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  1. Hello! There's a massively annoying issue with F1 2019 (still present, after countless feedback from older titles) for the players with a PAD, the faster you are the less you can turn the steering wheel in the game, pretty much forbidding you to correct mid-turn unlike in any other serious racing sim. To exemplify: if you're driving at 100kph with full right stick you can turn the in-game wheel about 90° (arbitrary numbers); meanwhile, at 200kph with the same full right stick you can only turn the in-game wheel 60°. There are no sensitivity and speed sensitivity sliders in the control settings (how can there not be these 2 basic settings in a racing game? Sorry, but it's ridiculous). The effect this has on the game is that if you don't start your turn with max stick pressure at the very exact moment you're just done for - meanwhile in titles like PCars 2 (and even real life F1 footage) you can see drivers sometimes pushing the wheel a bit more towards the turn for a correction - yes, it wastes tire, but it doesn't make you understeer out of the track or crash. A second issue is with the Monaco's hairpin. You gotta slow down way more than the AI (above 100 difficulty) because the bloody wheel doesn't turn enough. You just need 10 or so more degrees to make the turn, but even with full left stick the wheel does NOT turn past a point. Please, Codemasters, stop treating your players like idiots. We are not playing Mario Kart, we don't need a massive limitation on the pad controls so we don't oversteer - quite the contrary, all this is causing is for us to understeer when we shouldn't. The cars feel on rails the whole race, while they should be agile and capable of making corrections, because it takes so bloody long for the wheel to go from left to right and past it's limits even with a full left/right stick movement. Rant over.
  2. Thanks for the video, he's a pretty good player! I just recorded a quick clip in a Ferrari in Monaco as well for comparison: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/archerac3/video/105426808 A bit rusty and unused to the track, but I think it works for a simple comparison. I've went through all the turns in the clip with full stick movement - in PCars 2, for constrast, I almost never need this much stick movement in the same track. Notice during the hairpin how the in-game wheel moves to the right. I was holding the stick fully to the left all the time, but at the moment I throttle up and my speed rises a bit, the game decides that I simply don't need all that steering - the result was me hitting the front wing on the wall xD. This, in any sim, is a clear indication that my speed sensitivity setting for the pad is too low and would be pretty easy to fix (I had the same issue with PCars 2 in the start). Also interestingly, in the video he's a bit slower than me on the hairpin, but if I drive that slow against AI>100 I simply can't compete, as the AI doesn't have to slow down that much apparently. Edit: this mid-corner compensation the game does when I throttle also makes it harder for me to force a slight oversteer and make the corner.
  3. About zero kph. They made this "feature" so poorly that there doesn't seem to be an upper/lower limit, so it constantly limits your ability to turn from 0kph to "max speed". In Baku for example. If you have to use the run-off area you're done for. In real life drivers can simply turn the wheel fully to the side and do a 180º, but try doing this with a pad now LOL. Even with full stick movement at walking speed my in-game steering wheel would not turn enough for me to make the car spin (yes, traction control disabled) - all it would achieve was getting my front wing smashed on the wall. Meanwhile this can be easily done in Project Cars 2 just like in real life.
  4. Sorry for the confusion. I'm playing F1 2019 on the Xbox with a controller/pad. I agree that its a feature, but all it achieves is limiting you. Please try Assetto Corsa if you have it, you'll see the difference right away as this effect/"feature" is, by default, a lot less pronounced there. Most racing sims have something called "speed sensitivity", it's pretty much a controller sensitivity setting - sensitivity being the control setting that allows the in-game wheel to turn more/less with full left/right stick movement. What this "speed sensitivity" does is lowering/increasing the general sensitivity based on your speed, Project Cars 2 is one of the sims that has this setting, being pretty much essential for pad users. Saturation and Linearity do not fix this since they don't change the full lock value based on speed, all they change is how much you have to physically move the stick to achieve 100% movement - for example, I can increase my saturation by 2 so that when I move my stick halfway to the left it will be as if I had moved it fully to the left, BUT the in-game wheel will still be limited to a specific angle based on my current speed. What codemasters must understand is that I should NOT need full left/right stick to make ANY turn in a racing circuit, but due to this limitation (as a feature), I find myself having to move the stick fully to the left/right more than once in every circuit because the game simply "assumes" and limits me in how much in-game turning I need. I'd rather risk oversteering and wasting more time by turning too much than to understeer unrealistically all the time I brake or start a turn a tenth of a second too late and being unable to correct by simply steering harder into the turn. I hope I made it a bit clearer now. I've also made a post on this same issue for F1 2018 here: I believe it clears a lot