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  1. SirSkurpsalot

    GRID 2019 - Any GT1 race crashes

    Doesn't matter if it is career or freeplay
  2. Any GT1 Race I try to do crashes as soon as it shows the car from the 3/4 above view and it stops saying "loading" and the announcers start talking, before you have the option to push a button to qualify, tune or race. "Access violation at address 0x406c6ab0 in module 'Grid_dx12.exe' + 0x6c6ab0.Grid_dx12.exe". This is on pc, with xbox gamepad.
  3. Running Linux mint 19.2, tried all the steam proton compatibility modes and the game won't launch. Just says "running" and nothing happens. Anyone get this working on linux yet?
  4. SirSkurpsalot

    GRID Essentials - The Car List

    So happy there is both an evo IX and VI!
  5. SirSkurpsalot

    GRID Essentials - 'Get Your Heart' Racing Trailer

    Looks fantastic. Hope it runs on linux at least through steamplay / proton.
  6. SirSkurpsalot

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Evo 6 video looks fantastic, exactly what I want to play. Hopefully it works on Linux.
  7. SirSkurpsalot

    Barcelona Returns

    Good find, best video so far. Spotted a lot of super modified tuner cars making a return.
  8. SirSkurpsalot

    Grid (2019) Car Wishlist Thread.

    The cars featured so far look promising, great to see porsche and corvette are back. The fact sheet states there will be a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI time attack so my evo fix is satisfied, for additional tuners I hope they bring back the supra and have at least one skyline gtr.