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  1. I hope they keep Hockenheim in the game next year, its not on the calendar next year, but they could keep it as an extra track in next years game
  2. We need weather and time of day to league mode and Keyboard control binding support on Xbox as the PS4 has it
  3. Keyboard works flawlessly on xbox, other games no problem. Started F1 2019 tried every combination of port with keyboard, with wheel without wheel etc, nothing. Messaged one of my friends and they tried a keyboard in different ports on their Xbox and nothing happens in F1 2019. No reason why it should not work keyboards are supported on xbox, loads of games recognise them, joke is you can use the keyboard to type your setup name in F1 2019 but not assign it as controller or add controls to it. Seems they didn't bother putting in Keyboard support into the Xbox One version of the game, that sucks big time
  4. Both actual keyboard and keyboard button box work no problem on the Xbox, can use them in other games, can even type on the Xbox store page using the button box lol. But when F1 2019 is playing only controllers and wheel are recognised. An actual Microsoft made usb keyboard in any port does not even work in F1. It seems as if they just did not put any support into F1 for keyboards on the Xbox One version of the game, its ridiculous
  5. Yes PS4 version, one of the other forum users also created a keyboard based button box and used it with their PS4 version of the game.
  6. @RedDevilKT @Faya The Xbox One supports keyboards, it uses them for system usage, Project Cars uses it and even in F1 2019 you can use the keyboard to type the name of your car setup when saving it. BUT you cannot use the Keyboard to bind keys to actions, such as fuel or brake bias which is needed as wheels have limited amount of buttons. But the PS4 version of the game can do this as seen from the image below. The xbox is fully capable of using the keyboard so why not let it bind the shortcut keys like the PS4. We need this support asap! its unfair you have coded this on the PS4 but not on the Xbox
  7. You say cars have too much understeer maybe you should read what Mercedes (and other teams) have been working on all year (extract from motorsport magazine article) "Mercedes gives a pretty good clue of how, up to a certain point of steering, the suspension loads feed straight through that bracket to the wheel hub, in a conventional fashion. But once past that steering angle, the suspension leg forces the bracket to pivot downwards, effectively pulling the whole front of the car down. This will not only counteract the understeer inherent to an F1 car – and especially a long wheelbase F1 car – in slow corners by mechanical means, there is also likely to be an aerodynamic benefit as the wing and nose begin to work in ground effect. Although most of the teams are now utilising this technology, it will be of particular benefit to a car with an inherent weakness in slow corners – such as a long wheelbase car" Meanwhile at Ferrari: We are losing a lot in each corner, not only in the last sector, it is each single corner we are slow," said Binotto. "There is quite a lot of understeer. Is that only downforce or is it more than that? That is something that we really need to analyse and understand.
  8. @AlexTT Started building my own dash. Do you know how the code/action script to get the time distance to the car in front and the driver behind time distance? Had a look over the F1 udp specs and couldn't see a value in there for it.
  9. Jajb

    Idea - short full quali

    Yeah I've always thought that would be a cool way to spice things up
  10. Jajb

    Your first F1 game

    Anyone remember Grand Prix Manager 2. I recently played motorsport manager and what amazed me was that this modern game was almost identical to the old GPM2 literally nothing different feature wise just an upgrade in graphics.
  11. Great that they changed Ai difficulty in leagues so it can now go above 100. Just need to add ability to change weather/time of day (afternoon, morning etc) realistic car performance option and ability to save between sessions and league mode would be perfect
  12. Jajb

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    In the new patch they have changed AI difficulty in leagues to be set over 100, so they have listened to that part, it looks like leagues is the focus this year. So if they now add ability to change weather and time of day and save between sessions we will have the Online Championship mode back
  13. @Faya With the new custom multiplayer cars that allow you to change the livery this year, we need the ability to use them offline also. Making them an option for Grand Prix mode or in championship mode would be good. The AI versions of the custom car are already in the game. Also adding your custom car to the showroom mode would also be a nice touch
  14. Jajb

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    over 8,000 views, 145 replies on this thread wow. @Faya I think this constitutes a need for implementation by the team
  15. It just feels like that because the game demands more data as you are near the car and the bad connections means it cannot get the data quick enough Sembra che il gioco richieda più dati man mano che ti avvicini alla macchina di fronte e che una cattiva connessione a Internet dei giocatori significa che non è possibile ottenere i dati abbastanza velocemente per mostrarli correttamente sullo schermo