls the extension from heavy compressions such as landing a jump (sadly its not an option in 2.0), where as the slow rebound alter the extension rate from things like crests and ruts to keep the wheels on the ground for longer which in turn will aid acceleration and top speeds.
  8. 2Technical

    The DiRT Roadbook

    You say yours is tailored towards landing without damage but the fast bump in conjunction with spring strength is what restricts the suspension compression on landing which in turn reduces the damage. Looking at yours is seems softer and is more likely to bottom out on the big jumps. Also looking at your slow rebound setting, that looks like it would make the car skittish as the wheels would be constantly leaving the ground on the slightest bump as to me it seems far to stiff. That being said, I always say there is no right or wrong way to tune just a way that feels comfortable for the driver. Which car is being compared here as i'd like to give your settings a try to see where your coming from?
  9. 2Technical

    Wales Setup?

    cheers for the mention. also have Wales setups for: Ford escort MkII Ford Fiesta R5 The remaining 26 cars I've setup so far will have the DLC locations added over the next 2-3 weeks
  10. 2Technical

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    just dropped my Lancia Delta setups 12pm today.
  11. 2Technical

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    hi, yes I have planned in the DLC locations for the car I done prior to them. Will be picking them up after Germany drops starting with the 2000cc and R5 cars. Yeah, my setups are obviously setup for my driving style using a wheel. So using a pad and having a different driving style will most likely incur some modification but im glad they have still help even if it is just a starting platform.
  12. 2Technical

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Thanks dude, so glad I could help you out. If I ever find myself in Vietnam I'll take you up on that offer 😉
  13. 2Technical

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    thanks dude, your comment is appreciated. how did I get so good at setups you ask? well, I started playing racing games back in 97 with Gran turismo, picked up Colin mcrae rally in 98 on release, Didn't really start trying to understand the tuning aspect until Forza 2 in 07 and pretty much learnt all I know on the forza franchise and just adapted it to project cars, F1 and Dirt and it seems to be paying off. So literally just years of experience and taking the time to understand what makes the car do what.
  14. 2Technical

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    will be starting group b cars end of May. sorry its not sooner but I'm massively strapped for time at the moment.
  15. 2Technical

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    will be starting the H3 cars in a couple of weeks. I've also had a bash with the escort, was great on asphalt. Then I took it off road and the thing became an absolute animal. So I've got to spend some time understanding what effect what with the RWD cars as I very rarely use them.