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    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    Even if, according to JD aka. "Tiarl Limiss", assists are a bit slower on one lap pace for most average players, the results were still way too close. CM should take a look at Assetto Corsa, Project Cars series or Forza series etc., those games handle assists the right way, in those games you have to go for no assists to actually be competitive. Whereas in CM's F1 series assists always were way too close or even faster laptimewise to no assists which basically destroys any incentive to actually learn and drive no assists racing (with the exception of F1 2013). Imo, the difference between no assists and assists should be that asissts are at least 4 seconds slower, if full assists are being used. Here's a example of how that could be achieved: Full ABS, should make one start braking at least (20 - 40 meters) earlier than no assists. Medium ABS, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make one start braking at least (15 - 30 meters) earlier than no assists. Low ABS, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make one start braking at least (10 - 20 meters) earlier than no assists. Full TC, should make acceleration at least (30 - 60 kmh) slower out of corners. Medium TC, should make acceleration at least (20 - 40 kmh) slower out of corners. Low TC, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make acceleration at least (10 - 20kmh) slower. Auto Gears, should always shift up at 11500 rpm. If all this, or a similar approach to no assists vs. assists balancing, is considered and done, the game will be more "E-Sports" friendly. Also if some bonus extra XP or ingame cash for not running assists was granted to no assists driving, it would give even more incentive to the players to finally make the switch and eventually forces us all to be better drivers.
  2. TheEmpireWasRight

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    The fastest pad driver should NEVER be able to compete against the fastest wheel driver. Period. Cars are driven with a wheel, not some sticks and buttons irl, hence why the game should at least respect this truth and try to emulate real life more accurately. Imo, the pad should be around 5 tenths slower per lap compared to the wheel, else there is no reason to use the wheel in the first place.
  3. TheEmpireWasRight

    Audio name request for upcoming F1 titles

    Add "Nevan" please.
  4. TheEmpireWasRight

    How to set force feedback levels

    Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Wheel > Fanatec CSL Elite > T500/T300 > G29/G920 > T150/TMX > Hori Racing/T80 In your shoes, i would not get a TMX/T150 for a G920, as the G920 is far superior. If you want something of equal value, that also has the ability to be upgraded, T300 is the best allrounder imo. On consoles, nothing beats Fanatec though.
  5. TheEmpireWasRight

    Is patch 1.16 the last patch we can expect to see for F1 2019

    Funnily enough the next gen version of F1 for PS5 / XboxScarlet in 2021 very likely will have to be around 3 - 4 seconds slower than the current 2019 cars and have similar speed levels as the 2016 season if the projections of the "Gurus" are right. But it wouldn't be the 1st time that they were wrong, 2019 was believed to be 1,5 seconds slower than 2018, yet the cars are around 0,5 - 1,5 seconds faster on all tracks this year. Codemasters needs to start a "Live Season Update" service for future titles, to adjust the cars downforce, grip and engine power levels, as well as team packing order and driver speed / consistency. Else, why call it a "officially licenced F1 product", if the performances are off?
  6. TheEmpireWasRight

    F1 game research, your voice matters!

    What i can't understand is the fact that there surely have to be inhouse game testers, who spend 1000's of hours into the game to stresstest all the different variations and outcomes, yet the game is a mess after 2 supposed years of development? Or is it possible that Codemasters F1 team does not have any fulltime gametesters and that our input is the only measurement they have to know what needs to be fixed? What is the procedure of gametesting at Codemasters?
  7. TheEmpireWasRight

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    1. Live Season Performance Updates for the cars overall performance of handling (downforce, grip and engine power levels), the teams ranking order and the drivers speed as well as consistency as in FIFA. 2. The ability to manually adjust car downforce, grip and engine power levels, as well as the team packing order and driver stats as in FIFA. 3. Helmet cam as in Project Cars. 4. Laserscanned Tracks and Classic Tracks. 5. Full helmet customization via a inbuild editor as in MotoGP19 / GT Sport.
  8. I know this is something that might never happen as it is very likely quite hard to achieve, but it'd be fantastic if it did: Please hire legendary Co-Driver Vivek Ponnusamy as a voice actor for the next Dirt game! I'd pay 20 - 30 bucks for his voice pack alone, if it was available as a DLC, no joke. Ponnusamys video, next to the participation of Räikkönen, Häkkinen and Kubica in this sports, made me fall in love with the Rally motorsport. Here are more articles and websites to the original video: https://www.autoevolution.com/news/remember-samir-the-bad-rally-driver-turns-out-the-video-was-fake-and-he-s-decent-90865.html https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/chennai/motor-sports-executive-lands-in-jail-for-posting-funny-clip-online/article5056363.ece https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/9nm38r/samir_youre_breaking_the_car_rally_driving_banter/
  9. TheEmpireWasRight

    F1 2019 Patch WishList

    I'd like to have the ability to manually adjust driver strengths and weaknesses as well as car and team performance from within the game, without having to mod it myself, just like in FIFA where we can adjust all attributes of teams and players in great detail.
  10. TheEmpireWasRight

    New wheel user!

    Then you got the biggest selection of racing games and simulators + all mods of the eorld at your disposal. #PcMasterRace Have fun! 🙂
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    AI vs Full TC on rain

  12. TheEmpireWasRight

    Race footage getting copyrighted

    Let's try to do a experiment: Always explicitly type "videogame" into the title of your streams or videos, if they will get claimed by the FOM regardless of that, then whoever does the "claiming" can sit on top of a large cactus...
  13. TheEmpireWasRight

    AI vs Full TC on rain

    @LeoCardoso 1. What difficulty do you drive on? 2. Are you able to compete against the AI at your appropriate difficulty level in the drys? 3. How many tenths or seconds do you lose against the AI in the wets? 4. If you can drive with Medium TC, and it is a fact that Medium TC is faster than Full TC, why do you refuse to use Medium TC? 5. Do you have any YouTube or Twitch channel where we can see your issue?
  14. TheEmpireWasRight

    New wheel user!

