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  1. I have both season passes. I see the choice for Greece in the online races, but not in the time trial or custom tracks. Most importantly...it is not downloadable when it switches to the PS4 store. There is no track for Greece available there. I even searched it outside the game in the ps4 store, and it doesn't show. This obviously sucks for me, but I still know that the people at Codemasters did an amazing job on dirt rally2
  2. While they've been having issues, the "they don't care about us or anyway" is a bit extreme. It's quite clear to me that they cared enough to create an excellent rally game, where the only real issue is internet connectivity.
  3. After the update. I still lost my ai championship progress, but I really wasn't doing so good in it anyway.
  4. Since today sept8th morning. Racenet would not connect. After restart later, I had everything reset. No money, no save data at all actually. No cars. Nothing. Can't access anything either. No way to get into events. I bought both seasons 1-2 and 3-4. Over 3 million credits, and 25 or so cars. are all gone. It gave me a message "Discrepancy found between racenet and save data" or something like that. I play online races and was racing the monthly 2000cc class in New England when it happened.
  5. Same thing here. Might be racenet got hacked or serious technical issues.
  6. This morning while playing it all of a sudden would not connect to racenet. Then after exiting and returning later, I find that it gives me a message saying that "A discrepancy was found between your save file and...something" I could not race or access anything. I had no money. My season icon is like the original instead of the season 3-4 it should be. The game is simply unplayable. Did someone hack codemasters? What is going on? Extremely upset. At least post a notice about this, as I've noticed a lot of other users are experiencing the same thing.