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  1. Thanks for the video, he's a pretty good player! I just recorded a quick clip in a Ferrari in Monaco as well for comparison: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/archerac3/video/105426808 A bit rusty and unused to the track, but I think it works for a simple comparison. I've went through all the turns in the clip with full stick movement - in PCars 2, for constrast, I almost never need this much stick movement in the same track. Notice during the hairpin how the in-game wheel moves to the right. I was holding the stick fully to the left all the time, but at the moment I throttle up and my
  2. About zero kph. They made this "feature" so poorly that there doesn't seem to be an upper/lower limit, so it constantly limits your ability to turn from 0kph to "max speed". In Baku for example. If you have to use the run-off area you're done for. In real life drivers can simply turn the wheel fully to the side and do a 180º, but try doing this with a pad now LOL. Even with full stick movement at walking speed my in-game steering wheel would not turn enough for me to make the car spin (yes, traction control disabled) - all it would achieve was getting my front wing smashed on the wal
  3. Sorry for the confusion. I'm playing F1 2019 on the Xbox with a controller/pad. I agree that its a feature, but all it achieves is limiting you. Please try Assetto Corsa if you have it, you'll see the difference right away as this effect/"feature" is, by default, a lot less pronounced there. Most racing sims have something called "speed sensitivity", it's pretty much a controller sensitivity setting - sensitivity being the control setting that allows the in-game wheel to turn more/less with full left/right stick movement. What this "speed sensitivity" does is lowering/increasing t
  4. Hello! There's a massively annoying issue with F1 2019 (still present, after countless feedback from older titles) for the players with a PAD, the faster you are the less you can turn the steering wheel in the game, pretty much forbidding you to correct mid-turn unlike in any other serious racing sim. To exemplify: if you're driving at 100kph with full right stick you can turn the in-game wheel about 90° (arbitrary numbers); meanwhile, at 200kph with the same full right stick you can only turn the in-game wheel 60°. There are no sensitivity and speed sensitivity sliders in the contro
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