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  1. I have both season passes. I see the choice for Greece in the online races, but not in the time trial or custom tracks. Most importantly...it is not downloadable when it switches to the PS4 store. There is no track for Greece available there. I even searched it outside the game in the ps4 store, and it doesn't show. This obviously sucks for me, but I still know that the people at Codemasters did an amazing job on dirt rally2
  2. While they've been having issues, the "they don't care about us or anyway" is a bit extreme. It's quite clear to me that they cared enough to create an excellent rally game, where the only real issue is internet connectivity.
  3. After the update. I still lost my ai championship progress, but I really wasn't doing so good in it anyway.
  4. Since today sept8th morning. Racenet would not connect. After restart later, I had everything reset. No money, no save data at all actually. No cars. Nothing. Can't access anything either. No way to get into events. I bought both seasons 1-2 and 3-4. Over 3 million credits, and 25 or so cars. are all gone. It gave me a message "Discrepancy found between racenet and save data" or something like that. I play online races and was racing the monthly 2000cc class in New England when it happened.
  5. Same thing here. Might be racenet got hacked or serious technical issues.
  6. This morning while playing it all of a sudden would not connect to racenet. Then after exiting and returning later, I find that it gives me a message saying that "A discrepancy was found between your save file and...something" I could not race or access anything. I had no money. My season icon is like the original instead of the season 3-4 it should be. The game is simply unplayable. Did someone hack codemasters? What is going on? Extremely upset. At least post a notice about this, as I've noticed a lot of other users are experiencing the same thing.
  7. MonomoMonakma

    Dashboard Cam Not Usable

    Moving the seat forward or backward does not work in dashboard cam setting. It only works with the driving wheel and driver hands visible drivers view. This should be changed. We need it in dashboard view cam, because on many cars the dashcam is too far back to be used.
  8. I raced professional championship and on the 7th race of the 2nd to last event, I terminally damaged in Argentina over that same place it happened before. Before a bridge where there is a cliff. Now that isn't what frustrates me. What frustrates me, and really made my blood boil is that there is no way to continue finishing the race after terminal failure, and I was in 5th place during the 7th race, which then left me finishing the whole event in 29th place after the terminal damage. There should be a restart option on terminal damage, or at least make it an option to have that. Now going on to finish the professional championship by doing the 8th event is pointless, as my standing is no longer high enough. Which brings me to the other frustrating factor. No option to return to a lower level of difficulty after failing to win the impossibly difficult higher level championships. They are impossible because of the inconsistent difficultly with finishing times of ai vehicles. Short runs are much harder to beat than long runs as well. Some courses like Poland are extremely difficult to place decent times, (highest was 24th place in professional championship) while in Argentina I was averaging in the top 10. That is inconsistent. Monaco I'm in the top 10 placings, while Australia leaves me around 20th. The dashboard cam is useless due to not enough viewing space, and too much of the inside of the car. All of this leads me to become very frustrated and unhappy about this version of Dirt Rally, where the opposite is the case with the first Dirt Rally game. Made it to Master level in that one, while I can't even get in the top 15 in Rally 2.0's professional level.
  9. MonomoMonakma

    Dashboard Cam Not Usable

    Due to being on the PS4 and not having enough buttons on the controller to add seat positioning, It isn't really viable. I suppose I could change the button assignments, then adjust the seat, then change back to my regular settings. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that.
  10. The dashboard cam is too far back from the window for too many vehicles, for it to be used. I use the dashboard cam most of the time in Dirt Rally 1, yet I am forced to use the hood view now in Rally2.0 instead, and it's not as good. I truly believe that if Rally 2.0 was a copy of Rally1 with new tracks added it would be perfect. It's the "don't fix it if it, if it isn't broken" idea. The graphics were actually better in Rally1 in many ways. It's as if you added too much graphic clutter and noise, as distractions from the driving.
  11. 1. Make Championship career mode difficulty go back down a level after losing at a higher level, as in Dirt Rally1. 2. Move certain cars POV dashboard view closer to the window so there is more visible area as was the case in Dirt Rally1, but for many cars in 2.0 it is too far back from the dashboard. 3. Get rid of the dark visors above window that block the view in many cars. 4. In the "hood view" the lens glare is too bright and makes it impossible to see the road at times. So lessen that effect. Other than those, it's a great game that I am now playing more often this week than last week. I still tend toward playing Dirt Rally1 a lot, as I really hate the dashboard views of many vehicles in Rally2.0, and not being able to take a step down in difficulty placement in career mode. I'm coming in the between 17th and 23rd place all the time in professional level, and losing all my money to repairs as well, while not earning enough because of low placing.