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  1. RallyLover19

    Lighting and Colour Palette Improvements

    I am the only one who think Wales DLC in DR 2.0 is a step-backward? Original track colours was more similar to real... Also rain effects are better in visuals
  2. RallyLover19

    Pacenote editor

    Someone who already used it should share a new pacenote file for a DR 2.0 stage I don't understand how to use it, just would be awesome to share witheach other better pacenotes
  3. RallyLover19

    Navigator builder or better corrector

    Good idea! thanks! Could you add "Caution" ? There is a left turn in one of the US stage, and there outside 3 pcs huge rocks located which can hit by your car easily
  4. RallyLover19

    insert the real dashboard Delta HF evo GR.A

    That is a private mod. Doesn't look like Gr.A8 dashboard... Nothing's wrong with the dashboard of the Evo 2 in Dirt Rally 2.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_0KYmVtAMI
  5. RallyLover19


    Yes, Please!
  6. RallyLover19

    introduce new line 2019 for Fiesta and Skoda R5

    New Fabia R5 is in the game since before it was released for public IRL
  7. Please decrease disc glowing effects for rear axles! Now the discs are glowing for the same amount of time and the same amount of visual level which is unreal. Brake force and brake heat generated most on front axles almos all the time. In Assetto Corsa they calculates this effects and discs are glows by a different level which seems real ( It depends on brake force ratios and the diameters od brake discs, brake pads and of course the pistons of the calipers etc. but should be ennough to decrease the level of rear discs visuals to look-a-like real )
  8. RallyLover19

    Procedural Stage Generation

    Sorry, but NO. Worst thing ever happened in Dirt series that released a Procedural stage generator it's not Trackmania
  9. RallyLover19

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    interesting the release date of Wales Rally gameplay now 🙂
  10. RallyLover19

    Please Unlock DLC cars for modding

    This game required online accounts. Every user account should have a database which DLC is paid by them Not a hard job to check which player can drive a DLC car - sg like as Rockstar games handles it. The way as CM now encrypted only DLC cars is ridicule
  11. RallyLover19

    Crew / Public performance issue

    CM should add a radio button to Graphics menu to switch off completely to remove spectators from scenes to improve FPS or let players decide to use spectators with ON option
  12. RallyLover19

    Suggestions for improving the "Clubs" web pages

    Great idea! Plus one: Codemasters should add a Summary page for every club progress. The problem is now we have to click all the stages to check our (and our rivals) results. Should better to add a new Tab or page where all stages results should shown in one place, at least our results Summary of the Event: XY results 🔻 (should add a dropdown list to select player) Stage 1 9th +0.23 Stage 2 11th +1.01 Stage 3 8th +0.31 Stage 4 6th +0.14 Stage 5 7th +0.16
  13. RallyLover19

    Please Unlock DLC cars for modding

    Please find another way to protect DLC cars. Or let use the folder methode as you did for other cars. We badly need more liveries for example this one:
  14. No way! There's no Restart button in real life.