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  1. Jajb

    No Career mode info for F1 2019?

    shiny shiny tyres everywhere looks terrible nothing like real life, after they leave the pits they are matt on top all way along
  2. Customisable hud for PC only. Im on console so this sucks, hope they can implement this feature in the console version
  3. I would like this too, and an option during the weekend or something to do practice race starts
  4. Far too much stuff all over the screen, far too distracting and if you turn it off you get no information. Looks like an arcade game They should have had an option for "Mini Hud' or something
  5. Jajb

    No Career mode info for F1 2019?

    says "career FEEDER series" so that's F2. Like I said seems to just be all about F2 now....
  6. Jajb

    Customization (Driver)

    You only see your driver for 3 seconds on the podium, and even then you don't see him celebrate (due to randomisers cut scenes) that much getting out of car with helmet on for about 3 seconds. You see your driver for about 6secs max during a race weekend, hardly reason for them to focus that much on it. I would rather instead of a dull same podium, if you win a race it focuses on your driver with crash helmet on celebrating near the car
  7. I notice its been mostly silent about Career mode in 2019, only the F2 addition has been talked about relating to it. I hope Career mode has some advances and better features, but I fear its all mostly online customisation features that have been focused on in this game. Some info about Career mode would be good
  8. @issueskid I notice in every comparison video 2019 seems 'muffled' compared to 2018. The 2019 car sound does not seem to be as powerful or loud as 2018
  9. Just watched the latest videos the position and timing hud is still lower, it needs to be raised a little, its too much in the eye line while driving. Even a feature to have 'hud standard or hud raised' would do. Its too distracting as it is
  10. Jajb

    F1 2019 - Tires are not realistic

    The middle line and surface tyre shine is not noticeable after they leave the pitlane, as noticed by watching every car leave the pitmen at the weekend, so even in time trial mode this should not look like that. They need to FIX the shine and line on these tyres
  11. You seem obsessed by people that use the t-cam, you do know even the e sports use that view because on flat 2d screen it gives the best visibility. The cockpit cam is not anywhere near the perspective in real life as its on a 2d flat screen. Maybe you should go drive an F1 car, I HAVE, the company I work for kindly arranged a team building day with myself and 4 others and got to drive an F1 car thanks to these people https://adren-a-line.com/events/drive-in-f1-magny-cours-france Guess what? nothing like cockpit cam! and if you want realism maybe codemasters will add in the extreme vibration you get in the cockpit in real life, because as you pull out of corners onto straights in real life your eyes start to lose focus a little with the forces involved. I will message codemasters and suggest they add the extreme vibration in cockpit cam. I suggest you save up $2,000 and go use the kind people at https://adren-a-line.com/events/drive-in-f1-magny-cours-france before you come out with your utter nonsense
  12. In fact the hud sits so low when the MFD is open you almost can't see the right of the screen. Just look at how intrusive the hud is now with where its all placed, its ridiculous, its more arcade hud than racing game now
  13. Just seen more new footage and the top parts of the hud still sit low like the do on the right pic. Really need to move the positions/lap time parts at the top of the screen higher back to where they were in 2018 on left. It's so distracting
  14. Jajb

    Crazy Shine on Tyres in F1 2019

    we all know that information. But the game footage so far looks nothing like what the tyres do in real life, in real life the shine on the top surface is gone when the leave the pit lane and after a few laps most of the shine is even gone from the sidewalls of the tyre And as for people saying its pre release footage, the reason why it is being discussed now is because going by past years codies will prob keep it exactly the same as how it looks now, hence why were trying to get it fixed
  15. @StryderIT Can you add the differential setting widget and a differential data pop up to the app Thanks