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  1. SturmDesTodes

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Is that a X-Wing-Starfighter? Lmao.
  2. SturmDesTodes

    Black or very dark mirrors in Bahrain

    Still no reply by CM? Disappointing.
  3. SturmDesTodes

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Likewise mate. 🖖
  4. SturmDesTodes

    What is the best way to complain

    It's not #StormArea51... It's #StormCodemastersHQ now! ☻
  5. SturmDesTodes

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Do it like me: 1. Get the games 2nd hand. Boycott the direct transaction of money towards Codemasters. Regardless if there is the option of a full price purchase or even a sale, don't pay money 1st hand, never. 2. Play the game, knowing that your hardearned money was not deposited at Codemasters disposal and that they could not get a revenue out of you. 3. Make sure to have the deceny to hold up your selfrespect and don't fall for fancy commercials or ads, bad companies do not deserve your money. (Optional) - Log into the official Forum and post topics about issues of the game. - Rinse and repeat til the licence will be revoked for negative publicity. - Hope to see a different gamestudio to take on the F1 licence as a rival to Codemasters. - Create petitions towards FOM / Liberty Media, to show them the grievances and shortcomings of Codemasters' F1 franchise and how CM treats their customers. - Turn info towards gaming media outlets if something big and disgusting happened: stolen Ferrari 2002 model / lack of communication / the trend of abandoning full price AAA games mid season at a ghastly state of issues etc. Whatever you do, don't buy F1 2020 1st hand, not even at a sale and if you desperately need the game, get it 2nd hand. Codemasters won't listen to their community / fans / (paying) customers? Well, get woke, go broke. #VoteWithYourWallet
  6. SturmDesTodes

    What is the best way to complain

    Best way to complain? Boycott.
  7. SturmDesTodes

    Favorite & least favorite circuits gameplay-wise

    Fav. Track: Bahrain, Hungary, Mexico, Germany, Canada. Hate Track: Monaco, Brasil, China, USA, Russia.
  8. SturmDesTodes

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    THIS. Gaming industry is a mess for the most part, it needs a nuke.
  9. You decreased drag by 10% and were easily able to reach 346kmh? At what aero wing setting? Indeed, would like to know too. I haven't got the game on PC yet, so currently i can't try to modify the game, but once i do get my hands on the PC version, i'm going to build a mod for a car perfomance fix, if Codemasters refuse to do it. Back in 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018, which i have on PC as well as on consoles, it took me less than 30 minutes to change as well as adjust the car perfomance and i am a amateur noob programmer who just does this as a hobby, i guess the professional programmers at Codemasters could do this in less than 5 minutes, especially as they have got the whole gamefiles and game engine ready and know what to do. Obviously only troubleshooting would take a bit longer to make multiple tests to make sure that no issues arise, but that is to be expected. Either way, it's not as if Codemasters couldn't do these simple changes: They are professionals. But it seems like they either don't care and or that some type of gamedesign choice or maybe even company policy etc. is holding them back. Who knows? It's just disappointing to say the least.
  10. SturmDesTodes


    Speaking of handling, the cars do have not enough downforce as well as too much drag. In real life the 2019 cars are much faster than the ones of 2018 ( 2019 cars have extreme downforce, low topspeed) and are breaking trackrecords left and right, yet in the game driving the 2019 cars feels like using a car from 2016 (2016 cars have almost no downforce, all about high topspeed). It's as if Codemasters have no clue what the car performance should be. They admitted that a misunderstanding of the 2019 car performance was the case before release (which i personally doubt as the 2019 season in real life was already running and we had more than a couple of chances to see the raw performance of the cars back then right before release, so in my opinion it was a poor excuse) and they tried to rectify it with the 1.05 patch (after being called out) in which apparently only the front wing downforce was increased, but it's still far from perfect. What F1 2019 post 1.09 patch needs, is at least... ...20%+ increase on Aero. ...10%- decrease on Drag. That is a approximate change, that needs to be done in one of the forthcoming patches, else the car performance will never be anywhere near the real life ones. As a sidenote, i am merely guessing from the overall wing angle of 11 - 1. The actual calculated result is approximately around 35% more aero that is needed to fix the lack of downforce. Taking Turn 9 at Spain as an example, 11/11 wings is the setting we need to take that corner flatout as in real life, but Spain is more of a medium to high aero circuit, so 11/11 wings, or maximum aero, is way too much and needs to be adjusted down to 7/7 or even 8/8 wings. Either way, i am being generous with my suggestion of 20%+ Aero, as it is not my job to do the exact maths, i am a customer and can only point at bugs / glitches / shortcomings of the game and the car performance, even after the supposed downforce fix of patch 1.05, is most definitely still a shortcoming of the game. Codemasters needs to fix this ASAP, else why call it a officially licenced game, if the car performance is out of sync to real life. Any news Codemasters? Will this be fixed, if so, when can we expect the patch with another downforce fix to drop? Or can we safely move on and not bother trying to get a official answer? @Faya @RedDevilKT @David Greco @Hoo @PJTierney
  11. Possibly yes. Still, Dirt got multiple audio updates, and they have not said "No" as of yet, so there is still a little bit of hope. But then again, to be fair, they have not said anything related to them working hard on many major issues lately. So i guess it's also sadly safe to assume that F1 2019 has been abandoned as all the previous titles, and that they are possibly already working on F1 2020 / 2021 and or even Grid. Transparency = 0.
  12. SturmDesTodes

    MicroProse back in business

    I hope they will make a rival product ro Codemasers F1 franchise. Then the better company will emerge. Geoff Crammond back in business, dream come true.