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  1. pocoyopt

    Favourite/Least favourite rallies?

    1 argentina 2 germany 3 new zeland 4 monte carlo 5 wales 6 australia 7 us 8 wales 9 swedem 10 spain 11 poland
  2. pocoyopt


    Still clipping and graphic bugs, that are annoying on xbox one x. As well the game is still much too dark. have to change my TV settings in order to play
  3. pocoyopt

    Fixes, tweaks and ideas list

    The game is way too dark.... please improve it, Daily events are always night or rain.... I am about to give up on that. Dirt 4 had foggy areas during stage. It would be nice here as well Co driver needs to be improved, kind if distance to the turns would be nice
  4. pocoyopt

    Ideas for DiRT Rally 2.0 Season 2 DLC RX Content

    Fafe stage would be great, specially the final jump. Cars like the hyunday, yaris, celica, Rally of greece, portugal, corsica, san remo,