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  1. I found the solution about this BS game. I removed it and stopped playing. They can put their BS in their (you can guess what)
  2. The past weeks, I can't win a race. Setting track records, but still lose with 3". The other car is cutting corners, driving in the grass: nothing happens, they win. Monaco: not taking the chicane after the tunnel and driving away from me. Never saw more BS in 1 game.
  3. BA9999

    Canada GP

    Second lap, being 5th: last chicane: bot car is driving over that chicane without taking a turn and slams me against the wall! What BS is that. When I touch a car sleightly, I get engine stall!
  4. BA9999

    strange things!!!

    - sprint race: racing against a flag! Don't see a car. Being taken over by that flag over my car??? - starting a qualification 2 seconds behind the other car???
  5. I'm ******* tired of that: at a sprint race, I have more points but when we start, the last second, my engine pauses and I get to start at the second place. PS: lots of other ******** to, to much the write it all!!!!!!!
  6. BA9999


    Qualify: the other car is going offroad the whole time but he's still running away from me while I drive a perfect race. What BS is that?
  7. Can't win one race, losing al my league points! 1. at start, I have allready lost 2 seconds or more. 2. running a perfect race: the other fa is 4 seconds faster. 3. perfect start from the grid, the other fa is running me of, he gets engine stall but then he is 3 seconds in front Here we call that: een klotespel!
  8. BA9999

    Player AZFAR - AZF 2

    Play fair, FA!
  9. Sprint race. At start, my car stalls and starts when the other has a lead of 10' I lost the race with this result: better sector times but still losing???? I know there's a lot of BS in this game, but this???
  10. BA9999

    Sprint race

    Why is it, in a sprint race, I have to start second in 90% of the cases? Better score and better safety rating then the other player changes nothing. I like to play this game, but it's (sometimes) full of sh**.
  11. BA9999

    Resource points

    I noticed sometimes (not always checking) that the resource points I won, didn't add up. Now I won 20 resource points, wacthed a video to dubble them, but I got nothing!!! 0 points added. What BS is that?
  12. If I hit someone, I get engine stall. But if that AH kicks me of the track, he gets nothing!!!
  13. BA9999


  14. BA9999

    2019 Season Update Announcement!

    I hope you fixed all the ******** that was in the previous version!!!
  15. BA9999

    Game play sucks

    How come in a sprint race, I have a higher ranking, the other get a front start, 90% of the cases??? When I hit the oponent by accicent, my engine stalls. But when he kicks me of the road, nothing happens with his car??? When a lot of AH try to run my off, I get in trouble, but nothing happens with that AH??? And I can go on.......
  16. BA9999

    Controls wrong

    20% of the time, I push left or right, but the F* car is braking!
  17. BA9999

    Is this for real?

    - other player is pushing me of the road: my engine stalls and he can continue??? - other player is pushing: I start to fly and keep on flying??? - leading in Monaco: there's a car parked when leaving the tunnel, so hitting it and race is over??? - being N° 1 in a race, other player 8th, leading 4" when seeing the finish: losing with 1"??? - starting the race on the grid, first corner: I'm 3th, other is 7th. After that corner: I'm 5th, he's 1st. ??? And I can go on and on. Strange things are happening in this game!!!
  18. BA9999


    During a duel I got: maintenace...... I was leading but after restarting: lost league points! What BS is that?
  19. BA9999


    During a duel I got: maintenace...... I was leading but after restarting: lost league points! What BS is that?