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  1. On 9/27/2019 at 10:22 PM, gfRally said:

    Ahhhhem....   When?  Please?  on knees?  Throwing $$$ at screen.  Turn a great game into a legend!


    Why oh why is this car not in dirt rally 2.0??🤷🏻‍♂️

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  2. Got wrc 8 over the weekend and while it has some good things that dirt rally 2.0 doesn’t have, the handling is still not anywhere near as good as both dirt rally games in my opinion. Wrc 8 still has most of the same stages as wrc 7. Also wrc 8 is not without its own bugs either , as in the pic below, in car view has no steering wheel and no driver while driving, just hope that they are as pro active at fixing the bugs like codemasters are.


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  3. It has been down since Saturday night for me. The game has been out since February and has had countless problems with the servers and all the dlc releases. The game at the moment is costing me nearly €100, we’re paying enough for the game without having constant issues with it. It’s a great game and I love playing it but iam losing patience with all these issues. It’s absolutely ridiculous that in 2019 cm has no one that can fix any issues when they arise, that should be a 24/7 service, there are people all over the world playing the game every hour of the day and cm don’t have anyone working at weekends to fix problems when they arrive. If I don’t get my progress back dirt Rally 2.0 is getting traded in for wrc 8!!

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  4. 20 minutes ago, Malling said:

    I wonder if the Legacy and 97 Impreza sound was recorded to implement in similar cars I.e. 97 Impreza sound being used on the 2001 Impreza in game?

    97 wrc Impreza is slightly different sound to the 2001 Impreza 

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  5. 54 minutes ago, Pieman99 said:

    Does anyone think there is any credibility in the 92 Legacy and 97 impreza gossip, or do we think it was more likely for a different game now? 


    They could’ve been used to drum up some serious hype for the release of the new seasons, particularly the 97 impreza. 

    I certainly hope not as we all hope that there was some truth in them recording the sounds for both of those cars for them to be put in the game, I find it strange that the 97/00 wrc Impreza, the S9-S11 & S12-S12C Impreza haven’t been added, could it be a licensing issue? For me the 2dr wrc car and the group A car are the most iconic Subaru’s and both should be in the game no matter what. Codemasters seem to be able to use Prodrives cars for their games, M3, Porsche 911 and some of the Subaru’s but why haven’t the most iconic Subaru’s not been added yet is a question that we all want an answer to.

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  6. 14 minutes ago, PJTierney said:




    R5 as in the rally car? Don't know if there's a plan for that but considering it's Jon's new favourite car he's probably asked for it 😄 

    Yes the new R5 rally car, considering Codemasters don’t seem to have an issue with the ford licensing, I think it should be added in the future because as we know with the older MK 7 R5 rally car, the new car is going to be very popular.


  7. 10 hours ago, cafe5150 said:

    Agreed, it's handling is great and unlike the C4 and Impreza you can see out of it. You seem to sit quite low in those two (cockpit cam obviously)

    I agree, the in-car camera in the C4 is a joke and they changed the steering wheel during the first patch, which I have mentioned before. I like the in-car in the Subaru but its too close to the steering wheel, same goes for the Skoda fabia, but that car doesn’t even sound right and doesn’t have the correct gear change. Hope the in-car with be better in the 2001 Subaru. 

  8. 14 minutes ago, ebarbs27 said:

    The real car has a "Spike" logo on the front wing and spoiler which isn't present in game. #justsaying 😉



    By the way, how good does that Impreza look? I probably slightly prefer the 97-00 model but this one's a very close 2nd

    I actually knew there was something missing on the front wing therefore we know Codemasters have added liveries with some missing sponsors on them. I am all for adding the cars and rallies from dr1, because they have improved both for dr2 but at least give us something new when it comes to the cars from the old game, I don’t see how giving us some decent liveries is too much to ask. Oh and why was a livery for the evo 6 added with katsu on it, I would have taken his name off it, would look better without it or give us a plain red livery for a evo 6 and all the Subaru’s need plain blue liveries also .

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  9. 6 hours ago, toninus said:

    I hope at least some cool D+ liveries for all cars, as there's no sponsor on them.
    The Datsun only has one skin...

    The skin editor from the former games was nice too. At least it had some cool shapes and colors.

    Hope they fix the D+ liveries we have previously got to make them similar to the last batch we got, they were a huge improvement. Livery editor was the best part of D4

  10. 8 hours ago, ebarbs27 said:

    Just out of interest, how do the liveries work if you weren't to include a sponsor who didn't give their consent? In that photo, Polyphony haven't included the Valvoline logo that's on the real car but are still able to use the rest of the livery.

    Just came across my mind because the DLC Porsche is the only car to have the classic blue/gold/red livery minus the Rothmans logos. Is it a case of acquiring the actual colour scheme and then tackling the sponsors or are they all tied in to one?


    And that new official livery that was added for the Stratos does not have chequered flag on it, couldn’t official liveries be added and just don’t include any sponsors on it that Codemasters couldn’t get, as you said there are no sponsors on the Porsche but you still know it’s the rothmans Porsche!

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  11. 7 minutes ago, KryspaPL said:

    Would be not better to put just the 2002 Focus WRC from McRae without Martini Logo/Names like in Colin McRae Rally 3? They could do just the livery like before.

    Sounds more like Codemasters have issues with WRC car licenses they could do it like this but even that it's not happening as well. 😕image.thumb.png.8a8256334db8b03d71b3abe52515aa16.png

    Agreed but I would assume martini still own the livery even if it only has ford instead of Martini on it and there might be issue with Movistar also

  12. 25 minutes ago, ebarbs27 said:

    Seems very rare that the Subaru pops up. Frustrating because that's the car I've been wanting since release 🙄😂

    Agree. Far more nimble than it was in DR1/D4. There's probably a licensing issue with using the Martini livery because of alcohol/WRC

    I don’t mind not having the Martini livery, but we’ve said it before about the 2007 focus, absolutely no effort put into the liveries to even make it look like a car you could see on a real rally. Could the 2 liveries in the pics not have been added, the white one was used in 2003 before the far nicer big winged version was released or the blue livery from 2002. not very complicated liveries but damn are they good looking !!



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