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  1. Clod22

    F1 2019 - Voice commands on xbox one?

    Games can use headset mics for chat, so why not take that and use it for in-game commands? I doubt Microsoft told them they need to have a special type of input from the Kinect to do commands. But I'm not a dev, so I don't know what dumb decisions Microsoft makes.
  2. Xbox One S doesn't have a 1440p mode. It isn't powerful enough.
  3. Clod22

    Career mode AI on elite level

    You shouldn't have to memorize stages to be competitive. That's not how rally works.
  4. It's not really a 1/4 chance of night either. The 6-10 options that each location currently has isn't fully balanced between times of day. The chance of night varies depending on location and how many weathers Codies chose for it.
  5. What we need is more customization for time and weather combinations. Right now there's a very limited number of combinations you can have. For example, on many stages you probably can't have something like evening and light showers. Why? Give custom championships full customization from dawn to night (currently only a 4 options starting at "daytime") and all weathers and give career full randomization. You'll absolutely never see sunrise or dawn in career because it's locked to the same combinations that custom championship has. These options are in the game, just let them be used and combined with other options. Codemasters got it right in DiRT 4. You could combine any time with any weather. How did they get it wrong this time? We went from 130 potential combinations to 6-10 depending on the location. Who thought that was acceptable? Once they fix that (if they ever do) all we need is for them to rebalance career randomization so night and rain appear less. But making options available that already exist + letting them be combined differently should come before rebalancing.
  6. Clod22

    Patch 1.4?

    If we're going to compare graphics, wouldn't it be better to compare games and their sequels on the same console to show how DR2 is worse than DR1 while most games either improve or stay about the same?
  7. It doesn't need to be easy, it just needs to not be next to impossible. AI are setting times faster than current world records. They should never be better than the best human player. This issue isn't even restricted to the highest difficulties. Go try H2 FWD against AI.
  8. Clod22

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 08/04/19

    No, it'd be like getting GTA IV on PS3, then later getting GTA V on PS3 and wondering why GTA V looks so much worse on the same generation. We don't expect PS4/XB1 to look as good as PS4P/XB1X but to be close to, if not better than, the previous game on the same console.
  9. Clod22

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    Free play gives 6-10 options depending on location. Time trials are only 2, one dry and one wet, which is understandable. Career mode and custom championships should allow for much more variety.
  10. Clod22

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    Honestly I haven't touched historic championships. I assumed they'd add these options to free play if they existed, so I just went off those. If they already exist, they need to be added to other modes. Career and free play would greatly benefit from having more time/weather variety. If they're in the game, why are certain modes so restricted? There's no reason other modes can't have dawn and sunrise along with any combination of time and weather. But after looking at historic championship, it looks like while there's two more possible times, there's still only a few set combinations. All of the non-dawn/sunrise options still match the set combinations that exist in free play and my team. CM, just put the dawn/sunrise times in other modes and allow for any combination of time and weather. It wouldn't require you to actually add anything or put much work in, and it would improve the game a ton by giving some much needed variety. It's incredible that you actually thought it was a good idea to restrict these. I could go ask a child whether it's better to have variety or needlessly restrictive settings and they'd say variety. Who made this decision?
  11. We don't know, we're not Codemasters. Only they can answer, and they haven't.
  12. Xbox One S and the OG Xbox One cannot output in 4K and don't have a 4K mode in the settings. The game barely runs on One/S already, there's no way a 4K mode could work.
  13. Clod22

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    The issue with time variation is that there are only about 6-10 set conditions for each location. For example, there can be no way to have sunset and overcast in some locations. What they should add is a separate setting for each, which would give a ton more variety. With that, they can add more times and possibly more weathers. Let's take a look at Argentina. You can have: Daytime / Clear / Dry Surface Daytime / Overcast / Dry Surface Daytime / Light Showers / Wet Surface Daytime / Light Rain / Wet Surface Sunset / Cloudy / Dry Surface Dusk / Cloudy / Dry Surface Dusk / Heavy Rain / Wet Surface Night / Clear / Dry Surface If you're wondering why there's very little variety, that's why. There's only 4 different time settings for all stages, and 7 different weathers. But if we look at DiRT 4, every location had full customization of time and weather, with 10 time settings and 13 weather settings (non-snow). There were 130 different possible combinations of time and weather on non-snow locations. So why have we gone all the way down to 6-10 per location? Honestly, they probably can't change this now without a ton of work because they just don't have the work put into stage conditions. They didn't bother with time and weather for DR2 and now it would be too much to ask from CM for an update.
  14. Clod22

    Thrustmaster 458 Spider

    Not really, no. The Thrustmaster 458 Spider wheel has no force feedback. All it does is attempt to center itself to give you some resistance in turning. My recommendation for a wheel noob is the Thrustmaster TMX (T150 for PlayStation). It's more expensive but it's really cheap for a force feedback wheel. It's really the only wheel I have used except for the Xbox 360 Wireless Force Feedback Wheel so I can't compare it to anything else, but it feels alright to me.
  15. Clod22

    New Patch Out - PS4

    Shows on Xbox One. Still 1.2.1 in-game.