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  1. Nice. Sometimes you have to press button 1 sometimes you have to press button 18 for the same action True logic... 😄
  2. Please add full control of controllers / steeringwheels. In case of DR 1 people were able to go through the Start screen by pressing a button on the wheel, now we HAVE TO hit Enter which is annoying solution Be consequent. Some of the menues you have to press "this" in other menu you have to press"that" button for the same action (Ex. Rename) You should use only button 18 for (Enter) and 19 for Escape/Cancel only insted of different variants Brief descriptions of options from within the GUI. - not just in case of Input. All of your game is missing this feature which was well pr
  3. Argentina looks superb! Because of better track design it feels more real than in DR 2.0 They need to make improvements on sounds, dust, fire, handbrake, suspension animation and it could be a good alternative game
  4. They're added to use them as free slots for custom liveries!
  5. Compare width of tyres in this photo below - front (narrower) - rear (wider) It seems DR 2.0 use same tyre width for both axle
  6. Anti-lag used only when you release the gas pedal to keep turbo pressure alive - Dirt Rally 2.0 physics does not use them at all That sound what you hear may the launch control or simple programmed ignition misfire to keep the engine below the peak of its max RPM
  7. Official liveries has got place to hold all necessary files for each car while "fantasy" liveries are just only variations of the desired schemes and colors. on a one color body paint This is the reason why only official liveries can be used to replace them with custom liveries.
  8. There is a camera mod already exist (i don1t remember the url). Just unzip a file with sub folders into cars folder and you're done
  9. I like the way how Kylotonn is making their games better. They listen to their customers / players and change things to the right direction immedietely
  10. Ai don't care about physics, weather, track degradation. Good racing game... almost sim. 😄
  11. But it was occoured in Poland only. My times always set in the Top 1/3 of world rankings.
  12. I lost my faith on career mode when i set all sectors Green everywhere in Poland, then i was able to finish 23rd only over all!!! How that is possible? nonsense. Only occoured in Poland
  13. If you use them stored in .PSSG in a sub folder then you didn't touch the .nefs files, that is irrelevant, and means you can use them for your own pleasure, they are compatible with multiplayer online events and you'll be never banned. Officially confirmed. 😉
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