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  1. MAJOR bugs that are still killing the experience for me! These bugs stand in close connection to each other!!! System: PS4 and PS4 PRO (tried on 3 different systems to validate bugs) with Logitech G29 (tested with 2 individual G29s to validate bugs). 1) Wheel loosing auto centering on game startup This bug was carried over from Dirt and is definitely Dirt specific (this does not happen with games like Project Cars 1 & 2 or Assetto Corsa). The moment the loading screen comes up the auto centering of the FFB is gone. The only way to fix this, is changing users in the PS4 menu multiple times. Sometimes FFB auto centering comes on again, sometimes it takes a restart of the whole system and a second try. This is very painful for experienced players, but it´s also hurting new players, who don´t even know, that something is wrong with FFB making the game far less enjoyable to play. 2) Racenet losing connection when changing to PS4 screen and then returning error message "Not connected to PSN" Racenet looses connection EVERY time the player switches to the PS4 menu screen. Back in the game, it is impossible to login to Racenet again as the constant message "Not connected to PSN Network" is displayed. However PSN IS connected and even logging out and back into PSN won´t change anything. Only a restart of the PS4 system and restart of Dirt 2 makes Racenet work again (only until you have to switch to the PS4 menu screen). This is SUPER annoying especially if you have to switch users in the PS4 menu to make the FFB auto centering work on the wheel (see bug 1 above). 🤯 Guys, these two PS4 bugs are a major issue, completely ruining the experience for the player. Best Nick