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  1. Kdtomcat

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Thank you for these! Will be trying the 205 gti settings later as I seem to be struggeling to save time on a TT im doing at the minute
  2. Kdtomcat

    DR2.0 really is a Graphically Stunning Racing Game

    Im on ps4 pro and to be honest I think its very disapointing, game play visualy looks better at times but the replays look a big step backwards to me, to have 4k on the xbox one x and not the ps4 pro is annoying me ha ha ha!!!
  3. Hi there, i have a ps4 pro and are pretty dissapointed to be honest, can anybody explain why the Xbox One X is in 4k but the ps4 pro is only in 1080p? Im not a technical wizard by any means but this is not the reason i bought a ps4 pro and 4k tv, the game and replays look fantastic on the Xbox One X, thanks