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  1. Great job for your first ever livery! Keep up the good work! 🙂 One tip: you should flip up the green triangle at the side skirt (marked with red square)
  2. No. When Volkswagen Golf Kit car will released? Who knows?
  3. Ibiza Kit Car: First event: Rallye Catalunya - Costa Brava - Rallye de España 1995 First finished event: Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo 1996 Peug 306 Maxi: First event: Rallye Alsace-Vosges 1995 First finished event: Rallye Alsace-Vosges 1995
  4. F2 category name was given by this logic F (front wheel) 2 (2 wheel drive) 2.0 litres non tubo engined cars >> S2000 category, 1.6 litres non turbo engined cars >> S1600 category etc.
  5. Again: i've got those cars, i own those cars in my garage, i can play with those cars - however Steam clients inform me about that i haven't got them. IMO it is a bug.
  6. Almost the same for Me (Steam version) Deluxe Edition, and i got all the cars, but Steam client show that i haven't got for example the Kadett C ... This Steam bug exist since first release
  7. Same bug still exist still Dirt Rally 2.0 v1.0 - no devs tracking it ...
  8. I don't know how to tell you, since greece DLC (as i remember) all the visuals went wrong... If you watch a replay about your car, all the black plastic parts seems almost white but at least light grey instead of black! The headlight visibility was a weak point in Dirt Rally 2.0 in day light conditions, but now everything seems gone. Almost No visible tail lights, no visible brake lights Please give us previous settings back! Even you should bring us useable headlights for dark scenes at day lights. Thanks
  9. People can upload DR nad D4 cars as an encrypted .NEFS file and use them in DR 2.0 The question is why DLC cars not able use the same way to pick up only .PSSG files from sub-folder as any other cars ? DLC cars like Subaru 2001 and Focus 2001 or the C4 could use several custom made liveries from the past without hurting the policy of DR 2.0
  10. Custom liveries aren't available for DLC cars for an inexplicable reason
  11. Is there any difference between DR2.0 and DR version?
  12. Yes. New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait 48 seconds before submitting.
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