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  1. Cdnrally

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Exactly my point too!
  2. Cdnrally

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Ok, this bloody cool! The stages are pretty much spot on with the game! Even the gearing (for me at least) is pretty accurate! I will say, I’m not sure how far off Codies physics are off on tarmac considering that we push more than in real life which may be some of the reason the car starts to float. I think if you drive like Sordo, it’s pretty close! Also, I thought Bigben had the rights to these stages (and Argentina and Australia), so how are Codies able to use them? Not complaining, it’s so neat to see the stages represented so well in the game!👍
  3. Cdnrally

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I just won Masters but only by the process of elimination.... being that the top AI driver dnf’ed or dropped down the order twice. I’ve posted all this in another thread but the AI is all over the map, for the 2000cc class anyway. Australia was a breeze (won every stage) but every other rally the one top driver, when not crashing out was kicking my behind and WAY ahead of everyone else. I’ve posted a few examples. As you can see I’m 4 seconds behind 2nd place which is totally fine but for 1st to be 15 seconds faster then that?!! Same issue with the second stage.... I’ll go as far as to say those 1st place times are not even attainable! I’d love to be proven wrong though if someone as video evidence. The final pic is the overall rally times. Don’t get me wrong time can be had with further practice etc., but almost 1:30... no way, not from me anyway.
  4. Cdnrally

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I agree, in today’s day and age this should not be that difficult to change but I’m not a developer so I’m really not sure...😬
  5. Cdnrally

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    AI Masters Update: I’ll continue with my AI updates regarding my 2nd attempt at the Masters Championship and the wonkiness of Codies AI! So when I left off last I was halfway through the second rally (New Zealand). I was sitting fifth and after setting better times worked my way up to third to finish on the podium. However, I was still a minute and 20 seconds slower than the top driver and I do not see it being possible to close that gap as I was pushing like hell! What was to my benefit though was that the driver that won did not place well on the first rally so I was now tied for overall points with the driver who placed second in New Zealand and Australia at 54 points. Next was the New England rally. Overall I would say the AI was closest to what I think it should be at. I set top three times for the entire rally but was not able to match the top driver but it was at least realistic. However, though I was down by 30 seconds after eight stages, he suffered gear box problems for two stages in a row and lost significant time. So going into the final two stages I was up by 12 seconds. It was still not easy though as I placed third on both stages and only won by 2.7 seconds. I would have placed second if not for the gearbox issues the top driver had. The times the AI drivers were setting on this rally was a lot more realistic, with drivers placing in different positions on most stages. So Codemasters is capable of creating an AI system that can work it just does not have the consistency it should. So the driver I was originally tied with placed third and so I am now up by six points in the championship. Next is Sweden which of course is new and I have no clue what the AI times will be like. I’m usually pretty fast in the snow but you just never know what to expect....
  6. Cdnrally

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    So I’m back..... I started a second Masters season for the hell of it (still 2000cc class -C4) and Rally Australia was first. I could not believe it but I won every single stage and finished first by almost two minutes!!! (see image). I actually thought that maybe Codies had fixed the AI.... but.....no. 🤦‍♂️ Second rally in (NZ) and I’ve completed 6 stages and I’m down by a over a minute in 5th place (was as far down as 13th but fought my way back up with some serious white knuckle, sweating driving....😓) Still, I was 22 seconds slower then P1 on the long 16km stage at night in the rain pushing like I’ve never pushed before......***??! What a friggin mess of a system (or whatever they use) Codemasters has implemented for the AI! How is it they don’t test this stuff out before signing off on it.... I mean it’s not like this is their first rodeo when it comes to rally games...Crikey Codemasters!!! I think we should all keep posting on here until our frustrations and concerns are addressed! I don’t actually have a lot of interest in playing the Career mode with this train wreck for AI but for the sake of this thread and in the hopes (🙏) that Codies actually listen or pay attention, I will persevere!
  7. Cdnrally

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    So I need to chime in here about the AI times specifically about the 2000cc class (C4). I’m currently in Masters and I have raced Spain, Aussie, NZ, Monte and Argentina and though I didn’t’ win, I’m close! So with a bit of practice I can see me having a chance to win. But Poland! Codemasters are you kidding me!? After 4 stages of pushing as hard as I can without risking a serious crash I was down nearly a minute! I’m at times losing 3-5 seconds a split! I’m convinced that there are splits where the times are literally not possible to achieve! Also, there are stages where the sun is in your eyes nearly the entire time (even though the start time was 1615 hours in Poland in the summer?!?) and I don’t believe they adjusted the times at all to reflect this. There seems to be a rash of problems with AI as this thread clearly suggests so I’m hoping it creates change. If codemasters does not adjust this I will continue to do what I did today, I kept abandoning the championship until Poland was not included. Problem solved but not one I wish to continue because I love the Polish stages! Just curious though, has anyone here won in Poland (2000cc class, Masters level)? If so, by how much or after how many attempts? Maybe it is just me if a whole slew of people have beaten it...😬