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  1. A Multipage MFD for the steering wheel display, that we could interactively scroll through via the press of a single button (as it is possible in Project Cars), would be perfect for people that love to drive in Cockpit Cam.
  2. Now that F1 2021 gameplay has been dropped, and some people actually played in Cockpit Mode, it is quite disappointing to see that we still will not get enough info on the steering wheel.
  3. Of course the workload is a lot, and they have to keep the end product as "usable" / "accessible" as possible. But: If hobbymodders and or even small studios can nearly perfectly replicate the modern V6T engine sound effects and design from scratch, with no access to real life mic placements or audio files, and no hightech audio gear etc., then i'm sure Codemasters should be able to give us a much better end product. ----------------------- Also, regarding your last paragraph: Would it not be advisable to create 3 different types of Sound Mix
  4. How come Singha is in the game since 2019, if tobacco and alcohol sponsors are supposedly "not allowed"? Singha is a Thai Beer company! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singha
  5. Here is a compilation of all the F1 2021 ingame Engine Sounds for all Engine manufacturers by MXCN_F1 (YouTube): First thoughts: The Alpine Renault sounds the best, all the others are not anywhere close to how they should sound like if compared to the official real life onboard footages.
  6. Negatives (Audio): Mercedes engine sound is terrible: -Why is there a uprising Turbo Whine when upshifting, and climbing up the speed for the Mercedes Engine? This is not a Renault, or Honda or Ferrari Engine! -Where is the unique Mercedes downshift Turbo Whine? It is completely absent, despite it being a key element of the Mercedes Engine Sound since 2014 (sadly Codemasters has never been able to nail the Mercedes Turbo Whine, and they failed once again in 2021...). -What is that over-exaggerated "Whoosh" sound effect on the right audio channel when downshifting? That is
  7. Now that the F1 2021 game has finally been publicly showcased, we can start comparing the Audio Mix to real life onboards!
  8. Since 2020 to be precise. Sadly neither F1 2020 or F1 2021 sound anywhere close to the Engine Sounds we get to hear on SkyF1 / F1TV or on Pole Laps / Onboards. From how the Audio has been handled over the past years, Codemasters are obviously doing their own thing, with their own Mix. But for maximum immersion and accuracy, Codemasters need to use the exact same EQ, Filters, and Sound Mix as the guys from FOM / SkyF1 / F1TV, else the Engine Sounds will always be off by a mile. It's good that they have put in the effort to try to imitate the secon
  9. Hopefully, some day, we will get a expansive and detailed collection of sliders, as in Nba2k, to make pinpoint accurate changes to the AI, the teams, the drivers and even the overall car performance. This would drastically improve offline, and for unranked MP also online, modes, by a huge mile for sure!
  10. Here is a quick list with all the current F1 engine sounds of the 2021 season, as heard on SkyF1, F1TV or onboard footages. This is just a friendly reminder and reference to how the engine sounds should be, if maximum accuracy and realism is the goal. Alpine Renault, there is a secondary Turbo when on full throttle and reaching maximum speed, as well as a pretty deep bass and low growling sound effect in low revs: Ferrari, there is a secondary Turbo sound when on full throttle and reaching maximum speed: Red Bull Honda, there is a
  11. That is a flawed idea of how children perceive reality. With that logic, kids should not be allowed to watch F1 at all. Neither on TV, livestreams, YouTube, Social Media or even at the live GP event on trackside. Because, then, these kids would get to see ALL the sponsors, uncensored and on full display. And we would not want that, right?! To double down on that, kids should not be allowed to watch any sports, any TV shows, Movies, or consume any type of media, because it might have "questionable" sponsors, or even "suggestive themes", in them. W
  12. Totally agree, the weather system needs lots of improvements. Either way, the weather system in Slightly Mad Studios "Madness Engine" (LiveTrack3.0, IIRC), is a major opportunity for Codemasters to improve the F1 franchise by a huge leap. Imo, at the moment, Livetrack3.0 is the best weather system in any racing game or simulator out there. Hopefully, they will make full use of the Madness Engine, and get rid off the old and outdated Ego Engine once and for all. (Or at the very least, create a hybrid engine, out of both "Ego" and "Madness")
  13. Then why is Singha in the F1 2020 game? (FYI: Singha is a Thai beer brand, visible on the Alfa Romeo livery) As a matter of fact, Singha has been in the game for a few years already. Also, on the PS3 / XBox360 F1 games by Codemasters, we also got Kingfisher back in the days. Seems as if it probably boils down to Codemasters budget, and the creative decision to not make these sponsors available for all, as some countries have a total ban for alcohol or tobacco sponsors. (Which is, on the one hand, understandable, in the way that Codemasters are saving time and effort as
  14. Ironically, since Codemasters bought Slightly Mad Studios, they have access to a variety of laserscsnned data of multiple racetracks. Tracks of F1, that were build and used by SMS in the Project Cars franchise, which are relevant to this topic of the 2020 season, and could be used immediately at any time: -Portimao -Nürburgring -Mugello -Imola Only Bahrains outer layout and Turkey would need to be designed from scratch. Thankfully, SMS build even other laserscanned tracks that were used in F1 (GP, or test track), or are on the modern calendar:
  15. This is one of the most valuable threads on this forum. @Davidj7077 thank you for sharing.
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