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  1. the correct gear change animations should have been done before the cars were added to the game, they know by now that hardcore rally fans will pick up on those little things.
  2. i had asked this months back when the 206 was released and nothing has been done about it, thats a bigger animation issue than what has been addressed in this update to the Subaru imo
  3. Just recently purchased a thrustmaster T150 wheel for use with my PS4, does anyone have a set up for the wheel for dirt rally 2.0?
  4. I would agree with you 100%. Even on national events, especially here in Ireland, the amount of WRC cars was ridiculous. The new cars are amazing but you will never seen them in privateers hands really. Plus the tv coverage was much better back in the day too, don’t like the new format.
  5. You’ll have to go educate yourself @PJTierney 97-2005 was the best period in WRC, before all the Sebastian started dominating
  6. Very true, that in car footage gives me chills when I watch it, people can say what they like and how things ended up 2 stages later but Colin was well fired up for it, pity it just didn’t end up differently. 😢
  7. 7:09 mins of absolute brilliance in car control, commitment and speed! 🙈😁
  8. I was hoping for a plain blue for every Subaru in the game and plan red for the lancer evo vi
  9. I mean the livery with the green on it is awful🤮🤮🤮 of course they have done a great job, I can not deny that but I just wish the S4 handled abit better and wasn’t in a class with the newer wrc cars
  10. How would I do that? I have been always using gtr technicals set ups, the S4 drives fine on tarmac but it handles like a pig on gravel, won’t turn in at all. It’s such a same because I thought Codemasters would have done a much better job with it, it sounds and looks for the most part very well. There is a few things that do annoy me with the looks of the car, incorrect gravel wheels on the car, the most of the 98 season the car had the same gravel wheels as the 2001 Impreza, and why does the driver and co-driver have white race suits and helmets when all the other Subaru’s with blue liveries
  11. Is it just me or does anyone else find the S4 difficult to drive? I find it has a lot of understeer, the group a Impreza is a much nicer car to drive
  12. The C4 and fabia are massively improved also
  13. It sounds absolutely awesome too😁😍
  14. Finally got to play it for awhile earlier, both cars are nice, selection of liveries are poor in my opinion for both cars, @PJTierney also why does the driver and co-driver most have blue race suit and helmets when driving the 555 livery?? All other Subaru have them when driving with the blue liveries. scotland is lovely also, from what I’ve played so far.
  15. The 98 wrc car was a 6 speed manual
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