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  1. TheApexBadger

    Achievement "Fire Up That Car... Again"

    I forgot to edit this post: Codemasters stepped up and fixed all of the issues and provided us with an easy Community Delta for the Audi Quattro Tier 1 one win, as well as numerous Groub B 4WD events (in general). I crashed on a lot of these, but still I impatiently posted about Codemasters' ignoring of a segment of the community when they did not. It is much appreciated, apologies for the frustration, Rallying is serious business. Thank you guys for your hard work and all the additional updates/content!
  2. TheApexBadger

    Achievement "Fire Up That Car... Again"

    Is the trophy going to be awarded and pop for those who have gotten top tier or will we all have to fire that car up again.... again? 😉 It would be very simple for those who've gotten into top tier to have this checked off, so to speak, in the next patch. However, this was not the case with the UPGRADED achievement/trophy, soooo I'm guessing we'll have to white knuckle it through yet another Groub B 4WD Event. Sorry if I'm coming across bitter/sarcastic... I love DiRT and I love rallying in this game. I just have been having pains in my hands from all the injuries/combat sports over the years and my video game reflexes are not what they once were which means I literally have to try much harder to get into Tier 1 and may have some pain afterwards because of how tense my hands get (this is my problem, I realize this heh). I also have a bit of OCD when it comes to unlocking trophies (like most completionists/trophy hunters) and especially so when it comes to online achievements like this one. Basically, I want it out of the way so I can make rally videos from the replays and play for fun without having that nagging itch that's yet to be scratched, if one catches my drift 😄
  3. TheApexBadger

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    No one has replied here, so I thought I'd extend mine (and probably others') appreciation for your guides. I hope you do get every car finished because I'm not the best tuner; your setups are far better than what I've come up with. Thanks a lot for your effort and enthusiasm!
  4. TheApexBadger

    Achievement "Fire Up That Car... Again"

    I'm definitely an old-school gamer and I agree (and have expressed your sentiment numerous times, including the criminal or negligent behavior companies can have towards their products). I remember when patches and updates were more tested and thorough, however, that's for sure. That's not to say that there aren't plenty of changes/improvements/additions/content in these patches (I'd actually say a lot of devs are releasing HUGE patches/updates with tons of content more than ever). The main thing is the testing of these updates; in many cases the games themselves seem to never have been beta-tested at all xD I really enjoy Dirt Rally 2, so I'm hoping these issues will be hashed out and they will embrace all members of the community (including trophy/achievement hunters) by retroactively unlocking the Audi Quattro trophy or specifying if this is an event that has yet to happen. I also hope the strange physics with some of the cars (looking at you RWD) is addressed, as well as the issue with the inability to reset the careers back to Open and the problems with the persistent online connection, to name a few more. Hopefully, Codemasters is working on the fixes. I've sent several e-mails to custservice@codemasters.com, but I can't seem to get any replies. I'm hoping it's due to them already working on those problems, although a response would be appreciated ;D
  5. It's not there. EDIT- Nevermind, it looks like it just appeared.
  6. TheApexBadger

    Season 1 credits drop

    I didn't get mine as well. I had to download the cars from the PS store, despite the message saying it would be automatically placed in my garage. This did not give me any additional credits. I am having the same issue with the Monte Carlo DLC, but there is nothing in the store to download. It looks like those of us with the Deluxe Edition keep getting screwed (hopefully, not intentionally).
  7. I logged in today and saw the News and Announcements introducing Monte Carlo/new liveries for Dirt Rally 2.0. There are 2 events on the new stage that have a download symbol on them. This happened with the two free cars, but I don't see anything to download in the store. Currently, when I go to play the event it states I do not have the DLC etc., despite pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition from the store. My downloaded items show all of the relevant content for the Deluxe Edition, so what am I missing? =D
  8. I think this should be basic, but please allow us to reset the My Event career times. The reward money can be adjusted or you can just reset your progress on your profile, but please allow us to choose a difficulty. It's bad enough to have a persistent online connection, worse to not EVER be able to "start over" with different vehicles.
  9. TheApexBadger

    Achievement "Fire Up That Car... Again"

    I am also in agreement with Shmeefly.' The RWD has drastically changed in this latest patch... the Porsche is literally on ice 😛 And I speak for the entire trophy/achievement hunting community when I say this (I'm pretty sure no one will disagree): 1. We would like some clarification if this event has YET to come up thus no popping of the trophy 2. Those of us who have reached Tier 1 at least once (2 for me), should have this trophy popped retroactively. There's no reason not to do this. I kept screenshots if proof is required, but the data should be stored on Codemasters' side. This is an amazing game, I wish CM would focus on things like this (the Watch the DELTA trophy cost me 1.5 million credits along with buying all the Group B RWD cars). The physics changing/trophy issue is making me take a break until the issue is resolved (including the DLC not being available to me, that's another topic)