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  1. how do i delete my account from forums

    1. PJTierney


      Hi there, sending you a PM.

  2. then don't whine when people have different opinions from you because they have different perspectives and priorities.eat your own words
  3. seems that employees at codies have had a sense of humour transplant and everything is to be taken very seriously trying to bring some light humour to a very frustrating procedure that happens all to often,if that offends then that's on you as a company that should do more due diligence to make sure things like this won't happen again but your track record say different,so peace out enjoy your life one day the tables will be turned karma is a biatch
  4. no just a rule of thumb that it normally works the day after its supposed to.
  5. p.s still dont work in uk on xbox,to get back on topic
  6. and studios should abide by consumer rights when selling products.its not rocket science, and if you want to drive customers away from your products then my all means continue to try and ridicule and belittle them, but there comes a time when people get a bit sick and tired of the same old mistakes happening over and over again to the point that they stop spending their hard earned money and then you and the rest of codies don't have a job
  7. dlc not been available to play
  8. people should look up what forum means.and by applying rules turn said forum into a dicktatorship
  9. earlier i posted like in the song "come back tomorrow night and try again"how is that offensive
  10. facts are facts weather you like them or not and as a forum should be allowed verbatim
  11. p.s if your going to censor the forums to the point the only posts are the ones you agree with then it kind of makes the forums defunct.as forums are for people to come and discuss all points good bad or indifferent regardless of bias.
  12. what about posts that are fact based ?????
  13. UNTIL they can sort out the planned dlc releases to arrive on time on all platforms this should be canned,otherwise it a pandora's box of paid for dlc turning up who knows when and of what cost.stop offering them free money for old rope.the game engine needs a complete overhaul so we can have stages of over 12 miles,the pivot point of the cars needs correcting to reflect real life cars but to name a few of the major things still wrong with the game.make them work for their money instead of just throwing it at them for free.
  14. that turns up 2 week late we are talking codies here don't forget
  15. where is finland dlc for xbox ????????.

    1. chrisjaf


      when will it be available to play ?today ?.tomorrow ?.next week?..every time its late.

    2. PJTierney


      We're working on it right now, it's not like we want you to wait either 😉