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    Motion Blur Issue

    Hello, guys, I notice a problem with the motion blur effect. It's resolution dependent. When you play in 1080p the motion blur is detailed and strong and looks more realistic. But when you increase the resolution, higher and higher to 1440p or even 4k the motion blur doesn't look right but more of a Gaussian blur. Expecting the ground when moving you can clearly see the asphalt texture but smeared. Not properly blurred by the speed. This issue wasn't present in older Codemasters games. I hope this can be resolved in 2019 or even patched back to 2018.
  2. BiohazardBGR

    Cockpit cam, HALO transparency

    Hi guys, I want to give an idea to the developers. The Halo is a big problem for any cockpit user and removing the central column is nice but don't look very realistic. An additional option can be added. F1 is a simulator and it`s trying to feel very realistic but the lack of geometry of the equipment make it less authentic. The halo is a part of the modern open wheel single sitters and doesn't disturb the drivers but for the players is a big issue. I was thinking why not introduce a transparency slider. The eyes naturally make the front of the halo transparent when you drive and a similar effect can be achieved. Whit the slider you can make it transparent let say from 100% to around 30%. The effect can be on the top of the screen and the edges can be more opaque similar to the image below. Whit this option you can still see the sky and surrounding cars and the front of the car but still, have this illusion of the eyes adjusting to the object in front. Here is an example of it. The game makes the car transparent when you drive through objects but this option can be made for the cockpit view making the halo-less of a problem but of a feature. I hope we can have a patch for 2018 and a feature option for 2019. Lol, I don`t know why but the image uploaded several times and I cannot remove the clones hope admin to fix it 🙂