    I do not own a Hori Racing Wheel, so i do not know how it feels, but one of my mates owns a Thrustmaster T80, which does not have any FFB so it might feel the closest to the Hori i guess and if it does: "I know the pain". I personally own a Thrustmaster T150 as well as a T300 and the T150, which is basically the same as the TMX, is quite good on FFB, though with the T300 you will instantly feel a improvement on the T150 as it clips far less and has a stronger FFB with the added benefit of a ecosystem that allows for mods and new steering rims to be applied. Either way, if you decide to go even one tier higher, to the Fanatec products, you will feel a night and day difference in detail immediately, espeially if you use the Direct Drive wheel with the Podium accessories. TLDR: T150 / TMX is a great starting point with "proper FFB", unless you are willing to pay a little bit more of course as the T300 is definitely better overall with a nice upgrade ecosystem, but with Fanatec you'll reach the best that is available on consoles. It is all a matter of how much you want to pay. If you got 300+ bucks laying around, go for the T300, and if you are in the top 1% - 5% of the economic foodchain, go for Fanatecs Direct Drive Wheel and have yourself a nice treat.
  15. TheEmpireWasRight

    Static or wind noise when accelerating

    Here you can quite easily hear the TC sound effect whenever Schumi went off throttle or on throttle at lower rpm, mainly at slow or medium speed corners. TC was banned from the 2008 season onwards and still has not found its way back into F1, because they wanted to promote driver skill and control.
  16. TheEmpireWasRight

    Static or wind noise when accelerating

    No, because it is part of the cars system.
  17. TheEmpireWasRight

    Static or wind noise when accelerating

    FYI, the 2003 Williams, 2004 Ferrari, 2006 Renault and 2007 Ferrari have a inbuild TC, and that system creates this "annoying" sound effect. It is not a bug, but the sound effect of the TC could be much better, sadly the audio team of Codemasters have gone silent.
  18. TheEmpireWasRight

    Static or wind noise when accelerating

    That is 100% the sound effect of the TC kicking in.
  19. TheEmpireWasRight


    What pedals do you use? If you use the standard pedals you could work upon the brake linearity, if you ise the T3PA pedals or the T3PA Pro Pedals you can leave everything at default. I use the Thrustmaster T300/T150 with the Ferrari F1 wheel, T3PA Pro Pedals and a load cell mod. For the wheel settings, other than the FFB that i had to change to get the most of the games lacking effects, i use default, so no extra added linearity or saturation changes where made in my case. For the T3PA Pro Pedals i use the load cell mod to make the braking more hard and heavy, the standard T3PA pedals and the standard T150 pedals were too light for my taste. Imo, at the end of the day you should always try to get a 1:1 steering wheel movement to what is happening onscreen, else your steering might become too jittery or too slow.
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    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    New FFB settings for T300/T150: 100 30 100 60 25 Off 360° Imo, i can't get a better feel on F1 2019 with my two wheels than this. Borrowed a Fanatec wheel from my mate, was quite a bit better than the Thrustmaster wheel on FFB. My personal conclusion: Other simulators have much more detailed FFB, if compared to F1 2019. Codemasters can and should improve upon that.
  22. TheEmpireWasRight

    AI race start and team performance update??

    The mod is supposed to be published once Codemasters ends support for F1 2019, but only before news on F1 2020 will be released, so in around March or April of 2020. My mate does not want to have a influence on Codemasters revenue by giving them the chance to indirectly gain profits via having more sales on the PC platform because of his "realistic performance mod". He specifically stated that "this is Codemasters job to fix and not the responsibility of the community to take". Codemasters have the official F1 licence, but refuse to balance / adjust the game accordingly to replicate the real life season as close as possible, it's, first and foremost, their "official duty" to ensure quality and they have not done that yet. #VoteWithYourWallet #MakeF1GamesGreatAgain
  23. As the title says, we need more info on the steering wheel screen, especially for people who drive in cockpit mode. At the moment vital info is missing, such as fuel mix, breakballast, delta to car in front or back etc. Here is a picture of the App "SimHub" that shows what the bare minimum could be like: Also, having access to full access to customization would be really cool, eg.: color, size, location, type of info etc.
  24. TheEmpireWasRight

    Small changes that could benefit the game

    After 10 years of experiencing the same over and over again, i'd confidently say: "BOTH"
  25. TheEmpireWasRight

    AI race start and team performance update??

    Apparently Codemasters are "currently"not looking into adjusting the performance of the cars, teams or drivers again for unknown reasons, even though all three are out of sync to reality and this game is supposed to be the "official gaming product" of the 2019 F1 season. It took my mate about 26 Minutes to alter the data base accordingly in order to fix car performance/ team performance/ driver performance in relation to real life performance and save it up as a mod for PC, yet Codemasters, who are paid professionals, simply won't fix this issue "officially" in a supposed "officially licenced F1 product". Shameful and disappointing. Car models and liveries could get another fix though, as Codemasters haven't specifically denounced this possibility as of yet, but don't get your hopes up. #VoteWithYourWallet #MakeF1GamesGreatAgain