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  1. SimRacingRUN

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    Hey, do you have a problem guy? I have more than 20 years of simulation behind me and you tell me to connect my steering wheel to my PC? I'll tell you back to your poor man ... Meanwhile Codemasters delivered us a game without FFB and more than that they allowed themselves to sell us a game not finished. We are not pigeons to what I know and their way of doing and saving time is badly honest, period. With Youtubeurs French we are setting up a petition, to follow ... By the way, before telling me stupid things, what are you doing ? Here is mine :
  2. SimRacingRUN

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    What do we want? Are you big fun at Codemaster or what? We simply want the FFB first, a simulation game without FFB is not a simulation game, lol, and it does not need to ask people what they want! I tell you that you have made us a game without FFB and the problem is us and not you? Where is the world going? This game should never have been released two months ago ... So petition or not?
  3. SimRacingRUN

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    Hi, it's outrageous to take people for what are not! A game released and not finished yet !!! And if we put up a petition for deception on the game Dirt Rally 2, it's still more than 2 months that the game is out and still nothing FFB! In addition no dialogue on the part of Codemaster on this subject !!! I have the game for over 2 months, I do not play and I spent 60 € in the void! I say, put up a petition because it is not normal! A stroke of presence you will do good Codemaster?