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  1. RallyLover19

    Option to disable co-driver comments...

    No. Same as before. No. It depends on the driver's needs.
  2. RallyLover19

    Suggestions after 3 months

    Agreed. Not: aquaplanning has already implemented and works fine (ex one of USA tracks)
  3. RallyLover19

    Details of cars

    Post them there. Devs folows that thread
  4. RallyLover19

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

    Nice. Sometimes you have to press button 1 sometimes you have to press button 18 for the same action True logic... 😄
  5. RallyLover19

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

    Please add full control of controllers / steeringwheels. In case of DR 1 people were able to go through the Start screen by pressing a button on the wheel, now we HAVE TO hit Enter which is annoying solution Be consequent. Some of the menues you have to press "this" in other menu you have to press"that" button for the same action (Ex. Rename) You should use only button 18 for (Enter) and 19 for Escape/Cancel only insted of different variants Brief descriptions of options from within the GUI. - not just in case of Input. All of your game is missing this feature which was well presented in DR 1. Ex. Users don't know anything in graphic menu which option makes more FPS, which makes mre real, which settings used for what ...
  6. Do this update solve Content Not Installed bug? I am not brave enough to play the game ... 😄
  7. RallyLover19

    Thank you for listening to us, Codies :)

    Is this bug solved also?
  8. " Latvia RX is out next week but the files are in 1.5. " " This bug is related to the upcoming addition of Latvia RX and how the game handles files related to the FIA World Rallycross Championship game mode, within the Freeplay tab on the main menu. "
  9. RallyLover19

    Add more Renaults

    RX means Rallycross. Rally isn't equal to Rallycross. Two different kind of Motorsports racing.
  10. RallyLover19

    Add more Renaults

    First sentence: "Only two Reanult rally cars exist in Dirt Rally 2.0 " But yeah, could be more Renault RX cars too...
  11. RallyLover19

    Add more Renaults

    Do you think "enough variety" ?
  12. RallyLover19

    Please Unlock DLC cars for modding

    Thanks a Lot!
  13. RallyLover19

    Add more Renaults

    Only two Reanult rally cars exist in Dirt Rally 2.0. The Alpine A110 and R5 Turbo, nothing else... Why? Tehere are many great Renault rally cars, few examples are: Renault Clio R3T Renault Megane Coupe Renault Clio Maxi II Renault Clio Maxi Renault Twingo R1 / R2