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    Group B with controller is so frustrating because...

    the vJoy + UCR solution does the trick again but it is PITA to setup. Thank you very much MBastieK you are awesome person 😄 Still big SHAME on CM for forcing this poor steering assist onto us with no legit way to turn it off or limit it / set it up!
  2. B group cars are really fast and really unstable and you need lightning fast reflexes, but controllers getting sensitivity reduced dramatically the faster you go. Steering lock is also getting reduced with speed. It is really preventing me from having any fun with all of the fast cars and fast sections as it becomes pretty much completely un-responsive. Whatever makes you over-steer in high speed is the end because the reduced steering lock and really slow response to steering input makes it impossible to catch the drift.
  3. PainterJah

    Group B with controller is so frustrating because...

    tryed to add that line with the id from dxDiag at the end of device_defines.xml but it did not show new device in-game. Just the xinput gamepad. Then I tryed to delete the line with xinput_pad and game said my save is corrupted. Had to undo changes and game runs again -_- soo no luck but thanks
  4. PainterJah

    Group B with controller is so frustrating because...

    at the speed of 25km/h steering lock is reduced to 2/3 at the speed of 50km/h steering lock is reduced to onely 1/3 - when braking into sharper corner the car wont steer at first and as you are slowing down it steers more and more on its own preventing weight transfer, making most of the cars understeer - it is impossible to make proper powerslides because in higher speeds you just can not countersteer at the full angle of the steering lock - steering is completely unpredictable and impossible to get used to because the response to input changes dramatically as the speed changes I dont understand why and how this shizzle is back after we found workaround. There was no patch right? Just the new cars... This seriously needs something done about cos it (steering assist BS) makes you drive worse and it feels terrible, like constant struggle, cringe, anxiety... while with the workaround working it felt like any decent car game should and it was predictable, fun, joy and competitive with wheel users. I did bunch of fifth places in special events when the workaround worked and now I am back to 30th+ because it just is not physically possible to drive fast enough with the default gamepad assist behaviour!
  5. PainterJah

    Group B with controller is so frustrating because...

    the THING is back... I still have controller set to act as a wheel, but the sensitivity and steer lock is getting reduced with speed again and the game feels like poop to play again. When I thouch the linearity setting the game freaks out, turns off the THING (sensitivity and steer lock) and ignores the linearity value and becomes undrivable. I am loosing hope that they want this game to be fun. Changing things without notice thru racenet is also not nice....
  6. PainterJah

    Fixes, tweaks and ideas list

    add more info about cars like center of mass, top speed, type of suspension... the stuff that helps you make tunning right
  7. PainterJah

    Group B with controller is so frustrating because...

    So here is update... I got used to the raw input very quickly and now it feels like driving a car with controller 😀 I can get into the zone and do all the ballsy moves that gets you faster to the finish. With the default steering assist BS it is just constant struggle to keep the car on the road and it makes you think the physics is just weird. Raw input is billion times better, physics feels much more like DR1 now, I am having same fun with the game as in DR1... I am little sad that it took me 200 hours to realize that there is some steering assist BS going on and another tenths of hours been anxious cos I did not know how to turn it off. Its EZ.. go to the 'DiRT Rally 2.0\input\devices\device_defines.xml' edit it with any TXT editor find device id="xinput_pad" change the "type=" to "wheel" (that is for xbox controller, psp controller is there too, should work in same manner) then set your dead zone in-game (6 for my f310 gamepad) and linearity around +6 get used to it profit :3
  8. PainterJah

    Group B with controller is so frustrating because...

    after some driving with raw gamepad input I came to conclusion. The steering assist is not all too bad, but the sensitivity reduction in high speeds is causing serious lag and slowness. The steering is so slow, that you can not shift the weight properly and the car will understeer + you can not counter skids fast enough. Steering angle lock reduction might be OK, but it needs slider in the options. Other games have steer lock as a part of car setup... Now with the raw input it gets ridiculously twitchy, but I can flick the car into corners and go through em way faster and I am getting adrenaline rush in high speed section instead of cringe like before. I can also countersteer skids fast enough to prevent loosing control. So the conclusion is that steering assist would be acceptable and helpful without sensitivity reduction (for me), and with just two more sliders in the options it would be good for everyone.
  9. PainterJah

    DR2 tracks to DR1

    open it for modding E Z
  10. PainterJah

    Group B with controller is so frustrating because...

    <device id="xinput_pad" name="xinput_pad" priority="5" type="wheel" default="true" /> I changed type from "pad" to "wheel" and it did the trick, thanks for leading me to the solution, this is exactly what I wanted 😘 Now it feels like I am in charge of the car. It is also harder to keep it stable, but that will just need some getting used to it and mastering. Increased the linearity a bit more than what I used before and that is good enough for high speeds it seems. I can definitively see why they made that steering assist default for masses, but it needs some sliders for adjustments separately for steering lock reduction and sensitivity reduction at speed.
  11. PainterJah

    Group B with controller is so frustrating because...

    this is arcade game cmon
  12. PainterJah

    Group B with controller is so frustrating because...

    I have a wheel... but it is kinda bad, I can feel the tooth of the gears when steering and the ffb is bad in the game... and I am lazy and controller is comfy... I have more fun with controller and I can play for hours before my fingers get tired. I just want to have raw input from my controller so I can beat those few dudes who are faster right now cos they have those overpriced direct drive wheels that feel like a dream. Crippling my input for no reason with some steering assist that can not be turned off is not fair / nice!
  13. PainterJah

    Unexpected Events ?

    200 hours in game... have not noticed a single broken AI, drone or anything
  14. PainterJah

    We Want Money in Free Mode!

    add custom championships to My Team - problem solved - everybody happy
  15. PainterJah

    Restarts, Repairs, Credits

    we need to add pricetag on tires, that would give a purpose to hard compund 👽
  16. PainterJah

    Cars grip after patch?

    IDK if OP noticed the surface degradation and that it is not just visual but affects traction and handling 🤔
  17. PainterJah

    Fixes, tweaks and ideas list

    this is a BUG... if you quit to main menu and return the tunning is avilable + your tires seems to be changed for new set which is another bug
  18. PainterJah

    Fixes, tweaks and ideas list

    -allow RAW input for controllers, right now there is some steering assist going on that can not be turned off = the faster you go the slower the steering wheel (in game) reacts and steering locks also getting reduced. +sensitivity set to 100 is still slow, let me have it as fast as for steering wheels, which means instant. -allow to switch cars in between events in championship, make the car available for daylies etc. when it is not in event -I can not use lower tier RX cars anymore since I reached masters RX, it only allows supercars so all the other cars are kinda useless now and I cant upgrade em anywhere -When you overwrite car setup the name gets replaced with the default text - it should keep the saved name -tunning ideas: add real units for dampers so we can do the math allow finer adjustments for everything (except final gear ratio, that is already too fine) maybe allow bigger adjustments (4example it is impossible to make soft suspension on H1 class) show the values for parts that cant be adjusted (4example rear suspension stiffness on Cooper Mini etc.)
  19. PainterJah

    A small request to devs: "Lock to Horizon" option

    that is great example how it should work.... you can even tell the difference if you are going uphill or downhill in the WRC7 vid and mainly you can see the G-force to know how much grip to expect