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  1. RUF98

    Why "New England" and not "Washington"?

    The locations of the individual rallies are described completely inconsistently, anyway. Baumholder and Jämsä are towns, Monaro is a county, Catamarca is a federal state, New England consists of several federal states and Ribadelles doesn't even exist.
  2. Hey Codies, is there any reason why the new Paris track is only used in additional DLC events, but not in regular career mode? There really aren't that much locations in the base game, any kind of additional variety would be welcome.
  3. The times the AI sets using the H2 FWD cars are completely messed up. They are absolutely unbeatable on Clubman difficulty and additionally also set more or less the same stage times as the Up to 2000cc cars. Please fix this, it really makes this class unplayable at the moment.