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  1. BiohazardBGR

    Geometry and texture bugs after the livery update

    HI @RedDevilKT and @Hoo I just want to report that the bug resurfaced again in the Ferrari cockpit view. ITs not so strong as before but it was eliminated completely and recently I noticed it again. Here are examples. It's noticeable when you start a race for the first time and shader changes, before the change its clear edge but when it's loaded it's visible. The bug did not appears in the video below, you can see there is no such change. This is two months ago. Maybe some changes were made in the recent patches. I know it's not very pronounced but the fact was corrected before is the reason to report it. Best Regards Andrey
  2. What is the point of CM lower the setting if anyone can do that for themselves? In the older games, there were no such problems.
  3. Well, those people just can lower the settings themselves I never have issues like that.
  4. What`s the point of downgrading reflections in the pc version if you have option settings in the first place, it's pointless if you want to play on high just lower it yourself. I have 980 TI and I run the game on ultra 60 fps all the time. If someone has lower spec pc just lower the reflections come on CM please revert this absurd decision.
  5. BiohazardBGR

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    Ok, Codies I find this today, please make a similar option in f1 2020. This is done pretty reasonable in Assetto Corsa. https://www.facebook.com/100012399547028/videos/869025213520789/
  6. Thank you for the response @RedDevilKT I just wonder why this is even in the game, the night races were in 2018 or previous games for example and this bug was not there. I hope you fix them with a future patch because such bugs are not acceptable in an AAA game in my opinion In an otherwise excellent and beautiful game.
  7. BiohazardBGR

    Geometry and texture bugs after the livery update

    Thanks for the reply @RedDevilKT. It is hard to believe such an easy problem to fix is even present when you have only 10 cars in your game and the models and shaders must be perfect when you have so small cars list to create. I understand the cars are created quicky after the reveal of the real cars but still, such bugs can be fixed easily. In 2018 this was not a problem. For example, I have Forza Horizon 4 with hundreds of cars all of them without geometry bugs or other games like Gran Turismo or drive club. I hope you avoid creating similar problems in the future. Please, guys just chek your models If I, a user can find them sure the guys that create the cars or the shaders can spot them.
  8. BiohazardBGR

    What is that Codemasters?

    I got sometimes VSC but no SC so far I talk with some of the users here and some have SC no problem I must create a thread where people can post their game settings and track why some have SC and others don't I think this will narrow the issue.
  9. SC looks very random I didn't saw AI cause sc but sometimes I have VSC
  10. Did you force the safety car out at the beginning of the race or its come naturally caused by the AI incidents and DNFs?
  11. BiohazardBGR


    I will try to do that. maybe there are some leftover files from previews versions. I have the game from day one but didn't play it until this spring. Mabe is this broke the SC I don't know. But there are a lot of folders what did you delete?
  12. BiohazardBGR


    I guess vanilla is bugged I try 1.15 with 75 AI full race length and the result for me was the same. Sloppysmusic told me he played vanilla 1.16 and he has SC all the time. I'm wondering if the problem is in the steam version or if is some settings fault.
  13. BiohazardBGR


    I download 1.15 but the safety car still doesn't come out did you have SC with this patch?
  14. BiohazardBGR

    What is that Codemasters?

    How did you get a safety car this thing never comes out? At least on pc.
  15. So we are 1.12 and this is still not fixed,@RedDevilKT @Hoo do you have info if this will be addressed in a future patch I don't know how such a bug can be left in the game.