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  1. racenet all working now thanks for the magic touch lol

  2. chrisjaf

    no racenet after update.

    game on people time to test the update.enjoy and don't forget if you find a fault to report it so the team can fix it.
  3. chrisjaf

    no racenet after update.

    it back working now at my end.after just messaging pj about the problem.thanks
  4. no racenet after updating game.error code 3ae154c5=58=58.
  5. chrisjaf

    no racenet after update.

    yooooooooo p.j any ideas on this one.
  6. chrisjaf

    no racenet after update.

    error code 3ae154c5-58=58.?????????
  7. chrisjaf

    no racenet after update.

    just updated the game but no racenet ?.how long will it be down for ?.anyone know.have not seen any maintenance announcements thanks in advance
  8. chrisjaf

    when will the bugs be fixed

    having just lost another sister suddenly to the grim reaper faith has run out unfortunately.
  9. when are the soft gravel tyres going to be available in greece,at the moment the ones that are available are the ones for new england and australia compacted gravel there is a difference between them or is this another example of codies one size fits all approach.this will explain why greece is so slippery.
  10. title says it all really.when will the bugs be fixed,sound cut out,pace notes,default car setups ect,ect a straight answer would be nice instead of been strung along with we are working on it or its been discussed.
  11. chrisjaf

    DiRT 2.0 disappointing loyaltys

    as george michael said you got to have faith.lol
  12. chrisjaf

    DiRT 2.0 disappointing loyaltys

    that's all well and good but how many other driving games out there give you the thrill dirt rally does ?.i know all to well what your saying but facts are facts there is little to no competition for this game at the moment.its horses for courses wrc 8 is not as good in my opinion all the cars sound like lawn mowers yes there is more tracks and longer stages but becomes stale very quickly.we are getting there now pj is pro active on forums
  13. chrisjaf

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    nicky grist would be better phil mills just drones on like white noise with no emotion, feeling or fear.it's like he's reeling off his shopping list in mono tone
  14. chrisjaf

    DiRT 2.0 disappointing loyaltys

    we are all in the same boat but rome was not built an a day, good things come to those that wait.hang on in there pal it will get there eventually
  15. chrisjaf

    analog handbrake

    you can do this now but the handbrake is on or off.i have my set up already takes some getting used to but it defo works hope this helps,p,s make sure the firmware for the shifter is up to date first