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  1. chrisjaf

    Backwards compatibility.

    not going to happen has microsoft are stopping backward compat on xbox soon as in end of the year.
  2. chrisjaf


    this is all down to codies over done artistic flair department got a new toy and over used it without knowing how to fully use said new toy.makes you laugh that these people are supposed to know what their doing but can not for the life of them get something as simple as rain drops right,the lunatics have taken over the asylum.
  3. this new ffb just makes it feel like front end suspension bushes and wheel bearings need replacing as in knackered.also noticed that some cars don't pivet round front axle but center of car why ? why have tyres at all if you cant feel what their doing ie grip level on acceleration,braking,corner turn in and change of direction ?.excuse me if i'm wrong but i was under the impression this was a driving game and not a magic carpet ride as in hovercraft.are you even testing these updates before release ? or are we your testers again ?.some clarity would be nice.for me the whole tyre ffb track deg needs looking at again in rally side of things because of the disparity in handling when it come to rally x.rally x has a more smooth solid feel to how the cars react to inputs where as rally side feels wishy washy notchy clunky and very boat like in comparison.are you using actual tyre data for rally ?i ask with this been the official rally x game you may have used real data for rally x cars and just made it up as you went along for rally as the difference is plainly obvious!!!!!!!!!.this may go some way to explaining why wheel users don't have the same sliders as controller users because we would pick up on this straight away and hence the flim flam about ffb being as intended as a way to pull the wool over peoples eyes but we see what your trying to do sneaky.
  4. come on codies just give us wheel users the same sliders as controller users as the ffb update you pushed out makes the feel of the cars even more like a hovercraft.we need tyre slip and surface detail not some half arsed suspension upgrade.sort it out or just give up and sell the studio now while you still got some customers left.after your last two attempts (dirt 4 and now dirt rally 2.0)its clear you don't understand your customers who use wheel setups and are only pandering to controller users.if that's the way your going then sorry to tell you but wheel users are on the increase and you risk alienating yourself from this ever growing audience that want realism not some fairy tale dreamt up handling that you seem to be pushing.even forza horizon,that is aimed at children has miles better ffb than your last 2 efforts.if you want to be seen as a serious game developer up your game and some communication would not go amiss on your own forum instead of hiding on twater,grow a backbone and front your customers before you don't have any left.
  5. chrisjaf

    where is the scoobie do ? not received

    scoobie mysteriously appeared today in my garage.strange it didn't arrive same time as focus.but hay got it now.
  6. chrisjaf

    where is the scoobie do ? not received

    checked its installed and its showing in game files but not in garage in game.also uninstalled and reinstalled to see if that helped but to no avail.DELUXE EDITION
  7. hi on xbox 1x got the focus but not the scoobie do in latest dlc anyone else having same issue.
  8. and how many of those reviews are paid for by the studio that makes the games ?,take dirt rally 2.0 for instance not one reviewer mentioned the lack of ffb or the total eclipse graphics where day became night instead of just a bit of shadow,not to mention all the other bugs in the game from day one and still present today some months after release.all the hype pre release are just lies so needs stamping out.it like buying a take away and someone turning up with a bag of ingredients and you cook it yourself,not what you was sold !!!!!!!!! happy i don't think so,all gaming studios need to take note as this will happen and create the biggest shake up in the gaming world.just imagine getting a fully finished game and working game out of the box instead of all this we know we screw you the paying public and we may some day get round to sort of kind a fixing the crud we pump out just for profit.
  9. chrisjaf

    When will Dirt Rally 2.0 be patched?

    you should change title to "partition for game to be fiNISHED".and get every one to sign it as in give it a thumbs up see how many others agree,people power.think codies have developed a case of selective hearing at the moment over issues that they don't seem able to fix as THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING.
  10. here's hoping that the gaming standards agency gets implemented in britain as this will stop studios from releasing half arsed unfinished games,and if they do they will be forced to issue total refunds to all and will be hit with corporate level fines and warned about any future releases,leading to a out right ban on sales until said problems are resolved.the gaming industry is worth to much money for the government to sit by and allow this to happen look how facecrack has been reeled in.take note codies we won't take your **** anymore.you have been warned the revolution is here people power
  11. I WOULD LIKE A FINISHED GAME COS AT THE MOMENT ITS LIKE HOVERCRAFT RACING ON A STEERING WHEEL AND THAT WAS NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE ON PROMO.short this **** out if you can? if not just tell us.stop with all the dlc **** and fix the basics
  12. chrisjaf

    DIRT rally 2.0 is'nt a simulator !

    the only thing this game simulates is how codies have got lazy and are just out to cash grab at every opportunity.lazy copy and paste from dirt 4 with little to no improvements.the graphics are over done to the point sun blume in center of windscreen even when sun is behind the car is just ridiculous,not to mention the solar eclipse that happens every time you enter a shaded part of most tracks,headlights that don't work in day light for the mentioned eclipse.ffb not been present,tyres that don't wear out.options greyed out not implemented,dont get me wrong hope all this gets fixed but history say not look at the false promises from dirt 4 and nothing got fixed so why change now lots of people on here saying thats cool we dont mind been taken for a ride.excuse the pun !!!
  13. chrisjaf

    Dirt Rally 2 - Season pass RIPOFF

    people that paid full price for this game have every right to moan about this game,as its just been heavily reduced on xbox store and ps network,if you want to be a cash cow for these lazy devs then that's you purgative but a lot of us wheel users have been stabbed in the back with this cluster **** from codies and still no update on ffb fix the silence is deafening and an indication that it will not be fixed as its as intended.get the basics right before adding new content as this detracks from the underlying issues that are still present from early access.if they do decide to fix the game (i'm hoping) it could be a masterpiece as others are saying but as it is its half arsed to say the least.winter tyres with no studs,no difference between tyre compounds.its like hovercraft racing on a wheel compared to dirt rally 1.xbox 1x thrustmaster tx,pro pedals and shifter all on latest firmware.
  14. chrisjaf

    So this is now a £35 game! LOL

    same on xbox store heavily reduced.talk about a kick in the balls
  15. chrisjaf

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    the only thing this game simulates is codemasters DON'T KNOW WHAT THEIR DOING AND TAKE THEIR CUSTOMERS FOR GRANTED.a pg tips chimp could have done a better job.why is it that studios think they have to reinvent the wheel every time they bring a new racing rally game out instead of building on what made the first game great.had this with sms and project cars 1 + 2 now dirt rally 2,0. codies walking a fine line that could result in the death of dirt rally.career still gets deleted happened to me last night for the 20-30 th time.the silence is deafening from codies.every forum has fanboys that see no wrong !!!!!!