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  1. how do i delete my account from forums

    1. PJTierney


      Hi there, sending you a PM.

  2. where is finland dlc for xbox ????????.

    1. chrisjaf


      when will it be available to play ?today ?.tomorrow ?.next week?..every time its late.

    2. PJTierney


      We're working on it right now, it's not like we want you to wait either 😉 

  3. racenet all working now thanks for the magic touch lol

  4. when are the soft gravel tyres going to be available in greece,at the moment the ones that are available are the ones for new england and australia compacted gravel there is a difference between them or is this another example of codies one size fits all approach.this will explain why greece is so slippery.
  5. no **** sherlock give that man a badge
  6. yes but instead of a copy and paste from dirt we could have had a whole new location for a rally school,but no just like most of dirt rally 2.0 copy paste rinse and repeat from dr1 now dirtfish from dirt see where i'm coming from,where is the creativity gone if codies are just going to do the same thing over and over again and charge you for a new game that is actually a reskin of last one.no one is pushing the boundaries or even trying it seems.
  7. sounds like codies are merging both rally and dirt games into one with the addition of dirtfish.so wich one dies to create this 2 in 1 game ??? for me keep them a separate entities.
  8. i ask for them to fix the game.and your saying those same devs don't have work to do no the game itself as in graphics and scenery art department come on behave yourself sonny.the livery editor was a suggestion in response to the lack of imagination in codies offerings and not de facto you must implement it at once,if only it was that easy the game would be AMAZING,
  9. just a little more creativity and imagination,your good at selective reading as well as window watching lol
  10. hows this you inspire your devs with a cool wall like on top gear with peoples liveries that have been posted on forums and come to some sort of compromise with the sponsors and add remove any that infringe copyright.
  11. you misunderstand me i don't want a livery editor,just a little more creativity and imagination like other peoples posts on forums,and devs to spend that valuable time on the buggs in the game so the game can be what we all want it to be.the game play is the main part that needs work so let the devs do that instead of liveries that are only a small part of the game.get the basics right then work on the fine details.
  12. thank you pj,a little bit more creativity is all is needed.
  13. i love you,thanks you been looking in my bedroom window ???????? lol
  14. asking politely gets you ignored so screeching seems to be only thing that works look how quickly people have jumped on my posts
  15. you did !!!!.not an insult just fact look at some of the liveries posted on forum and tell me which ones are better ?i would take the one others have posted over codies offerings.just saying,
  16. i paid full price on pre order for this bugged out dlc mess of a game that after 6 months is no further forward to been fixed as it was on day one,so i have every right to voice my opinion same as you have yours so pipe down just because you don't agree does not mean i'm wrong.just wish you had same passion for the game to be fixed and then we can all enjoy.have a nice day.lol snowflakes
  17. lets be honest all your liveries are bland and could be far better,and if this is best your devs could muster then your in trouble plain colour with a stripe or two not impressed,where is the candy colours with metal flake or some near real life liveries,hell people have posted better liveries that they have done themselves,may be you need some new livery tools like the rest of forum has.jokers why are you employing these lazy devs,my 5 year old can do better liveries than your offering just add livery editor to game instead of wasting devs time so they can get on with fixing the game !!!!!!!!
  18. I WOULD LIKE A FINISHED GAME COS AT THE MOMENT ITS LIKE HOVERCRAFT RACING ON A STEERING WHEEL AND THAT WAS NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE ON PROMO.short this **** out if you can? if not just tell us.stop with all the dlc **** and fix the basics
  19. at this point i'm just hoping the basics get sorted nevermind new content,new content to a already bug infested train wreck helps no one just adds to the confusion,sort the basics first then add new stuff.don't put the cart before the horse so to speak,walk before you can run.if we the community send a clear message to the devs my selving the game so numbers are so low that they GET THERE ARSES IN GEAR AND WORK HARDER AND LONGER TO FIX THIS CLUSTER FECK THEY MISSOLD US UNDER FALSE PRETENSES.this is why we need a gaming standards agency to stop studios releasing games in a mess like this and so
  20. the return of pikes peaks is a must for me then i don't have to listen to sleepy time mills.plus lots more content as the game as it is boring to say the least same cars same track it's like a forza grind and no fun.sort it out asap or it will be shelved.p.s would be happy if the many bugs get fixed in a timely fashion ie very soon.
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